All My Children Update Thursday 2/01/01


All My Children Update Thursday 2/1/01

By Glynis

Tad has arrived at the hospital and finds Dixie and David hugging each other. Dixie tells him that Jake shouldnít have called him to bring him there. She explains that David has emergency surgery and she came with him. He asks her where she was when the emergency came in. Tad does not want to talk with David. Dixie tells Tad that she was at the Sleepy Hollow Inn with David. She was stranded in the car and he picked her up from a bar. Tad reminds her that he left her folding laundry in the living room, how did she get in this mess so soon after his leaving. David keeps interrupting Dixie and Davidís conversation and Jake tells him to butt out. David walks off. Dixie tells Tad that she is sorry that he had to find out like this. Tad wants to know what exactly he is finding out.

Bianca is looking for her mother in the house. She canít find her anywhere. She isnít downstairs. She doesnít answer.

Erica has just given Rain $10,000 to leave town. She came to see her at the shelter to convince her to leave Bianca alone. Rain tells Erica that they have a deal and she will leave town. She just wants Erica to know that she will never make Biancaís little problem disappear. Bianca is always going to be gay. Rain tells her that Bianca was always safe with her. Erica warns her to leave. Rain tells her that Bianca loves her. Erica tells her to stay away from her family. Rain agrees with that.

Vanessa has come to in the hospital and Adam jumps on her to find out what happened to Hayley. They havenít found Hayley for the longest time. Everyone is under the impression that Hayley is under terrible danger and no one has been able to locate her. Leo is dragging Adam out of the room when Vanessa starts shouting, "Hayley! NoÖ. She wasÖ" Vanessa slumps into unconsciousness again as Adam watches on sadly. She awakes again and Adam tries to tell them that she is trying to tell them something about Hayley. Vanessa calls for Palmer. He shows her that Leo is there and David operated on her and she is going to be just as good as new. Her eyes close and they stand over her hoping that she really will be okay.

'Arlene' is back at the bar in all her glory and tells her friend, the drinking buddy of hers, that she will go away with him. The man is very happy about that. He has been helping her avoid Mateo, and as they try to walk out, they bump right into Mateo. He asks her, "Where are you going? He talks to her as if she is Arlene for real. Mateo has figured out the mystery. For some reason, Hayley has assumed the identity of Arlene and it is almost another personality of Hayleyís that is helping her cope with the devastation of her mother dying. He tells her that he wants to talk to Hayley. She doesnít realize that she is talking to her husband. The men almost get into a fight. 'Arlene's friend tells her that he is tired of this. All talk and no action. He walks out. She puts on her coat and she tells him that she is ready to go. She tries to walk away and he doesnít let her. He tells her that he really needs to see Hayley. He offers to buy her a drink and she asks for pineapple juice. Mateo will have nothing. 'Arlene' tells him that she knows what he is up to. She thinks that Hayley is only worried about herself. She has Hayley right in her back pocket. "First she strangles me and then her father throws me off the boat. Well you can forget it, I am not helping you people." She thinks that Hayley never pays, and that is all in the past now. Hayley is gone and she isnít coming back. Mateo spoke to Derek and told him that Hayley tried to strangle Arlene. He suggests that they pick up where they left off. He brings up the yacht party. He knows that he had the punch that everyone else had, but he canít forget the time that they had together alone in the bed. She tells him that she canít imagine what would have happened if they had time to actually spend the time together. He tells her that they will take his car and go off together. She insists that she will drive. She will take them to his place, cause he knows that Hayley is not there. She tells him that he wonít be disappointed. She slings out of the room with everyone watching every move that she makes.

Erica arrives back home and finds Bianca in the living room afraid because she thought that she was hearing noises. Erica remembered that she had an appointment and she had to go out at that time of night. Bianca was freaked out that she was alone in the house. With everything that was going on, Bianca thought that Erica was mad at her. Bianca apologizes for bringing Rain into the house. Erica tells her that she isnít angry anymore. It is over. She tries to explain that there is a reason that Rain was there. Erica tells her that things are done. It will never happen again. Bianca can tell that Erica did something that night. She knows that something happened to Rain. Bianca hopes that Rain is okay. Erica avoids the whole issue. She wants to make cocoa. Bianca only wants the truth, but Erica will not answer her. Erica tells her that she had errands and that is all. Bianca canít believe that Erica could be this comfortable unless there was something that she must have done to control the situation. Erica tells her that she needed to clear her head and she took a drive. She has always found Bianca to be her most precious gift. She hasnít been able to let anything or anyone get between them. Bianca thinks that there is more to be settled between them. They donít always have to agree with each other, but Erica will always love her. Back to the cocoa. Bianca is laughing now and she is looking forward to happier times with her mother.

David asks Jake why he called Tad. Jake tells him that he wanted to help his brother. Her husband has a right to know what is going on. Joe comes by and reminds the gentlemen that this is the hospital and they should act professionally.

Dixie explains that Vanessa and Palmer told her that they overheard Leslie and Tad arguing over their having slept together. Tad explained that he was over at Leslieís to fix things with Dixie. She once again has jumped to the worst possible solution ever. She again accuses him of sleeping with his mistresses. He wants her to tell him what she is doing. She got in the car and drove off the road and ended up in a bar and Hayward happened to be there. Tad canít believe that she expects him to believe her. He has one question for her. Then he will go. "Did you sleep with him tonight?" She doesnít answer. He tells her that he doesnít care. He doesnít know how she could do that to them. Joe interrupts and tells Tad to take Dixie home. He tells them that he doesnít live there anymore. The doctor brought her to the dance; the doctor can take her home. He leaves the building. Joe asks if she needs a ride home. David tells Joe that he will give Dixie a ride home. Dixie knows that Joe wants to go to Tad. He thinks that Joe should go. Joe leaves and David and Dixie are finally left to talk. He takes her shoulders and asks her to come home with him.

Adam tries to get into Vanessaís room again and Leo tells him that his mother is at deathís door and they will have to wait until mourning to ask her questions about Hayley. Palmer tells Leo that he thinks that it would mean a great deal to his mother to see him there when he gets up. He lives with that woman and he knows how she feels. Leo sits beside his mother and holds her hand. Leo and Palmer about to cry from the emotion that are building up inside them for their beloved.

Adam is outside Vanessaís hospital room and in spite of the signs telling him not to use his cell phone, he does so anyway.

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