All My Children Update Wednesday 1/24/01


All My Children Update Wednesday 1/24/01

By Shauna

Leslie's Hotel Room Tad goes to see Leslie and kiss her the minute he comes in the door. Leslie pulls away from Tad and asks him what is going on. Tad Tells Leslie that he left Dixie and that his marriage is completely over. Leslie asks about Dixie and what happened. Tad tells Leslie that the marriage got tired. Leslie tells Tad he was very mean to her and that he is apologizing to him. Leslie asks if he wants to be with her. Tad says Dr. Hayward wouldn't mind when he set the whole thing up.

David's Office Dr. Palmer goes to see David about harming Dixie. Palmer says that he heard about the tussle in the lobby. Palmer says that a little boy going to see a grown man and Drag him on a chair and tells him to leave his mother alone is telling something. Palmer tells David to stay away from Dixie. Palmer leaves...

Studio Mateo brings Hayley a cup of Coffee. Hayley tells Mateo that she doesn't know how the scarf got in her room and why she freaked out over the video tape. Hayley says her mom is raging a war that she can't fight. Mateo tells Hayley that he is going to take her away for a little bit.

Yacht Laura stops by to get her camera and runs into Gillian and tells that Leo offered her a job to take pictures but Greenlee showed up. Gillian asks Laura if Greenlee is still in there. Laura tells Gillian that she thinks that Greenlee is still in there. Gillian says that as long as she is on the yacht Greenlee is not to step foot on the yacht. Gillian pounds on the door while Leo asks Greenlee why he did that.

David's Office David's mother tells David that he should never talk to palmer that way and that he is never going to act the way he did again. David's mother leaves to go smooth things over with palmer.

Leslie's Hotel Tad asks Leslie if she can get some of the labetazone and starts to kiss her. Leslie tells Tad that she wants him. Tad asks Leslie to give him a truthful answer and ask about David and that Labetazone. Leslie tells tad why he has David on his mind. Tad tells Leslie that he wants David out of his head for good.

Yacht Gillian finally gets in and Tells Leo and Greenlee that Greenlee is not allowed on the boat. Gillian tells Greenlee to get out and Greenlee refuses to get off. Greenlee asks Leo to says something and Leo asks where that plank is. Laura says she can't watch this and Leo leaves with Laura. Greenlee tries to go after Leo but Gillian stops her.

Hotel Room Mateo tries to comfort Hayley and tells Hayley that a doctor gave him sleeping pills to give to Hayley to help her sleep. Hayley tells Mateo that she doesn't need it. Mateo brings over Apple cider and Hayley asks Mateo to go get some Ice. Mateo puts their cups on a table and leaves with the ice bucket. Someone puts the sleeping pills in Mateo's glass.

David's Office A bear comes in with a big bunch of balloons. It happens to be Gordan the lab guy and he is mad. He tells David that he went to his computer and it is wrapped up in police tape. Gordan threatens David that he is going to spill the beans. David ask Gordan what happened. Gordan tells David that someone made it look like it was all Gordan's fault and everyone thinks Gordan switched the lab tests. Gordan says he is sick of everyone blaming him and him not having any friends.

Leslie's Hotel Leslie finds out that Tad is setting him up in a trap and so she tells tad that David had nothing to do with them making love and her liking Tad. Leslie goes overboard and gets really mad and orders Tad to get out of her room.

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