All My Children Update Thursday 1/25/01


All My Children Update Thursday 1/25/01

By Glynis

Gordon is telling David that he is going to turn him in for the things that he made him do. David is trying to make him understand that he is making a bad mistake and he is going to jail. David assures him that they are not going to catch him for the things that David convinced him to do. Someone is at the door. It is Dimitri. He wants to talk about his wife. David tells Gordon that he has to put his gorilla head back on and get out of there. They will meet later and David will make sure that he has money and everything that he needs to make him happy. Gordon puts his head of his gorilla suit back on and he lets Dimitri in. The gorilla leaves and David tells him that he got a gorilla gram and it was private. That was why they locked the door. Dimitri tells him that he has a piece of paper with Davidís name on it. It looks like David is busted, because the receipt ties David to a delivery of libidozone. Dimitri tells David that with his testimony, David is in big trouble. Dimitri suspects a misuse of libidozone. A jury would convict and a cloud of suspicion would ruin his career. Dimitri wants to offer David a deal. He wants to swap the freedom and Davidís career for the return of his wife Alex. David isnít the smoking gun that Dimitri thinks that he is or so Dimitri is told. Dimitri thinks that David did some things and it only got out of line. Dimitri says that if David helps him, all of Davidís problems will go away. Dimitri tells him that this is his last chance. Where is Alex? David still says that there is nothing that he can do to find Alex. He again repeats what he did and how he came to find out that Alex isnít around. David should still have the shipment, but he says that he doesnít. He got rid of it in a bin at the hospital. He didnít contact the police because he was experimenting with the drug and didnít want anymore trouble with the authorities. He says that he only had 4 doses of he drug and not enough to drug a boat full of people. Leslie comes in to see David and Dimitri warns him once more that he is not going to get away with this. He leaves and Leslie tells him that it is about time that she got some more Libidozone because it is time that Tad got another dose of the drug. David tells her to forget it. She tells him that if she canít get Tad back, she will have nothing else to lose. She gives him a deadline and tells him that if she doesnít get the drug from him, he will lose everything. Everyone will know the truth about him. He will also lose Dixie. She walks out. David agrees with her that someone has to take the fall. He thinks that it should be her.

Edmund is giving Brooke an update on how things are doing with the investigation into where Alex is. Laura comes in and tells Brooke that she is going on a date. Brooke is fascinated with that or pretends to be after she finds out that her date is with Leo. Laura runs up the stairs to get the things she needs and Brooke wishes Laura were going out with someone else besides Leo. Edmund doesnít understand Brooke pretending that she was happy that Leo was taking Laura out. He would have certainly handled it another way, if he didnít like the person that his daughter was dating. Laura comes downstairs and quickly leaves the room again, ranting about her date and having to get ready. Edmund tells Brooke that he would have done the opposite from what Brooke did. He likes her style in dealing with her teenaged daughter. Brooke understands Lauraís behavior because she was young too and her track record tells the story of her acting the very same way. She thinks that Leo is too young for Laura and he is too reckless. She thinks that Laura will make up her own mind about Leo and she can wait for that to happen. Brooke wouldnít know the perfect guy for Laura if she saw him. Eliot comes to the door and wants to speak to her. It is important. Edmund leaves and Eliot comes in. He tells her that he is going to another place to work. He will be at a youth center, That is a perfect fit for him. He will be missed at the community center. Brooke will make sure that things run smoothly at the community center. He went through these things a million times in his head. He is more grateful to her than he can ever say. She doesn't know what to say. She canít look at Eliot without thinking of her daughter dying. That is going to haunt her the rest of her life. She has to accept what has happened, she has to. She appreciates that he didnít run away from what he did. His remorse is real. This is something that has changed both of their lives. He has done a better job of changing. She wishes that she didnít cling to it, and she doesnít know if she will ever make peace with this, but she can give him some before he leaves. They both need it. As much as she can, Brooke forgives him. He is overwhelmed by her words. He is almost brought to tears. He thanks her for her kindness. He moves towards her, as if he is going to kiss her, but he doesnít. She is crying quietly and they just look for a moment at each other. He leaves the house and Brooke forever. Laura comes down in a dress trying to figure out what to wear for her date. She is wearing a sexy number with cleavage. Laura thinks that she should tone it down a bit and runs upstairs to change. Edmund returns and Brooke needs someone to talk to after her exchange with Eliot. Brooke never thought that life would be good for her. She always thought that life would be a crushing blow. She hasnít succeeded in any relationship that she has ever had. Laura returns first running down the stairs and then walking lightly like a lady. She is smartly dressed in a top and skirt. Her hair is very appealing and still there is more to do before the date, so she runs off to finish getting ready. She suspected that something funny was going on with her mother, but Brooke just laughs it off. Brooke jokingly asks Edmund to please tell Leo that her daughter is much too young for him and that Brooke is a force to be reckoned with. Edmund smiles at that. She walks him to the door and they joke about the crazy messes in life. Edmund opens that door and Leo is standing there. Edmund greets him as he is leaving and Brooke then lays down the law. She tells him that Laura is a very special girl and means then world to Brooke. She tells him that if anything happens to Laura, she will hunt him down. She knows where he lives. Laura comes down the stairs and Leo tells Brooke that she has a beautiful daughter.

Leo picks Gillian up from the floor of the boat. She was arguing with Greenlee and Gillian fell to the floor. There is some suspicion that Greenlee hit Gillian, but there is no proof that she did. Ryan arrives and demands to know what is going on. Gillian wakes up and she doesnít remember what has happened. She thinks that she should go and get a sandwich. She doesnít think that anything is wrong. Greenlee makes a really bad sarcastic remark about her falling over. Ryan asks Leo to take any calls that may come in for Gillian and Ryan leave and Greenlee expects an apology for Leo thinking that she went near Gillian and caused her to fall over. Leo thinks that his ideas are not that far off. He is not going to cut her any slack. He shouldnít be anywhere Greenlee. He promised Laura that he wouldnít be alone with Greenlee anymore. Well, Greenlee hates that. They were both outsiders and now Leo has a job and is straightening out his act and she hates that. Stan drops by to speak to Leo about his investment and how it is taking off. Greenleeís interest is peaked. Greenlee stands by and listens as Leo tells Stan that he wants to reinvest his winnings from the investment, but he does need about $1,000 for his date with Laura. Leo tells Stan to go ahead and put in the money again for even bigger winnings. He doesnít mind authorizing for Ryan. Stan leaves with the money and Leo calls a limo service to order a limo for him and Laura for their date that night. Leo leaves Greenlee standing watching after him. He has not time for her; he is going to get ready for his date. Greenlee still doesnít leave the boat. Now she is alone in the room thinking that she will not sit by and watch this happened. She picks up the phone and calls the limo service. She says that she is calling to confirm the date. Instead she gets the information that she needs. She finds out that they are going to be shopping first and then they are going to go on with the date. She doesnít think that is going to happen.

Ryan and Gillian are at the hospital. There seems to be a feeling by the hospital staff that Gillian may be pregnant. There was that one night on the boat during the party when Ryan made love with Gillian and Gillian made love with Jake. There was no time to use protection and that could have been the night that Gillian got pregnant. Gillian is sure that she isnít pregnant though and tells that to Ryan who seems to think that there is a possibility that she could be pregnant. She has just been examined and they are waiting for the results of the test that should tell them what made her pass out.

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