All My Children Update Thursday 2/08/01


All My Children Update Thursday 2/8/01

By Glynis

Sarah has come to see Bianca. She phoned and told her that she was right down the street. Something is terribly wrong. She couldnít do it. She couldnít be Ianís wife. She smiled at him and couldnít fall asleep next to him. She left her husband. He could tell that something was wrong. She bailed and she had to. Getting ready for bed every night gave her a knot in her stomach. She kept thinking of Bianca. Bianca can understand her mother forces her to be straight too. Sarah remembers that Biancaís mom will not like Sarah being there and she gets up to leave, but Bianca wonít let her. She was willing to sacrifice her own happiness. She was scared of her mom. She wished that she had Biancaís courage. Bianca told her mother who she was. She even told the reporters. Bianca thinks that she deserves a lot of credit to walk away from the situation. She didnít even leave a note. Her husband probably called her mom and she canít face her mother. Bianca knows that her house is going to be the first place that Sarahís mother will look. Bianca tells her that they can run away together. Sarah canít believe that Bianca would do that for her. Bianca means what she is saying. Sarah doesnít know what to say. Erica will never let her go. Bianca leaves her and returns with her bag, ready to go. If Sarah had called 10 minutes later, she would have missed Bianca. She decided that she would get out of there. Now she doesnítí have to go alone. This is incredible. Bianca is sure that she wants to do this. They still think alike and Sarah loves that. They have to go before Biancaís mother comes back. Sarah suddenly falls to the couch. Bianca runs to her and calls her name, not sure what has happened to her. Bianca guesses that Sarah has been avoiding eating again. She hasnít eaten for some days now. Bianca wants to take her to the hospital. As they talk, Bianca hears her mother pulling up to the house. Sarah wants to be hidden. Outside, Erica and Jack are going into the house. They enter and Bianca comes down the stairs in her bathrobe. Erica wants to apologize to Bianca for handling the situation with Rain the way that she did. Bianca is sorry for hurting her motherís feelings too. Bianca tells her mother that she is tired and didnít mean to blow up at her mother. She gets up to go to bed. Erica tries to make her stay with them, but Bianca wants to leave. Erica leaves to make the cocoa and Jack stops Bianca going up the stairs to talk to her. He is confused because now she is so much better than she was earlier. He thinks that she has gotten over the whole issue awful fast. She explains that she is over the whole thing. Jack suspects that Rain is in the house. Bianca tells him that he is wrong and that she hasnít spoken to Rain in a long time. She suggests that he come upstairs and searches her room. He doesnít want to do that. She runs upstairs. Erica returns to the living room and wonders if everything is all right. She tells him to come into the kitchen and get his cider. They leave the room. Bianca and Sarah come downstairs and leave the house with their bags.

Vanessa is coherent now and Adam tries to jog her memory about Hayley being Arlene. Adam tries to get her to agree not to tell Derek about what she said earlier. She does remember that Hayley was with her when she got shot. Hayley was acting very strangely. She thought that she was Arlene. Palmer comes in and tells Adam to get away from his wife. Derek comes in right after to let them know that they have found the man that shot Vanessa. He caught the private detective and he is being held in a holding cell. Vanessa doesnít know him. They donít know why he shot Vanessa. He wonít give up anything. They found the rifle in his car. The prints prove that he was the one that shot Vanessa. Derek is sure that he will get the information that he needs. Laura and Leo come to visit Vanessa. She is so glad to see him.

Vanessa tells Leo that Derek has found the man that shot her. What kept her alive was the thought of her son being there holding her hand. She thinks that he was there holding her hadn't and he confirms that he was. He tells her that he was on the way to New York with Laura when Greenlee called to tell him the news. She wants him to stay and hold her hand for a moment. He sits with her and takes her hand.

Mateo is still with Hayley. She is not ready to give up the 'Arlene' personality yet. She is being really sarcastic and unfeeling. He tries to jog her memory about being on the beach. He saw her in her wedding gown and he knew that she would wear that dress again at their wedding. That was the happiest day of his life. He is the most stubborn man in the world for her. He doesnít want to think of losing her. He brought her to the beach so that she could remember all the important things. 'Arlene' is starting to cry and she seems to go through a transformation. She looks around at everything and then she sees Mateo. She asks him what they are doing there. He comes to her and touches her face. She answers to the name Hayley. He thanks God for that. They hug. He knew that she could make it out. She doesnít seem to remember what happened to her. He tells her that she hasnít been herself. She is missing time and wants to know what has been going on. He doesnít know how to put it, but he tells her that she has been assuming the personality of her mother. She has been acting like her mother. She canít believe it. She was sneaking around pulling pranks as Arlene and she didnít remember doing it. She was the one that trashed the condo and knocked out Tina. He figured it out eventually. They were convinced that Arlene was back to wreck their lives. She realizes that she is wearing Arleneís clothes, but that doesnít matter. She is out now because of Mateo. He remembers him helping her. She had a dream that she was drowning and he called her and told her that he loved her and that brought her back to the surface. She doesnít understand why she would run around pretending to be someone that she would hate to be. She wanted to confess right away and they didnít want her to, so she tried to bring her mother back alive. She tells him that he has no need to apologize. Her father covered it up. Mateo tells her what happened and about Adamís involvement. She was having a horrible nightmare of being Arlene, but it turns out that it wasnít a nightmare at all. As far as they know, she didnít have a drink. People told him that she only hung out at the bar and flirted a little bit. She thinks that when she was under, he hit on her, but that is okay, he remained faithful to her. She knows that she has to see a psychiatrist. She is going to need him more than anything does. She wants to go to the police and confess. He doesnít want to talk about that right now. She insists and he tells her sharply that she isnít to do that. He just got her back and canít stand the thought of losing her again. He wants to keep her close. He has the keys to the cabin and he thinks that they should stay there and in the morning they will take care of everything else. She wants to have the hot shower and get out of the tacky clothes.

Adam thinks that he should leave Vanessaís room now. He exits the room and Palmer follows him. Palmer tells him that there are only a few men that can afford to hire someone to kill someone else. He is one and Adam is the other. Palmer gets adamant that Adam has done something to his wife. They almost get into a fight, but Derek comes out of the hospital room and intercepts the both of them fighting.

Vanessa wants Leo to stay with her, but Leo thinks that they should go. He still has to take Laura on her date. He insists on it and will come and see his mother the following day. They leave. She reaches for the phone and makes a call. She calls someone that she needs to speak with right away. Both of their futures are at stake.

Greenlee comes into Vanessaís room and tells her that she looks like death. Greenlee wants to know why she was summoned to Vanessaís room. She helps Vanessa take a pill. Vanessa asks her to turn around. She is about to do Greenlee a favor. She knows that Leo broke off with her. Vanessa could help her to get him back. The creature that Leo is dating is not appropriate Vanessa thinks. Vanessa thinks that temperament and breeding are things that Greenlee has. Vanessa admits that the both of them donít see eye to eye and Greenlee agrees to that. Vanessa will help Greenlee with Leo, if later Greenlee helps her with Leo. They are two peas in a pod. How is Vanessa going to get Leo back? Vanessa is sure that Leo will tire of the bore that he is dating now. Eventually, Leo snaps back. Greenlee is to enjoy herself and show Leo what he is missing. Greenlee can do that. She should be relaxed and show herself as friendly and warm. She shouldnít be jealous. This is the only way to get Leo back. She warns Greenlee to be careful and not slip up. She will lose Leo forever is she does. Greenlee leaves the room seeing that Vanessa is very tired. Vanessa thinks that she has everything back on track.

Outside the hospital room, Leo and Laura see Greenlee. She explains that she was over to see Vanessa. Leo tells her that he is going to New York with Laura. Greenlee tells them to have fun and walks off.

Hayley and Mateo arrive back indoors at the beach house. She learns that Vanessa is fine. She doesnít want him to talk her out of confessing to the murder. This night, he wants her full attention. He kisses her tenderly. They kiss and hug. He makes a fire for them to keep them warm. He sees a newspaper with news about a historical society. The woman in the photo is wearing the necklace that Vanessa and Palmer are so concerned about. He realizes that if the necklace is not at the bottom of the bay, then Arlene canít be there either. He looks over at Hayley who is sleeping like a baby on the couch.

Erica and Jack are sitting in their living room thinking that they have weathered the storm that was brewing with Bianca.

Bianca and Sarah arrive at a place where they can stay together. Bianca thinks that Sarah should eat something, but Sarah doesnít want to eat until morning. She is shivering and Bianca tells her that she will take care of everything. Bianca makes her lie down and she covers her to keep her warm.

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