All My Children Update Monday 2/12/01


All My Children Update Monday 2/12/01

By Glynis

Jake is on the boat and has just told Ryan that he is the father of Gillianís baby. Ryan thinks that Jake is just trying to stall the divorce. Jake tells him that Gillian hasnít been taking care of herself, and she needs some prenatal care. He implores Ryan to tell Gillian that she has to take care of their baby. Ryan doesnít believe anything that Jake says. Jake tells him that he ran a pregnancy test on Gillian and it was positive. She is afraid because a baby connects her to Jake for life. She has fatigue, morning sickness and she has to get help right away. Ryan has to leave to find her and he doesnít want to see Jake when he returns.

Erica and Bianca walk into the hospital with Sarah in tow. Erica tells Joe about Sarah being very sick and not eating. Sarah doesnít want her mother to find out where she is. Bianca tells her that she will be right there together. Erica watches on in horror. They take Sarah away and Bianca talks to her mother about the first time that she met Sarah. She was somewhere that no one could meet her and Bianca wanted to bring her back, but she didnít know how. Bianca made a promise that she would make Sarahís life better, but she didnít know how to keep the promise. Bianca found this flower on the ground and it was cold out and she dug it out and gave it to Sarah. She looked up at Bianca and gave her the most radiant smile. Bianca had given her a sunrise. Later on, she told Bianca that when she gave her that flower, she had saved her life. Bianca was saved by her smile. Bianca has to save her because if she dies, Bianca will die too. Erica hugs Bianca and comforts her. Erica is sure that Sarah is going to be fine. They watch as Joe works with Sarah. He gets her to try to squeeze his finger. Her blood pressure is fine and they feel that they can save her. Sarah is feeling ashamed of herself. Bianca is glad that her mother was there to help her. Erica helped right away. She didnít get mad or asked questions. Erica wanted to help anyway that she could. Erica understands her daughter not asking for help. Bianca sees Sarahís mother. Erica tells Bianca that she was the one that called Sarahís mother. Joe talks to Mrs. Livingston and explains that Sarah has nothing to be depressed about. Joe thinks that Sarah will be fine in a couple of days. Joe tells Mrs. Livingston that there is a workshop for parents of children with eating disorders. Bianca tells Sarahís mother that Sarah is not ready to see her mother yet. Mrs. Livingston tells her that she knows what her daughter needs. The woman goes into the room. Bianca is very upset with Erica about calling Mrs. Livingston. She thinks that Erica doesnít care about Sarah. She thinks that she was wrong to have ever trusted her.

Adam and Hayley are being brought into the courtroom by a guard. Hayley has her own lawyer and Adam doesnít agree with that. They donít know where Mateo is. Adam makes sarcastic remarks about Mateoís whereabouts. Adam is sure that they will be out of there in an hour. They are trying to get bail. Adam tells her again that she is not guilty and that she didnít kill her mother. Liza wants to talk with Adam alone. She explains that Hayleyís lawyer will look after her and he should stay out of it. Liza gets a call on her cell phoneÖ.

Arlene is in a hurry to get out of town. She is eager to avoid being connected to Vanessaís necklace. She realizes all of a sudden that she is thought to be dead, she really doesnít have anything to worry about. Arlene gets her drink and sits to continue enjoying her vacation. She wants a back rub and gets one, a very rough one from Mateo. She turns in horror and looks into the eyes of Mateo! He found her by greed; it always trips her up. She has been living first class all the way. He thinks that she looks good. The night of the party after she was left for dead, the water revived her. A nice man in his yacht rescued her and she expressed her attitude. She told the man, Jasper how her family had turned on her. He hung out with her for a while and then he left to do business. Mateo thinks that the man that got tired of her boozing dumped her. Mateo tells her that Hayley had a nervous breakdown and became Arlene. She couldnít live with herself. Now Hayley wants to tell the cops what she did. She wants to confess. Her whole lie is up to Arlene. Arlene has been thinking that Hayley would be dancing on her grave and glad that she was dead. She is surprised that Hayley does love her. Mateo grabs the phone right away and Arlene tells him that she canít help because she will be linked to the necklace and she canít do that. Mateo makes the call and finds out that Hayley is in custody. He quickly calls LizaÖHayley is put on the phone. She thinks that Mateo will be mad at her. He tells her that she isnít in trouble at all. She didnít kill her mother after all. He has found Arlene. Hayley thinks that it is a joke. Mateo puts Arlene on the phone. Instead of talking, she hits Mateo in the back of the head with the phone and she hangs up.

Hayley is confused as to why Mateo would tell her that Arlene was alive when she really isnít. She tells Adam and Liza what Mateo had said to her. It is five minutes before the hearing. No matter what happens, Hayley is doing this because she loves her father. Liza wants Adam to stay calm and not do anything that he will regret. The only thing that Adam regrets is not doing right by her years ago. Adam goes into the courtroom for a private moment. Adam knew another judge with the same last name and tells this judge that the other judge helped him out once and now he is sitting on a much higher bench. The judge tells Adam that there is a penalty for trying to bribe a judge. The judge has no intention of dropping the case. Jack walks into the room and canít believe that Adam was trying to bribe the judge. The judge calls the hearing to order. Hayley and Adam stand before the judge. They are charged in the murder of Arlene. They could get 20 years, plus 5 years, plus 10 years, plus 30 years, plus a death sentence. Adam canít stand listening to the charges and throws himself on the mercy of the court and tells the judge that he is the one that deserves to be punished, not Hayley. Adamís lawyer tells him to sit down and shut up and let them do their jobs. Hayley and Jack are talking and Hayley is not worried. She knows what she is doing. Recommendations are that because of Adamís behavior, bail will be denied. Adam canít sit still and jumps up and tells the judge that the court is an ass. He gets fined $10,000. Hayley stands up and tells the judge that she doesnít want a trial. She would like to plead guilty and accept her punishment. Adam jumps up and shouts and rants and raves that they shouldnít accept what she is saying. She is on her own now. Hayley asks the judge to please go easy on her father. She is sure that he is free. She wants to clean up her own mess. She asks that they release her father and let her plead guilty to the charge. The judge decides to reject Hayleyís plea at the moment. The judge will accept her wishes at the next court date that they have. In order to cause confusion in the courtroom, Adam has caused a fire in a nearby wastepaper basket. As other rush to the fire, Adam grabs Hayleyís hands and tells her that they will have to have the trial without them. The smoke soon fills the room and Adam drags Hayley with him as he tries to make a run for it. They get outside the courtroom when they are stopped dead in their tracks. Standing before them is Mateo andÖ. Arlene! Hayley is very glad to see her.

Ryan finds Gillian in their special place. He tells her that he knows that she is going to have a baby. She runs into his arms. She tells him that when she found out that she was pregnant, she should have told him right away. She wanted the baby to be Ryanís. She doesnít think it is his because they always use protection. She hasnít been to the doctor yet and he wants to know why. Getting checked out is something that she is not ready for. She tried to do what was best for everyone, but instead of that, everything went wrong. She wants to be planning a wedding instead of buying baby clothes. Both the men in her life will be fighting over the baby and it is all her fault because of one stupid mistake that she has made. Ryan thinks that they have to make the child feel welcomed in the world. She loves him and once the child is born, the child is going to make things very complicated. Ryan still thinks that the child may be his. They have to wait for the child to be born and then they will take it from there. Gillian knows that Jake is going to fight for the child. He thinks that they could get married right away and give the child his name right away. Jake wants legal rights as the father. She is tired of fighting. He thinks that they donít have to fight. He has the answer to all their problems. He thinks that they should make a new beginning and leave town right away.

Erica listens as Sarah has a heart to heart with her mother. Mrs. Livingston tells her daughter that the doctors tell her that she is going to be fine. Her husband is coming right away. Sarah doesnít want to see her husband, Ian. Ian has been worried sick since she left. Sarah tells her mother that she canít be married. Mrs. Livingston thinks that she is having first time jitters about being married. Sarah doesnít want Mrs. Livingstonís life and she doesnít want to be married. She canít be happy with him and she is tired of trying to live up to other peopleís expectations. She is living a lie. Mrs. Livingston reminds her of the 10th birthday party that she had. Ian knew what to do to cheer her up. Sarah tells her that she needs a life of her own and she needs to be on her own. She canít love Ian she tells her mother because she is gay. Her mother doesnít want to hear her perverted filth. Her mother thinks that she has lost her senses. Sarah thinks that her husband already knows that she is gay. If she goes back to Ian it is going to kill her and she doesnít want to die. She begs for her mother to love her. Her mother feels that she is being betrayed. She leaves and starts walking out of the hospital. Erica stops her and demands to know where she is going and how she can leave her daughter this way. As far as Mrs. Livingston is concerned, her daughter is dead and she wants nothing more to do with her. Erica refuses to let her leave until she has said some things to her. Bianca returns and sees the fire in her motherís eyes. She is touched by it.

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