All My Children Update Wednesday 2/07/01


All My Children Update Wednesday 2/7/01

By Glynis

David has come to the hospital where Tad is and he is saying that he is there because Dixie asked him to be there. Jake has been examining Tad and thinks that he had a shot of Libidozone. David canít tell them anything. David wants to examine Tad. Jake thinks that David is a real piece of work. Coming in there and asking to examine a man whose wife he has stolen. David is willing to accept his end of the blame and insists on it. He says that the sample was stolen. David doesnít know how the drug got stolen and ended up at the party and he once again tells them that he doesnít know where Alex is. Tad knows that he is lying. David thinks that the sample that Tad was laced with was stolen from his office. David doesnít want to give any word on who he thinks stole the drug from his office. David offers to leave and find out who stole the drug from his office. Jake tells him that he wants to go with him to see the evidence for himself. David is sure that he will be proven innocent and they will have to give him an apology.

Dixie is cleaning up the house and Leslie comes there to watch her through the blinds. Once Dixie is gone from the room, Leslie enters the house and finds an electric cord. She winds it around her hands as if she is going to strangle someone and hides, waiting for Dixie to return. Dixie does return and sits on the couch. Leslie comes out of hiding and approaches Dixie, but her son comes home and calls for her. Becca enters the house with the two boys. They were skating and are glad to be home with their mother. Junior wonders if Tad was there. He was hoping that she was able to work things out with their dad. Dixie tells the kids that he hopes that their father will come back. They are keeping the lines of communication open. They still love each other. Leslie is listening to the conversation and winding the cord more around and around her hands in a strangling position. Dixie hugs her kids, and Dixie offers to make popcorn for the whole lot of them. They all leave the room. Leslie leaves the hiding place and says that the boys better not keep their hopes up. She leaves the house.

Leo and Laura are together. Bianca thinks that she has to leave, but Leo thinks that she should stay because he is not losing his best friend. She canít stay at Jackís house because her mother has way too much access. She canít be herself there and she canít be what her mother wants her to be. She wants to show her pride. Leo thinks that she is very brave. She suggests that Leo and Laura come with her. They could be the new Mod Squad. Bianca wants to get into her motherís safe to get money for the road and the banks are closed. She canít get the money anyway because she is underage. It isnít stealing because she is sure that she will pay her mother back. She wonders if Leo can crack the safe. Bianca gets a call from someone and she is visibly shaken from the call. She is glad that the person called her and she will speak with them later. She hangs up. She denies that the person that she spoke with was in trouble. Bianca tells her that the person was in trouble and needed to speak to someone. Bianca canít figure out how long she will say, but she will stay for a while. Leo wants to make sure that she will stay for a while. Leo doesnít want her to leave his life. She promises that if things get crazy she will call them. Leo and Laura leave the house. Bianca takes her bags up and looks back at the house. She is alone now. She runs to the door and it is Sarah. She has no where else to go and Bianca tells her that it is okay, she will take care of her.

'Arlene' is still with Mateo at the beach house. She is convincing him to take a tumble with her so that he can forget about Hayley. Mateo has an idea. He knows where Hayley is. She thinks that he is dumb as dirt. She tells him again that Hayley is gone. Once again he tells her that Hayley is still here. He knows exactly where she is. He thinks that she is so close that he can almost touch her. He challenges her as to how chicken she is. She says that she will go with him. He takes her hand and they leave the beach house.

Mateo and 'Arlene' are at the beach on the shore. He is calling for Hayley to come out. "Remember the first night that we met and I brought you there?" This seems to affect 'Arlene'. He found her after she ran off from her wedding to a man that Hayley was going to marry, but that man was getting it on with Arlene behind Hayleyís back. Mateo finds her on the beach and knows that she is in trouble. He had spread a blanket for her that night and invited her to sit down with him on the beach. She wanted to be left alone, but he wouldnít go. She was in her wedding gown that night and looked so beautiful. 'Arlene' seems touched by this memory. She asks if this is the place that his wife tried to drown herself. She did, but she saved herself. No matter how big their troubles, they would always meet at the beach and find their way back. 'Arlene' thinks that they are talking crazy. Hayley knows what it takes to get Hayley back there. She can find her way back there. He tells her to feel the way there. 'Arlene' thinks that he is talking crazy. She thinks that there is nothing-magical going on. She thinks that he is just crazy. She isnít afraid of anything. He thinks that she is afraid of the sand. She says that she has Hayley in solitary confinement. Mateo doesnít know how to give up on Hayley. He canít accept that Hayley has given up on them. She told him that he was her lifeline. Nothing would ever come between them. He thinks that maybe he was wrong. He will never be able to hold his wife, or their children. It is over. He is going to grow old and die alone. She points out that there is a full moon on the rise. She looks at him differently than before and he has to wonder if he has finally reached her.

David and Jake return to the examination room where Tad is waiting. The drug wasnít there. David has videotape running in his office and it shows Leslie stealing the Libidozone. Tad should have known that it was Leslie all along. Jake is not buying any of this, but Tad thinks that it makes sense. She told him that as he had proof that David was involved in the whole thing. Jake feels that David set up Leslie, the tape is too convenient. David doesnít care what the both of them think. He takes the tape and leaves to see that justice is done.

Leslie is at home on the phone with a friend. She got her attempted murder charge dropped. She needs this friend of hers to tell her how to take out a woman with a heart condition. She will pay handsomely for the information. She is going to meet this friend of hers at a diner at 7pm. It is a pity that Dixie has to die, but she will have a good funeral.

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