All My Children Update Tuesday 2/06/01


All My Children Update Tuesday 2/6/01

By Glynis

Mateo is trying to reason with 'Arlene' and get Hayley out. 'Arlene' tells him that Hayley is gone and she isnít coming back. Mateo tells her that Hayley is the strongest person that he knows. She tells him that Hayley doesnít love him. If she did, she would have been with other men. She is just like Arlene. She uses people but this time she isnít coming back. Mateo tells her that she is wrong. He will prove it with the love that he has for her. 'Arlene' says that she has taken care of Hayleyís love. Mateo tells her that their love saves them and it always wins. She wonít be able to keep that down. She laughs at Mateo and tells him that she doesnít have a sentimental bone in her body. He finds her to be a coward. She has never loved anyone like he loved Hayley. She has been unable to trust. Also, Hayley is the bravest person that he knows and she didnít get it from her mother. She got it all on her own. 'Arlene' is not buying any of it. She continues to laugh at him. She doesnít understand love. She is sick of hearing of his love for Hayley. There is nothing that he canít get through with Hayley. They are going to make it through this. She thinks that his life is pathetic. He has been through everything with Hayley and it was a lot of work. She wants him to stop talking. Why is she afraid of him to talk about love? He wants her to prove her love for Hayley by giving her back to him. That would be loving herself. Hayley will feel it. She is listening to him intently. She remembers that Hayley was trying to strangle her. She knew that she could strangle her mother and get away with it. She should have known that she wouldnít get away with it. 'Arlene' knows that she has gotten rid of her. Mateo thinks that Hayley is going to come back. 'Arlene' thinks that she is stronger than Hayley. That is why she is there and Hayley is not. Mateo thinks that Arlene is acting like she was in danger, but nothing has happened to her at all. The currents would have washed her away. He tells her that she was the one that tried to hurt Hayley. Mateo tells her once again that he doesnít buy that Hayley is gone. She will always be with him. She begs him to stop it. She is crying now. She asks him why he is so willing to work this out this night. She points out the many times that he and Hayley thought that they were going to be with one another and he or she stopped it or some reason or other. He even married someone else for a minute. She thinks that his life if pathetic. He tells her that he is not going to let her take Hayley away from him. She tells him that he has lost already. He removes her wig and she screams at him. She tells him that he canít take away who she is. She thinks that he is not making any sense. Hayley is gone. She is fighting with him and she is losing it big time. He tells her that she can be Hayley again. He walks her over to the mirror and tries to make her look. She looks up at the mirror and she is crying now. He tells her that she is okay. She slowly looks up to the mirror and something comes over her.

Leslie is with Tad and has gotten him to drink the tainted coffee. He wants to know more about David. She finds him still so angry. He just wants the information. He is getting visibly disoriented. He rubs his head. She asks if he is okay and he tells her that he is feeling sick. She offers him water tainted with more Libidozone. She tries to get him to come with her and he jumps up and leaves the room. Leslie takes another drink of the Libidozone in the water and rises.

David is trying once again to get Dixie to let loose in her house, but she wonít. He tells her to walk out of the house and he will make her happy elsewhere. She still canít leave Tad like this. She canít be kissing him in the living room that she shares with her husband. He takes her hand and walks her outside. He is telling her to come with him outside of the house and be with him. She will never have to worry about the house again.

Tad has gone to the menís room to wash his face with cold water and Leslie has followed him in there. She removes her jacket and her blouse to reveal a sexy piece of lingerie with special accents around the bust of gold. Tad looks at her and just stares for a moment. She tells him that whatever he wants she will give it to her. She walks towards him and tells him to tell her that he wants her. She has her hands on him. He tells her that he wants Dixie and he pushes her away. He is having a difficult time. She tells him that they have been here once before. Remember the night of the yacht? They had an incredible dream. He tells her that he doesnít love her and he doesnít love anything about her. He loves his wife and he only wants his wife. He goes running out of the bathroom and grabs his coat. Leslie grabs her clothes and comes running out of the men's' room with her clothes unkempt. The waiter stops her and makes her get dressed. She is disoriented and hasnít dressed herself properly. She wobbles her way to the door. Joe, Myrtle and Opal bump into her and make her walk over to the bar. Opal tells her to fix up herself and then they can discuss what she is doing with her son. The other woman never wins. She lives a life of rejection and always comes in second. They made a terrible mistake and they suggest that she try to fix the things that got wrong. Leslie is feeling very uncomfortable. Is this all she is worth? Opal wants her to lay off her son and her grandchildren. She can be a lot meaner than she looks. Leslie takes another drink of the water, not realizing that she just drank more of the drug. Opal holds on to her and Leslie tells her that she had better let go or she is going to regret it. Leslie can barely stand up and her pulse is racing. Joe worries that something is wrong with her. She tells them all that Tad is hers and they love each other. She tells them that they are stupid or they would see that. Suddenly, Leslie sweeps her arm across the bar and knocks everything off the bar. She tells them all that there is nothing that they can do and she wobbles her way to the door knocking the waiter. She apologizes and leaves the bar.

Adam comes to see Stuart and Stuart can see that something has happened. Adam doesnít know where to start. Stuart is sure that everything is going to be okay. He thinks that Adam is upset about Hayley and tries to tell him things that he would like to hear to make him feel better. Stuart senses that something else has happened. Adam tries to hide it. Stuart knows that Adam, Liza and Marion know something and they wonít tell him. Everybody whispers and when he walks into the room, everybody stops talking. He knows that Hayley hasnít been herself for weeks. He has been watching her and one of these days, he knows that someone is going to tell him something. Adam looks like the times when their mother would tell him that he didnít do something good. Stuart would like to help. Adam tells him that last summer when he thought that he had lost Stuart, he was as good as dead. He hurt everyone. When Stuart came back, it was a miracle and he promised everyone and God that he would be a better man and brother and husband. It occurred that he could do that by stopping trying to control everyone and he couldnít do it. He feels that he has failed. He tried to fix up a situation and instead he has hurt someone terribly and no he doesnít know if anything can be fix. He tells his brother that he has hurt his daughter and she may never be right again. He tells Stuart that Hayley is split off from herself. She thinks that she is Arlene. Arlene is dead because Adam knows that he is the one that threw her off the deck. All he could do was think of concealing that. The crew man came to him with Arleneís purse; he told everyone that Arlene was on her way to Europe. What a mess. Hayley remembered what it was that she did. She wanted to go to the police and now she doesnít know who she is. She is split into two personalities. She is with Mateo at the beach house. Stuart thinks that is a good move. Adam thinks that maybe he made another mistake, but Stuart is sure that Mateo will take care of her. She may be locked up in an institution. Stuart knows the way that Adam is looking. He is sure that he has to let Mateo do the right thing for his wife. Stuart found Marion again after all the time that he was away from her and Adam has to do the same thing to save Hayley. What if he is right?

David is still outside the house with Dixie and he is trying to convince her that she has to leave and she will be happy with him. Dixie tells him that she has to go inside. She walks back in the house and he follows her. He tells her to pack a bag and he will take her out of the house that night. She tells him that she canít do this. She has a life and responsibilities and her son is going to come home. He tells her that her life didnít end when she became a mother. He is making her crazy. She thinks that he doesnít realize what he is asking her to do. They hear a car coming into the driveway. David runs to the door and looks out. It is Tad and he is banging on the door to come in. David locks and bolts the door and they stand listening to Tad banging on the door begging for Dixie to open it and let him in. Both Dixie and David stand looking at each other stunned at their predicament. He continues pounding on the door. Dixie goes to answer the door and David stops her. She tells him to go out the back door. She needs to talk to him. She begs him to leave. She promises to call him later. David leaves out the back door. Tad is pounding so hard that he knocks the door down. He kisses his wife hard on the mouth and picks her up off her feet. He tells her not to push him away. She doesnít understand him acting this way. He wants to know why she doesnít want him. He tells her that he doesnít know what is wrong with him. If he could have her back, he would be okay again. She thinks that he has been drinking and he denies it. He starts breaking things in the house. He demands to know what is wrong. She is very scared and he looks at her as if he could do something very scary and very out of control. She is holding her head and telling him that she is very scared of him right then. All he wants is for her to love him. All he wants is his life back. Dixie is too scared to do anything but stand there and watch him. He goes to the door and leaves saying, he is sorry. David is still in the house and comes into the living room once again. Tad has driven off.

Leslie is having a daydream. Dixie is lying in a casket and Tad kisses her. Leslie comes up behind him, sorry for his loss. He tells her that his loss is her gain. They kiss each other and start taking off their clothes. He removes his jacket and throws it on top of Dixie in her casket. She loves this daydream. She thinks that she could throw a mean funeral for Dixie. She is alone in her room on her bed fantasizing and smiling at her wishes.

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