All My Children Update Monday 2/05/01


All My Children Update Monday 2/5/01

By Glynis

'Arlene' is resting on the couch at Mateoís house while Mateo watches her sleep. She awakes and he rushes over to see her and assure her that everything is okay. She tells him to come to bed, but he is not tired. He is just glad that she is feeling better. He kisses her and then she speaks to him in that voice that he knows doesnít belong to Hayley. "Why wait now sweetie? There is no time like the present." She tries to pull him to her, but he resists. He offers to make her some pancakes. She gets upset with him for not wanting her. She tries to leave, but he restrains her. He shows her pictures of him and Hayley together. The picture was crumpled up and Mateo smoothes it out and she looks at it. She thinks that the people in the picture look happy and in love. He tells her that he loves Hayley with all his heart. He wishes that she would come to him. He is waiting for her. She tells him again that Hayley is gone. He tells her that he is waiting for her. He assures her that nothing bad is going to happen to her or Arlene. She grabs her head and tells him to leave her alone. Something is happening. He makes her sit and he massages her shoulders. He tells her to tell Hayley to come back because he is waiting for her. Adam bursts through the door and asks if Hayley is okay. "What is it dear? Did Arlene hurt you?" 'Arlene' elbows him the gut for that remark. She tells him that Hayley is gone forever. Adam doesnít understand. Mateo tells Adam to give 'Arlene' a break. Adam stands by and watches this exchange not sure that he completely understands. Mateo tells her that later he will show her a good time, but wants her to go and freshen up. She leaves and Adam demands to know what is going on. Mateo tells him that Hayley thinks that she is Arlene. She is trying to live in place for her mother. Adam is having a hard time with this explanation. Mateo looks at the handwriting on the back of the picture again. He shows it to Adam. It is really Hayleyís writing. Adam is starting to get the picture. Hayley is responsible for everything that has been happening. Adam wants to go and tell the police that Hayley has finally left town. He thinks that he can send Hayley to a little hospital somewhere. She can get treatment there and then come back when she is better. Adam reaches for the phone, but Mateo grabs it out of his hands and throws it down. Every time that Adam has put his hands in the pot, something has gone wrong. Mateo tells him that he will take Hayley and get her well himself. Adam doesnít think that he can handle this. Mateo tells him that he was getting through to Hayley before he arrived. He needs to take her away until it is safe to come back to the house. Mateo wants to take her to the beach. 'Arlene' comes back and demands to know why this piece of garbage is still there. Mateo asks if she is ready to go. "You have no idea." They leave Adam standing there in the room alone.

Erica is with Opal and Jack at the restaurant. She is in a particularly good mood that morning. She tells Opal that she had a good night with Bianca and they are finally starting to get something good going with each other. Erica took some steps to move some stumbling blocks from their lives. Opal and Jack are not sure that is necessarily a good thing, but give it the benefit of the doubt. Maybe Erica has finally realized that she canít change Bianca into something that she is not. Erica proposes a toast to the Glamorama Website. Bianca walks in furious. She accuses of Erica of paying off Rain to leave town. Bianca thinks that they have to talk about this right now. Erica tells her that this is not the time or place to talk about this. Jack tells Bianca to sit down and talk to them about what is going on. He wants to avoid a scene. Bianca explains that she had Rain over to get her out of the cold. Erica kicked Rain out and then paid her $10,000 to leave town. Erica admits that she paid the money. She had Rain admit that she would never be with Bianca again. Rain went to buy a ticket to leave town and was seen with a big wad of money. She was hauled in for questioning as to where she got the money. Erica isnít feeling sorry for Rain. She got what she deserved. Bianca tells her that the reason that she really hates Rain is that she thinks that they slept together. Erica thinks that she deliberately misinterprets everything that she does and says. Bianca knows that Erica wants Bianca to be just like her. Jack tells the both of them that this is enough. Bianca thinks that it is too late to be like her mother. She tells her mother that she was much younger than Bianca is now when she first had sex. Erica leaves the table, clearly upset. Opal tells her that she didnít say the right thing. Erica was raped when she was 14. She wasnít thinking when she said that to her mother. Opal tells her that her mother would never deliberately her hurt. Bianca only sees shame and embarrassment in her motherís eyes. Jack thinks that things would have been easier if she hadnít taken off from school and run off. Bianca thinks that everything has to be on Ericaís terms. Opal tells her that everything has always been on Ericaís terms. Jack tells Bianca that Opal is right. They want her to try even harder to get along with her mother. Opal offers to help as well. Erica returns and tells Opal that everything is fine with the Glamorama contracts. Bianca wants to talk some more, but Erica will not discuss anything with her. Erica tells her that she really ruined Opalís celebration and she is very disappointed. Bianca realizes once again that this isnít going to work. She stomps off. Erica refuses to talk about her personal problems anymore. She wants to talk business. Opal knows that dealing with Biancaís news is hard for Erica. Erica is setting boundaries for her daughter and her daughter accuses her of being a bigot. Even so, knowing that bribing Rain would backfire, she shouldnít have acted the way that she did. Erica thinks that Rain should have the sense to go away. Jack tells her that removing Rain doesnít solve any problems. Maybe she was wrong to pay the girl off, but she is trying to help her daughter. This is one of the worst crises that Erica has had to deal with in her life. She also understands that Bianca is not having a day in the park either. Erica wishes that Biancaís life was the way that it used to be. Opal hasnít got any ideas, but she has been through some things in the past that were similar, but at least she tried. Erica affirms that she loves her daughter and Bianca knows that.

Dixie is listening to David and Leslie talk. She is outside the office. They donít know that she is there listening to their damning conversation, and she wonders what is going on. Leslie has warned David that she is going to expose him and tell Dixie especially what he has been up to. David tells her to get out of the office or he will call security ensuring that she not be allowed to come there again. Leslie tells him that she is going, but she is not giving up. She is determined to get what she wants and no one is going to get in her way. Leslie walks out and Dixie hides so that she doesnít see her. After Leslie leaves, Dixie enters Davidís office and tells him that she just heard what Leslie said. She demands an explanation. She thinks that David is being blackmailed, but David denies it. She asks him if this has to do with Libidozone. She tells him that Dimitri, Edmund and Tad think that he has something to do with Libidozone. She tells him that she was told that Leslie drugged Tad and that David helped her. She demands to know what Leslie wants from him. Dixie doesnít want her feelings spared. David tells her that Leslie wants him to poison her mind about Tad so that she will leave Tad and he will be free for her. Dixie starts to leave to go and talk to Leslie, but David once again stops her. He admits that he was connected to the drugs. He tells her that he will be straight with her. He became aware of the Libidozone and wanted to set up a research arrangement for it. He couldnít do it, so he let it go. The lab sent him some of the drug and someone stole the drug. Dixie figures that person could have put the drug in the drink at the party on the boat. He didnít go to the police because he needs his own evidence. She guesses that he is talking about Leslie. He didnít tell her because he was afraid that she would think that he was guilty. She did think that he was guilty for a moment. He assures her that he never lies to her. He is the person that she sees him as. She believes him. She took a taxi down there because hers is still in the shop. He offers to give her a drive home. They leave, but he forgets something. He goes back and locks up, but not really. As soon as he is gone, Leslie comes in and searches for the Libidozone. When David and Dixie go farther down the hall, David returns once again, but doesnít go into the office, he is sure that Leslie has taken the bait. Leslie gets the desk open and gets the vial of Libidozone. She is happy and knows that it is time for a repeat performance. She calls Tad from the office and tells him that he has to meet with her because it is urgent. He tells her that he wouldnít come near her. She tells him that he was right about David. That certainly peaks his interest. He has been dying to hear those words all along and someone has finally said them. She has all the proof that he needs she tells him. He will not meet her at her room, but he will meet her at the Valley Inn. He warns her that if she tries anything funny, he will be out of there in a shot.

Leslie arrives at the Valley Inn and orders coffee for the both of them, Tad and herself. She takes the Libidozone and pours a drop in each of the cups. As she finishes, Tad arrives telling her that this had better be good. She tells him that David did try to break up his marriage. She went along with David. She tells him that they are on the same side. She picks up her coffee cup to toast with him to the total victory against David. She takes a drink of her coffee and he does too. She canít help but smile at what she has accomplished.

David takes Dixie home and realizes that if what he tells her is true, then Leslie has made victims of tem all. David doesnít want to talk about Leslie anymore. He wants to make plans to pick up her car later. When he turned around and she her there, he suddenly became happy that she was there. She came to get answers from him, but for one moment, he thought that she was the one woman in his life and she came to brighten up his day. He realizes that she doesnít feel the same way for him that he does for her. She tells him to wait. She doesnít want him to go. Bianca is home packing her things. She is crying and wondering what she is going to do next. This is very real to her. She goes to him and kisses him.

Mateo takes 'Arlene' to the beach house. She thinks that it is a dump and wants to leave, but Mateo entices her with sex. When she warms him up, he suggests that they take a walk on the beach. She is tired of him cooling off every time that they heat up. She really wants to leave. He tells her again that he wants to speak with Hayley.

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