All My Children Update Friday 1/26/01


All My Children Update Thursday 1/26/01

By Glynis

Eric is just finding out that Bianca didn't go to school for the day as Jack enters. She gets a call from the school that has a policy for notifying parents of absences at the end of the day. Jack checks and it seems that Bianca didn't take her luggage with her. The maid did tell him that Bianca didn't sleep in her bed all night. They discuss the session with the psychologist. Erica fired the woman after one session. Jack can't believe what he is hearing.

Bianca and Rain are in the mall just goofing off, and so are Laura and Leo. Both couples are not aware of the other. Leo buys Laura a very expensive jacket that she thinks she can't accept because it is way too expensive. But in spite of that he drapes it around her shoulders anyway. He is on a mission to make her the happiest girl ever on that date. He tries to make her take it and unknown to them, Greenlee is watching from the wings. She has followed them on their date and is shocked at Leo's extravagance towards her. Bianca and Rain run into Leo and Laura. Leo is planning to go to New York with Laura and they would like to find out where they should go. Bianca sees Greenlee hiding behind a corner and Leo plays a game with her and starts kissing Laura, which Laura likes very much. Greenlee is watching Leo kiss Laura and she is not feeling very good about what she sees. Leo thanks Bianca for tipping him off about Greenlee peeping at them. He walks over to where Greenlee is hiding and surprises her. Leo wishes her happy shopping and he walks off with Laura. Greenlee walks over to Bianca and Rain and makes some very bad comments on Bianca and Rain possibly being gay lovers. As Rain and Bianca walk off heading for the piercing shop, Greenlee hightails it over to Erica's house to tell her and Jack that Bianca is at the mall getting something pierced. Erica goes running out of the house to go and get a handle on the situation. Jack drags Greenlee outside and tells her that she has been thanked. Greenlee is very pleased with herself. She knows that Bianca is going to get it now real good and she is the one that is responsible for it. What a coup!

Hayley is in her get up again and dancing with the guy at the bar that is fascinated with her. She has a letter to deliver and won't let him dissuade her from leaving. He is losing patience with her and can't believe tat she is going to make him wait for her again. She tells him that she will see him later and she walks out the front door.

Dixie is in the house doing laundry when the door opens. It is Tad. He looked at the calendar and realized that this was the day that they were supposed to go on their trip. He was supposed to take Junior on the trip and he doesn't want to let the kids down. Tad wants to take the children on his own. He doesn't see how they can make a trip with the 4 of them at this time. Dixie understands and leaves to go and pack for the children to take the trip. While packing, Dixie gives Tad some instructions on what to do on the trip. He tells her that everything is fine. She wonders what they are doing. He tells her that she asked him to leave. She made a mistake. A really big mistake. He has made some big mistakes too. He is still paying for the things that he has put her through. He should have done more to prevent this from happening. Now they are always going to regret the way that things turned out. He is sorry that he wasn't strong for her and she feels the same way. Junior comes in and finds out that his mother is not going on the trip with them. She talks him into going and tries to make him happy. He is looking forward to skiing with Tad. He goes upstairs to get ready for the trip. Tad will call the following day with the information as to where they are. He is going to take the 4 x 4. She thanks him for taking the kids. It means a lot to them. Tad promises that they will be careful. Junior comes back ready to go. They will pick up Jamie on the way out of town. Junior kisses his mother goodbye and they promise to drive safe. Tad tells her not to worry about them. He leaves with Junior and Dixie is alone in the house. Tad and Junior drive off and there is a knock at the door. She opens it and it is Vanessa and Palmer. They have just dropped by to see how things are going with Tad and Dixie. They have just seen that Tad was leaving with skis on the roof. Vanessa wonders if Dixie is sure where Tad is going. Dixie tells them that Tad might want to come back to her. Vanessa calls her deluded. Dixie demands to know why Vanessa would call her deluded for wanting her husband back. Palmer and Vanessa look at each other. Vanessa thinks that Dixie should hear the bad news from family. She tells Dixie that they overheard Tad having an argument with Leslie. Tad was in a state and he was saying to Leslie, "I am sorry that I ever slept with you in the first place." Dixie thinks that this was something that they may have overheard months ago after the party, but Vanessa and Palmer confirm that they just heard this very recently. Palmer is sorry for her that she is so hurt. There is nothing that they can do for her. She is sure that they didn't misunderstand. She is feeling like being alone. They want to stay, but she will not let them. Dixie will call them if she needs them. She pushes them out the door and thanks them again. Once they are gone, she goes to the ironing board and continues folding clothes, but can't complete that simple task as she is very angry. She takes the laundry basket and tosses it across the room. She is very upset now. Tad has lied to her and fooled her once more. She gets her car keys and goes running from the house without her coat.

Someone is banging on Mateo's door. Mateo is feeling very groggy, but hears the banging on the door and finally opens it. Liza and Adam are there at his door and they demand to know where Hayley is. They hear water running in the bathroom. Hayley walks out of the bathroom and they wond4eer why she didn't hear the knocking. There is an invitation that Adam and Liza has received requesting them to meet her. Arlene wants a meeting with the 4 of them so that she can get them to confess that they tried to kill her. Hayley looks panic-stricken. She finds an invitation for herself and Mateo on the floor and she picks it up and reads it. It is as they suspected. Hayley wants to meet with them too. They all decide to leave together and confront Arlene. Mateo tells her that he is not going to let her out of his sight for a minute.

Erica and Jack arrive as Bianca is coming out of the piercing shop. They see Bianca with a nose ring and think that she went ahead and got her nose pierced. She laughs and shows them that she didn't pierce her nose. She has just been hanging out with her friend. She thought that Erica wouldn't even notice that she was away from home. Erica tells Rain that she is out of her daughter's life. Erica and Bianca leave and Jack tell Jack that the possibility of seeing Bianca later is pretty slim.

Once Bianca gets home, she defends Rain. This time, Jack is on Erica's side. She doesn't tell them where she was. Jack even had a file a missing person's report. Jack loves her too much to be casual about the way that she has acted. She is so grounded that it isn't funny. Bianca stomps off to her room. Erica is beside herself. She thought that Bianca was dead in the street. He offers to make her some tea while they try to figure out what to do. Once in the kitchen, Bianca runs downstairs and opens the door for Rain. Rain has to bolt. It is too cold to sleep in the street and she has to move on. Bianca tells her that she is staying there in the house. She pulls her into the house and tells her that she is staying the night in their house.

Tad and his two boys are shopping in the mall at the destination of the skiing trip, and they are talking. Junior tells him that he pushed David in the bar. Tad tells him that he is not to go near David anymore. He makes Junior promise to go to his father next time. Tad thinks that as far as getting back with his wife, anything is possible.

Dixie ends up at the bar where Arlene likes the frequent. Turns out that Dixie ran into a ditch and her car is no good. Looks like she is going to be stuck for a while. She goes into the bar and they offer her a coffee while she waits for help. She is feeling really sad and down. Someone touches her shoulder and asks her if she is okay. Dixie looks up and sees David looking down at her. She is grateful to see him.

In the same bar, the private detective is talking to the gentleman that Arlene likes to dance with. He doesn't let on that he has seen "Arlene'. The private detective remembers a conversation where Adam told him that Arlene doesn't really need to show up anymore. That it would be good if she didn't.

On the boat all that have gotten an invitation are on the boat and ready to see the reason why they have been called. All present are Palmer, Vanessa, Hayley, Mateo, Liza, Adam and Marion. They all wonder what they have been brought there for.

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