All My Children Update Friday 2/02/01


All My Children Update Thursday 2/2/01

By Glynis

Leo arrives at the boat and finds Ryan there. He tells him that Vanessa’s heart is really messed up. Adam was coming in the room trying to find out about Hayley. Leo has some good news. Leo tells him that their investment has been showing a good return. He tells Ryan that he took out some money to take out Laura. Ryan doesn’t mind that Leo took out some of the money but he cautions Leo on talking about the investment in front of Gillian. She enters the room and he tells her that things are looking up for them. She refuses anything to eat. She tells him that she is not hungry yet. Ryan suggests that they get married on Valentines Day. Laura comes in. She thinks that she may be interrupting, but she is welcomed to stay. Ryan wants to include her in their next move. There is a call from Jake. He needs to see her. He wants her to come by and speak with him. He reminds her that she is pregnant and he is the father of her child. She tells him that she will come to the hospital to see him. He realizes that she hasn’t told Ryan yet and is surprised that she hasn’t. She hangs up and tells Ryan that she has to go to the library to get a book that she has been waiting on. She tells him that she loves him and she leaves. Ryan thinks that is going to hold a contest. Laura is going to work on the contest with Leo. Leo wants to talk about the contest over at the Valley Inn so that they can eat at the same time.

Dimitri and Edmund come over to the Martin house and Tad opens the door. They wanted to see Jake, but he is at the hospital. Tad tells them that Dixie and Tad are having some problems right now. Dimitri finds out that David has something to do with the break up of Dixie and David. Libidozone was involved in the big mix up. Tad offers his help to expose David for what he really is. Tad suspects that the drug came into play so that he could get his hands on Dixie. There is another knock at the door and it is Dixie apologizing for the night before. She comes in and Tad tells her that he is glad that she is there. She is going to find out that David is not the man that she thinks that he is. Dimitri and Edmund leave the house. She wonders what Tad is up to. He tells her that she doesn't have a clue about what he really is about. He tells her that Dimitri and Edmund found shipping information for Libidozone recently. She doesn’t understand what Tad is saying. He tells her that is important because of what happened on that boat. She will not listen to Tad. Why does she not believe him? She knows that he is hurt, but she thinks that he is taking things too far. Tad tells her that he thinks that Alex’s absence has to do with David. He also tells her that Leslie is another factor. Tad thinks that Leslie was David’s accomplice. She finds Tad to be quite the victim. She came to talk to Tad to apologize for what happened the night before. He doesn't know how that would work when she refuses to believe anything that he says. She thinks that he is competing with David…competing and losing. He tells her that David is using her. She thinks that David is a good man. It was hard for him to work on his mother the night before. Tad says that he will shut up about David, if she asks him about Libidozone. She doesn’t believe that David would hurt or lie to her. She can’t listen to Tad anymore. She turns and leaves the house.

David is at the office and he phones Dixie who has just dropped the boys off at school. He tells her that he was thinking of her and decided to give her a call. David tells her that everyone in Tad’s corner ambushed him the night before. She is glad that she could be there for him. He did a really wonderful thing and saved his mother from dying the night before. She is proud of what he has done. He saved his mother’s life the night before. Leslie walks into his office and Dixie hears the voice. David tells her that one of his referrals has arrived. She guesses that he was talking to Dixie. He asks her what she is doing there and she tells him in her special little way that she has come for her Libidozone. David tells her that he was in the operating room the night before. He can’t give her the Libidozone. She threatens to tell Dixie everything. David thinks that Dixie will not listen to anything that Leslie says. She is this close to getting the man that she wants and Leslie is not about to give up. He tells her that he made another batch, but he has changed his mind. He is thinking about his best interests. She thinks that he wants money and she demands to know how much. He doesn’t want her money. He has been thinking and it would be irresponsible for him to give her Libidozone. He holds a tube of the drug in his hands as he talks to her. He has made a lot of mistakes that he regrets. She can tell Dixie anything that she wants. Dixie will not believe her. She makes a grab for the vial with the Libidozone in it and David keeps it from her and tells her that she needs to get out. Dixie has walked up to the outside of David’s door and hears him talking with Leslie. Leslie says, "If you don’t give it to me, I will tell Dixie more than she wants to know.

At the hospital, Myrtle is doing some volunteer work pushing around books for the patients when she sees Jake. She tells him that she heard what happened the night before. Jake tells her that things were touch and go but it seems to have worked out for now. He also tells her that Gillian is pregnant, with his baby. Another Martin is going to be running around there in a short while. Myrtle is not sure what to feel about that. She is not quite sure why Jake is so happy at the thought of his ex-wife having a baby while she is with someone else, even if the baby is his. Jake is obviously happy about it. He misses Colby and he will have a chance to be with this baby from the very beginning. He will get a chance to do everything that he wanted to do before. It is his baby and he feels it. He can’t explain it. It is a strong feeling, and he is ready for it. She reminds him that Gillian and Ryan are a couple now, so having a baby with Gillian is not all that it is cracked up to be. Ryan is going to marry Gillian and they are going to raise the child. That is the reality of things. Ryan will be the legal father. Jake tells her that things are going to work out. He wants to share custody with her. Gillian is just going to have to accept it. He does have legal options. Myrtle reminds him of the horrible battle he had over Colby. She thinks that he should consider leaving the baby instead of fighting over it. He is sure that Gillian and he are going to make the right decision. Myrtle thinks that maybe he is doing this to hold on to Gillian. Jake just wants her to be happy. Myrtle tells him not to expect too much. Right now, she doesn't think that he should push too hard or he will drive Gillian away. Myrtle has to leave to deliver books to some patients, but if he ever wants to talk with her, he should visit. She leaves and Gillian walks up and demands to know what he wants. She should be excited, but all she feels is confused. It doesn’t seem real. She doesn’t understand how to tell Ryan that she is having Jake’s baby. Ryan loves her and he is going to accept the child. Gillian has to think about the baby. All she can think about is Ryan. Jake tells her that she cannot terminate the pregnancy. Her body feels the same; she feels no maternal feelings. He thinks that she is a natural. She doesn’t know what she is going to do. He suggests that she goes and has a sonogram while she is there. She tells him no. She is not ready for that. She doesn’t want to see a picture of the baby right now. Jake suggests that she see anther doctor and get some advice. Jake tells her to do this for the baby. There is no harm. Jake will be right back. He tells her to wait for him right where she is.

Greenlee shows up to see her grandfather. Her father is there. He is there passing through. He didn’t have her number, but that is okay, he never calls anyway. She is not angry. She wonders if they could have dinner, but he has to leave soon. He tells her that she shouldn’t take things so personally. Her mother is back in San Diego and he is going out there in a couple of hours. Her grandfather leaves so that they can talk. She suspects that her father is still made that Leo accused her of stealing her trust fund. She doesn’t understand why he is still punishing her. Roger thinks hat Leo is trash that lurks after rich girls. He denies that he has taken money from her. As they sit and talk, Leo and Laura walk into the restaurant and decide to stay in spite of who is there. Leo and Laura order and then he gives her his attention. She thinks that they should call the contest, "The Dream Weaver’s Contest"…. No employees can enter the contest. That is too bad because Laura has a dream that she would like to live out. She thinks off by her for a minute…She is with Leo in front of some stainless…they kiss…. They are on the boat and walk out to the deck…he shows her things…they turn to each other…. And…"Hey Laura!" Leo brings her back from her daydream. She tells him that she was thinking of some girl stuff. His dream is not so serious and they laugh over that. Greenlee hears them and ignores that. She thinks maybe that she could come to San Diego and visit, but that is not a good idea because her mother is redoing the house. She offers to stay out of the way, but her father thinks that she never stays out of the way. She tells him that she is his daughter, but not their piggy bank. She knows that he was hoping that he could in and out of town without seeing her. He decides to try and get an earlier flight out of town. Leo and Laura hear the last couple sentences and Leo excuses himself to talk with Greenlee. He sits at her table and she tells him that her father coming to visit was a total surprise. They wanted her to come and visit and they even did her room over for her. Leo tells her that she is a liar. Greenlee tells him to leave her alone and not pretend to care about her. Leo leaves the table and her grandfather returns. She tells her grandfather that her father has left and that she wants an audit of her trust fund done immediately. She stomps off.

Myrtle bumps into Gillian and tells her that she knows the news. Gillian is shocked that he would tell anyone the news. He had no right. He shouldn’t have done that. Gillian asks her if she could please talk to Jake and make him understand that he shouldn’t push her. Myrtle told her that she would try but in the next little while she should take care of herself. Myrtle leaves and Gillian is filled with panic. What is she going to do now? She leaves the hospital.

Dimitri and Edmund go and see Ryan. They tell him that they have evidence that David’s drug was linked to the problems with the party on the boat. Ryan offers all his help. Dimitri gets a call from Alex…She tells him that she is fine. She can’t tell him what is going on with her, but she tells him that she is fine and he shouldn’t worry. She hangs up.

Jake is talking to the doctor that he wants to look after Gillian. He can’t find Gillian anywhere. It looks as if she has taken off again.

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