All My Children Update Wednesday 1/31/01


All My Children Update Wednesday 1/31/01

By Shauna

Erica's House Bianca and Raine sneak down stairs to get some food because they are hungry, meanwhile Erica is sitting in the living room listening to everything Bianca and Raine have to say about her.

Mateo and Hayley's House Hayley ( dressed up like Arlene) takes a guy that she met on the doc's in and she says that she wants to change the house to leopard and leather. Hayley tells the new guy that she killed her daughter in self defense.

Hospital Adam tries to call Derrek, Mateo shows up and tells Adam that he already got a hold of Derrek and they have a APB out on Hayley and Arlene. Mateo tells Adam that he doesn't think Hayley was kidnapped.

Leo grabs a hold of David and tells David to promise to save his mother. Jake asks David if he would reconsider . Dixie asks if she can speak alone with David.

Dixie asks David why he won't work on his mother. David says he has a fear when they roll her into the operating table all his fears, emotions and his anger will guide his hands and he won't be able to hold them back.

Mateo says Arlene's behavior doesn't make sense. Tina calls and wants to talk to Mateo, Mateo leaves and Tina tells Mateo that there is a lot of racket going on at his house and that she thinks that Arlene broke into it. Tina tells Mateo that she knows that they have been staying at Adams house.

Mateo and Hayley's House Hayley picks of the picture with her and Mateo in it and remembers back to their wedding day. The guy leaves and then Hayley remembers Mateo's vows and whispers for Mateo to help her.

Erica's House Erica tells Bianca to tell her friend to collect her things and leave. Erica tells Bianca that she ordered Bianca not to ever see Raine again.

Hospital Leo talks with Laura about his childhood. Leo says every year his mother messed up and again he forgave her until she let him take the murder wrap for her. Leo tells Laura that he does not want to loose his mother.

Dixie tells David not to let his character or morality to get in the way of his judgment. Dixie tells David that deep down in side he loves his mother.

David and Dixie come out of the room and David agrees to operate on his mother but does not promise to save her.

Leo asks Jake how long it will take before they know anything and Jake says it will be awhile.

Dixie tells palmer that she will go get his wife's things at valley inn and pack a bag for her.

Jake calls tad and tells his that he better cut his skiing trip short cause Dixie needs him.

Hayley and Mateo's Place Mateo asks everyone to leave cause he needs some time alone. He talks to himself and tries to figure out why Hayley's wedding rings were in Arlene's coat.

Erica's House Bianca tells Raine good bye and to take care. Raine says she can visit her at the shelter. Bianca tells her mother just so she knows that they did not sleep together. Bianca asks her mother what she has done so wrong and Erica says disobeying her and ignoring her wishes. Bianca leaves and Erica starts to cry then Erica tells herself to get a hold of herself and to be strong for Bianca.

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