All My Children Update Monday 1/29/01


All My Children Update Monday 1/29/01

By Shauna

Hospital Jake tells the nurse to get the test results to him because it should not take all night for a pregnancy test.

Yacht The detective Derrick goes around the room asking everyone why they are there and about their notes from Arlene.

Hotel Room Dixie tells David she is going to be fine. David says her car spun around three times, out of control. He tells Dixie that he didn't want her getting lost or anything to happen to her. Dixie tells David that Tad and his mistress got into a fight. David tells Dixie to go get into a robe and he will get things ready for her. David turns of the light and lights a lamp. Dixie tells David that Tad went skiing with the boys.

Hospital Gillian tells Ryan that she probably got dizzy because she was hungry. Gillian tells Ryan that she is worried that she may not have her job when she gets back. Ryan tells Gillian that they need an extended honeymoon. Ryan asks Gillian if she is sure she isn't pregnant. Jake listens outside the door and then comes in to see Gillian.

Yacht Everyone decides this is another one of Arlene's sick jokes. Adam tells everyone that they can go home, but the detective tells them that they can't leave. Adam tells the detective Derrick that Arlene stole a necklace and maybe she is trying to get away with it by pulling this on everyone.

Hotel David tells Dixie not to go to Leslie and has a big fit over it. Dixie tells David obviously he has something against Leslie. David suggest that they order something to eat. Dixie asks David what he wants. David tells her that he wants her to have a little joy in her life.

Hospital Jake tells Gillian that she is pregnant. Gillian tells Jake that it can't be. Jake says he overheard Ryan and Gillian talking about the fact that they used protection. Jake believes it is his baby.

Yacht Derrick gets a phone call and Adam tells everyone to leave. Hayley starts going crazy. She goes outside for some fresh air. On the deck, she finds Arlene's slip. The same slip she wore the night that she died.

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