All My Children Update Tuesday 1/30/01


All My Children Update Tuesday 1/30/01

By Glynis

Ryan is stroking Gillian's face and sitting with her in the hospital. She wakes up and apologizes to him for being sick. He gets angry with her for that. She thinks that she is letting him down. Every time that he needs her most, she lets him down. He doesn't believe that. He loves her because she is everything to him. She is more than he deserves. He doesn't care what she thinks. They are waiting for results of her tests. They have been at the hospital for two hours. She thinks that she didn't eat enough and that is why she is sick. He tells her to stay with him on the yacht. He is very worried about her.

In the hospital, Jake shouts at a nurse wondering why it is taking them so long to do a pregnancy test. Jake goes over and eavesdrops on the conversation that Gillian is having with Ryan. She is saying that she is scared that she is pregnant. She tells him that he isn't going to be like his father or his mother. She is feeling selfish because she doesn't want to share him with children. Ryan thinks that they need an extended honeymoon. She agrees. She thinks that people should have children from their hearts. Jake is listening and feeling heartbroken hearing the woman that he loves talk this way with another man. Ryan suggests that they go to Hungary and see the place that she is from. The nurse gives Jake the results and she hasn't looked at it yet. Jake takes the results and tells her that he will take care of things from here. He tells the nurse that he will meet with her later for coffee. Jake takes the results and opens them to read. Jake comes into the room and tells Ryan that the process of getting the results is going to take a little while longer. Jake sends Ryan out of the room to fill out some documents. Once he is gone, Jake tells Gillian that the lab results are back. There is something that Gillian needs to know. She doesn't appreciate him lying to her fiancée. Jake tells her that she is pregnant. She didn't ask for a pregnancy test. It is standard procedure for a hospital to do a test like that under the circumstances, which she arrived. He assures her that the tests are not lying. The timing is all wrong. He tells her that her hormones haven't kicked in yet. She thinks that this is a sick joke. Being a father means the world to him. He wants to order a sonogram right away. She grabs her coat screaming, "No". Ryan reenters the room and wants to know what is going on. She tells him that she got the test results back. She will have to eat better. She refuses to take some other tests. Jake tells her that if she would like to have some more tests, she is to let him know. Jake walks out. Ryan finds that whole thing very strange. She just wants to go home. They leave the room after she changes and Jake is surprised that they are leaving. Jake wants to talk with her for a minute. She tells Ryan to go and get the car. He leaves. Jake can tell that she hasn't told him. She tells him that she will handle it. She is going to have to start thinking of taking care of their baby.

All that have received invitations to come to the boat from 'Arlene' are present on Adam's boat. They have all received mysterious invitations telling them to show up and confess to what they have done. Derek shows up at the boat and demands to know why all are gathered there. Is this some type of party? Someone having a birthday? Marion gets very defensive and explains that this is Adam's boat and they have a right to be there. Marion, Liza, Adam, Hayley, Mateo, Vanessa, and Palmer are there. Palmer tells them that they are there to recover some missing jewelry that is very expensive. Mateo produces his note for Derek. Derek reads he note that tells them to come to the boat and confess. Derek receives a call and leaves the room for a moment. Adam tells Hayley to keep her mouth shut. Derek is not going anywhere. Derek returns and demands to know why they are all there. Every person in the room hates Hayley's mother for some reason. She sounds very forgiving, but doesn't think that she should be forgiven. Derek thinks that this meeting is much bigger than they are all making it out to be. Palmer thinks that he is in an Agatha Christie novel. Mateo thinks that they are all really surprised to see each other there. It is getting very late. Adam thinks that everyone should go home. Derek tells everyone that they are not going anywhere. Derek says that he will get a warrant to keep them there if he has to. He would like to see what is going on. Palmer is ready to press charges against Arlene for stealing his jewelry. There will be no deals made. Hayley thinks that this is a family reunion. Derek gets another call and leaves the room again. Hayley can't take this anymore. She tells Mateo that she wants to confess and she wants to keep quiet all at the same time and she doesn't know what to do. She feels like she is crawling out of her skin. She runs out of the room and onto the deck. She finds a dress hanging on the banister of the boat. She holds it up and inspects it.

David brings Dixie to a hotel room nearby the bar where he found her. He noticed her car on the side of the road and figured that something terrible had happened. He found her in some dive ordering coffee and being ogled by the patrons. He thinks that he saved her from the people in that bar by going in and taking her out of there. She is resisting that she was in any trouble at the bar where he found her. She was sure that she was going to be fine. She can handle herself. She laughs at the thought that he thought that she was going to be fresh meat for those people that were at the bar. She is shivering and sitting with David's coat around her. She remarks that being with him in a hotel room is not a good thing for her. He puts a blanket around her to warm her up. He has a room down the hall and he will go there later after he makes sure that she is going to be fine. He found her by luck, faith or coincidence. It doesn't really matter. They are going to be stuck there in the hotel for the night because of the storm. He car spun out earlier and she was stranded. There is not way to get back to her house. They will just have to wait out the storm. She ran out of her house without any coat and she still hasn't told him why she did that. She is curious as to how he knew that she was at the bar. How did he find her? He doesn't answer that question. She can't be alone with him right now. He ignores her pleas. He tells her to change her clothes and get warm. She is sorry that she is so crazy. He doesn't care, he will be right there. She isn't crazy. She walks to the bathroom and he dims the lights and waits in the room. He thought that his hair was going to turn white when he saw her car. He lights the lamp and Dixie comes out of the bathroom wearing a robe. She has the color back in her cheeks. She got in her car, she tells him because of Tad. Palmer came by with Vanessa and it upset her. They told her that Tad had a fight with Leslie at the Valley Inn in public. People heard the fight. Palmer just wants her to be treated better. Tad seemed so loving and so gentle, almost forgiving. He took the boys skiing. They made it to the Lodge. She believes in him over and over again. She doesn't know what to believe. She should just go find Leslie and fight it out with her. David tells her to stay away from Leslie. He doesn't know what is going on with Tad and Leslie, but he doesn't know why she would want to confront Leslie. Dixie is not going to get what she wants from Leslie. Dixie agrees. She is very confused. David wants her to try to forget about Leslie. He suggests that they order some food. He gets the menu for the hotel and starts reading from it. She would like some soup and he mentions that she is a really cheap date. He gets up to get her some food. She wants to know what David wants from her. He only wants to give her a few moments away from everything outside of the room. He would like to give her some joy. That is a tall order these days. He is going to get her some food, and when he returns, he will make sure that she has some joy. After David returns to the room, they discuss their previous lives. Dixie's father had a whole other family going for him. Her mother was in shock for the rest of her life. David thinks that she isn't repeating a process in her family's life. She likes to think that she has someone to hold her up. David would love to do that for her. When does Dixie start thinking about Dixie? She always thought about being a mom and having a family. What did she want for herself? She doesn't know what she wanted in life. He is not sure if he is helping or not. He is being a little pushy, but he doesn't mean to. David kisses her hands. She needs him as much as he needs her. He kisses her and she lets him. He will do whatever she wants. He picks her up and carries her to the bed. He climbs on top of her and they passionately kiss as they start making love

The private detective is remembering the conversation that he had with Adam. He was promised an amazing fee if he made sure that 'Arlene' didn't surface again. The private detective understood exactly what it was that Adam was telling him. He wants Arlene dead. The private detective unzips his bag slowly and in it there is a gun. Not just a handgun, but one that has parts to it. A very elaborate gun that one has to assemble in order to shoot.

Hayley comes running in from the deck with a dress that belonged to her mother. It is red and gaudy with a trim of black lace at the neckline. It is more of a negligee. Something gaudy that Arlene would have loved. It is wet and looks like it has been fished out of the sea. Hayley knows that it is her mother's dress immediately. Mateo has a flashback that 'Arlene' was wearing that dress when she climbed into bed with him the night of the drug-induced party. Hayley remembers the dress the night she caught her mother in bed with Mateo. Adam remembers the dress when he picked up Arlene and threw her overboard. Hayley starts having a fit. She eventually tells Derek the truth. She tells Derek that something did happen that night of the party on the boat. Palmer is relieved that someone is going to finally break the mystery. Derek forces her to tell him the truth. She goes running from the room. Adam is angry with Derek. Palmer thinks that she is on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Vanessa decides to go out for a breath of fresh air. Palmer asks Marion what is going on. Marion tells him that no one knows what Arlene has done with his precious necklace. At that moment, the lights on the boat go off.

Vanessa walks the deck of the boat just getting some fresh air and finds 'Arlene' walking the deck dressed up in her finest. She has her back to Vanessa. Vanessa walks up behind Hayley and says, "There you are. She walks up to 'Arlene's' back and tugs on her arms to turn her around. She almost drops when she sees that she is staring into the eyes of, HAYLEY! Hayley tells her that she is never getting her necklace back. Vanessa's skin is crawling and she tries to get her to come back into the boat. Hayley tells her that she is Arlene. She demands that Vanessa stop calling her Hayley. She wanted to force them to confess. "She never had my guts." Vanessa wants to know what it is that Hayley is supposed to confess?

The private detective is assembling his gun. He is moving very slowly and knows that soon he will do as Adam has asked in order to become a very rich man

Inside the boat, all are discussing Hayley and where she is. The lights are on now and soon they start wondering where Vanessa is. As 'Arlene' and Vanessa talk, the hitman is focusing his gun; he was told that she was wearing a red coat. He sees her and tries to aim. Vanessa and Hayley are too close for him to make a good shot. 'Arlene' is telling Vanessa why she came back. She has some scores to settle, even with Vanessa. She grabs Vanessa's arms and they start to struggle. The gun goes off and one of the ladies has been hit, but which one? Both Vanessa and Hayley while holding each other, fall to the ground.

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