All My Children Update Friday 2/09/01


All My Children Update Thursday 2/9/01

By Glynis

Gillian is on the boat and feeling cramps in her stomach when Ryan comes in. She looks pale, but tells him that she is fine. She tells him that she is still getting her sea legs. He tells her that she should have a big fat meal. She doesn’t’ want to do that. He offers to make her a breakfast that makes her want to puke. He has to work that day, but Gillian wants to take a drive with him to have a little talk. She doesn’t want to talk there. She wants to be alone with him. She assures him that she is okay. He will go, but first he wants to feed her. He leaves and she wonders how she is going to tell him the truth. Jake arrives on the boat to Gillian’s horror. He wants to know why she ran out on him at the hospital. He left her messages and she didn’t answer them, so he came out there. He wants her to take care of herself. She is looking pale and drawn and he is concerned with that. She tells him that it isn’t strange for a pregnant woman to look that way. Ryan enters the room with the breakfast and is deflated to find Jake there. He asks him what he is doing there.

Sarah and Bianca are together in their little hideaway sleeping. Sarah awakes and sees Bianca watching her. Bianca comes over to her and looks tenderly into her eyes. Sarah thanks her for her help. Sarah felt safe with Bianca there. Bianca knows that Sarah has to get her strength up and suggests that she eat something. Bianca brings her a couple of grapes. Sarah is looking ill and Bianca covers her. Bianca makes her take a sip of some water. Bianca has to head back to the house to make sure that her mother doesn’t realize that she has been gone. She will return later. Sarah trusts Bianca and knows that she will return. Bianca leaves her.

Opal comes over to see Erica. Opal thought that herself; Erica and Bianca could go get some treatments at her beauty shop. Erica is not sure if Bianca is going to want to go and have a girl’s day out. Opal thinks that Bianca might have a problem with her mother paying off Rain to leave town. Erica thinks that they have weathered the worst of the storm. Erica goes upstairs to check if Bianca would like to go out with them. Erica comes running down and announces that Bianca’s door is locked and she searches frantically to find a key to open the door and find out what is happening. Erica finds the key and Opal tries to stop her invading Bianca’s privacy. Erica is not sure if Bianca is sleeping or not. She thinks that she could even be unconscious in her room. Just then, Bianca walks into the room and Erica and Opal are relieved to see that nothing has happened to her. Opal hugs her and finds that she is cold. Bianca covers up and Opal invites her to go spend the day with them. Erica changes her mind and says that she has to work all day. Bianca runs upstairs again. She forgot that she had all these things to do and she can’t possibly go with Opal today. Opal knows that something is up, but she can’t put her finger on it. Opal tells her again that she has to trust her daughter or she is going to lose her. She leaves and Erica runs to the closet to get her wrap. She grabs her purse and calls Bianca toe tell her that she has to go to work, but they can have dinner later. Erica doesn’t leave; she hides in the house. Soon Bianca comes running down the stairs with her knapsack in tow. She runs through the back of the house. Erica appears behind her and follows at a safe distance.

Hayley and Mateo are talking about the things that could happen to Hayley once she confesses what she has done. She leaves to take a shower before she calls Derek. Mateo looks again at the newspaper where he has seen the missing necklace that everyone thought Arlene had died with. Mateo runs to the phone to make a call to the woman who is in the paper. He gets the number from directory assistance and calls the woman. He reaches Mrs. Woodward and tells her that he noticed her in the paper and he would like a necklace like the one that she has. She bought the necklace from an internet auction. The site is called, "Jewels by Auction". Mateo has more questions, but the woman doesn’t wish to speak with him anymore and quickly hangs up.

Stuart comes to the beach house because Mateo has to leave for a while. Hayley comes in and greets Stuart. Mateo tells her that he has some things that he has to do, but he wants her to hold off for a little while longer while he finds out some things. She agrees to wait for a while with Stuart. Mateo leaves and Stuart tells her that Adam told him everything. He loves her and that is all that matters. He offers to make her a cup of tea. Hayley gets a strange feeling in her head, "Damn it Arlene…Leave me alone." She knows that Arlene is not going to leave her alone until she tells the truth. She walks to the phone and tells Stuart that she has to call Derek to get Arlene out of her head. She doesn’t want him to call Mateo. Stuart tries to make her feel better. He knows that if she were herself, she wouldn’t have done what she did. There is a knock at the door and Stuart doesn’t’ think that she should talk to Derek yet, but she goes to the door anyway. Derek is very concerned. Hayley tells him straight out that she murdered her mother. It was the night that she disappeared. She found her trying to seduce Mateo and she strangled her to death. Adam is behind Derek at the door and tells Derek that what she is saying is a lie. He tells hr that she doesn’t know what she is saying. There is nothing that Adam can do to make it better. She says it again; "I killed Arlene. I killed my own mother."

Mateo comes up to see Ryan and tells him that he needs some help finding out some information on a necklace. Ryan leaves Gillian with Jake to go and help Mateo out. Jake can’t believe that Gillian hasn’t told her husband yet that she is pregnant. This means the world to him. She tells him that this is her body. He tells her that the child is his. He reminds her that the divorce isn’t final yet. He can still stop it if she keeps this up. He swears that he will stop the divorce if she doesn’t cooperate with him. He reminds her of what happened to him before. He can’t let her take off with their child and not let him see his child. She has a wave of nausea and walks out to the deck.

Bianca returns to Sarah out back of her house. She takes care of Sarah and has brought her something to eat. Sarah is sorry, but she can’t eat. Bianca shows her a book that her father gave her for her twelfth birthday. They recite the start of the book. Sarah can barely keep her eyes open. She is very tired. Bianca tries to keep her awake and tells Sarah that she has to try. Bianca is not going to let her give up. Bianca is getting scared. Sarah thinks that things will be better this way. Bianca knows that it is probably the disease talking. Bianca will do anything to make her stronger. Sarah thinks that her whole life is a lie. Bianca tells her that her life wasn’t a lie with Bianca. Sarah tells her that it is too late. She can’t make Sarah want to get better, but she doesn’t want to watch her give up. Sarah is slipping into consciousness. Erica walks up behind Bianca looking after Sarah and just watches. Erica calls to Bianca. Bianca asks her to help Sarah. Bianca is crying and Sarah is lying on the floor with her eyes closed.

Derek is still at the beach house with Stuart, Adam and Hayley. Adam doesn’t want to let her talk without a lawyer, but Stuart manages to convince her that she should be allowed to talk…"The night of the party…I fought with my mother. I put my hands around her throat and I didn’t stop until she crumbled on the deck…I checked for a pulse and there wasn’t one. I freaked out and left her there by herself. I went to get Mateo, but he was drugged. We finally got together and we checked on her and she was gone." She checked for a pulse after strangling her and there was none. Adam intervenes and tells Derek that Arlene is fine. She got up and walked off herself. She explains that she was the one that wrote the note to herself and her family. She knows now that she has to tell him the whole truth. She had to assume her mother’s personality. She is sure that Arlene was dead when she left her. Adam tells Derek that he saw Arlene and he came along and threw Arlene over the deck. Both Hayley and Adam fight to be the one that killed Arlene. Derek can’t take anymore of this and stops the both of them from talking anymore.

There is a woman…slender…blonde…under a big hat…sipping drinks out of a pineapple… She asks the waiter to put some more drink in her pineapple. Arlene gets a call from Mrs. Woodward. She tells Arlene that she got a call from someone that recognized the necklace. She was sure there would be no repercussions. She tells the woman to hold her horses and settle down. Arlene calls the waiter and tells him to book a flight for her somewhere off the map.

Mateo and Ryan are on the boat alone searching for clues about the necklace. Mateo has to catch a flight. He has an idea and tells Ryan that he owes him. He goes running away and Ryan goes looking for Gillian.

Adam and Hayley are put in cells that face each other in the police station. Stuart is there and has 5 minutes to visit with his niece and brother. He thinks that the whole thing is so sad. They don’t know where Mateo is. Hayley wants him to find Mateo. Stuart leaves on his mission and the father and daughter talk. Adam really wants to tell the story his way. Hayley can’t do it. This is something that she has to do. She won’t feel better knowing that Adam is in prison for something that she did. She lost her life when she killed her mother. She thinks that she did this to herself.

Jake leaves Gillian with a warning. She panics and grabs a pen to write a note to Ryan. "Ryan…I have to go away." She doesn’t have to leave. She grabs her coat and runs out of the boat. Ryan comes into the room to find Gillian and she isn't there, but Jake is. Ryan wonders if he has to slap a restraining order on Jake to keep him away. Jake tells him that as long as Gillian is carrying his child, he will be hanging around. Ryan can’t believe what he is hearing.

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