All My Children Update Tuesday 1/23/01


All My Children Update Tuesday 1/23/01

By Glynis

Leo is trying to break a lock on one of the doors on the boat when Laura walks up behind him. She thinks that she can help. She takes a little wire out and kneels in front of the door. She opens it and Leo is flabbergasted. She has actually come for a job with There is no budget for that. They can't pay her, but if she doesn't mind working for free in an elegant working environment and getting the occasional massage, she can work there. He takes her into his room and gives her a massage on the bed. As he is doing that, Greenlee arrives and sees them together. She isn't happy and knocks on the open door to announce her arrival. She demands that they get off the bed. She doesn't believe that Laura wants a job, she just wants to get with Leo. Leo tells her to beat it. She tells him that he owes her money and she wants it now. He poured a Bloody Mary all over Greenlee at the restaurant and she wants to be compensated for it. Leo ignores her and gets back to Laura offering her the job. She gives him a card made up with her numbers. They agree to work together and she leaves refusing to go for a drink at that exact time. Greenlee tells her to be careful walking off the boat. Greenlee stays on the boat after Leo tells her that he has work to do. He rips up her bill and tells her that she needs to leave. He knows that she just wants his attention and he doesn't give it to her. She demands to get the money and says that she will leave. He can't believe that she wants him to think that $13.50 for dry-cleaning will really get her out of his life. He digs out the change and pays her with his last dime. She didn't think that he was broke and looks sorry taking his money from him. She refuses to take the money because he needs it more than she does. He tells her to take it, but she won't. She admits that she just wanted to see him. She hates him for making her feel that way. She isn't ready to give up on him. She made some mistakes. He doesn't think that almost killing Laura is a mistake. He can't give her unconditional love. She wants him to admit that he thinks of her sometimes. He does think of her like heartburn. He runs off a list of things that she has done. She is jealous all the time. She is petty. He thought that she was going to become a better person. Laura is smart and pretty and so is Greenlee, but she is not kind. She thinks that honesty is over-rated. She tells him that they will never be over. She keeps getting in his face and he wanted her to stop crying for attention. He wants her to go find someone else to stalk. She gets angry and tells him that she never wants to see him again. She reaches for the door handle and it breaks off in her hand. The door is locked and Greenlee freaks out. She stands back and runs to the door thinking that she can break it open. She can't and she ends up hurting her shoulder from banging into it. He tries to massage it to make it feel better and they end up kissing.

David arrives at the hospital thinking that Dixie has left him a message. She hasn't. If she calls, he wants to hear from her right away. He goes into his office and turns to see Tad standing there very upset. Tad has been waiting for him. David immediately tries to explain what Dixie needs. It really hurts David that they are so committed to each other. Tad tells David that he never had an affair. Tad has finally figured it out. David was the one that orchestrated the whole thing to ruin his marriage to Dixie. Tad has been thinking about the whole thing and it always comes back to David. There is no proof. Leslie and David go back a ways. Tad grabs David's chest. David doesn't stop him and Tad knows that David wants to be hit so that he will go crying to Dixie. Even the episode on the boat tells the story of David's betrayal. David made sure that Leslie was on the boat the night of the party so that he would appear to have slept with her. David thinks that Tad is being ridiculous. How long is Dixie going to believe in David after she finds out that David has been deceiving her. Tad wouldn't put it past David to drug Dixie as well to get her to be with him. Tad is sure that Dixie resisted David as long as she could. David had to find Dixie's Achilles heel to get her to be with him. David tells him again that their marriage is over because of Tad himself. He is the one that cheated on his wife. David told Tad that he would not interfere in her marriage. Tad doesn't believe that. He thinks that David is making more out of his time with Dixie than there was. David tells him that at the Crystal Ball, he was one step away from being with Dixie, actually making love to her. She was devastated by Tad's behavior. David heard everything that Tad did to her. She told him all about it. She was the one that made love to David. It was the sweetest night of his life. Tad punches David in he jaw. Tad has lost her and David thinks that he never even deserved her. Tad tells him that he is not going to lose her to a bastard like David.

Haley is still walking around thinking that she is Arlene. She has gone to the wave and finds videotape that she inserts into the VCR. She is speaking as she inserts the tape; "Your mama is going to teach you a lesson that you will never forget." As she is finished inserting the tape, Mateo's voice is heard, "Haley! Are you hear?" Haley/Arlene turns towards the voice, terrified. He walks onto the set and finds Liza and some crew with her. They are going on live as per Haley's request. Mateo has some concerns about her behavior. She doesn't know what Haley wants to do, but she is available for it. He hasn't been able to find Haley. Haley appears on the set looking like her. She says that she just wanted to do a little work so she came in early. She didn't wake him because he looked so peaceful. Liza leaves to get their guest for the show. Mateo sees a scarf that Haley is wearing and as Haley looks down at the scarf, she sees that it is Arlene's. They try to figure out a reason for her to be wearing the scarf. Haley doesn't want to worry about it; she takes it off and throws it away. She meets with the guest that is going to appear on the show that day. Liza tells Mateo that the guest has written a book called, &'Living With Guilt'. Liza thinks that this may not be a good idea. She doesn't have a good idea about this show. She may be in need of professional help. The show starts with Dr. Howard Brody. Haley thinks that he is so important that she is dedicating the entire hour to her guest. The guest explains the feeling of guilt and living with guilt. To get rid of guilt, to deal with consequences, etc. The results of not dealing with guilt are huge. Communicating your feelings is important. His advice to a guilty person is to deal with conflicting responsibilities. Haley gets a little out of control, almost shouting at the doctor, "Shouldn't people that are guilty pay for what they have done?" The doctor is now looking at Haley curiously. Liza and Mateo are offstage watching, knowing that Haley is in some sort of trouble, but not knowing what they should do. She thinks that people should confess for their own good. Liza starts making the sign to stop the recording of the live show. The doctor is getting increasingly uncomfortable. The doctor has a tape that he would like to show her that shows what he is talking about. He starts the tape and it is of Haley and Arlene arguing. Haley freaks out and wants to know why Arlene is doing this to her. She gets up and starts freaking out. She shouts, "What are you doing? Where are you Arlene? Get out here." The doctor speaks with Liza and tells her that Haley needs a professional and fast. He understands, but would really like his tape returned. He walks off and Security is running around and Liza finds out that there is no way that Arlene could have gotten on the set. Haley is telling Mateo that her mother is trying to get her to see herself for what she really is. She is trying to get Haley to drink and ruin her life like her mother did. She is sure that Arlene is going to be everywhere that Haley goes. She thinks that she has blown her show. Mateo thinks that they should go on a trip, but she refuses to leave town. Liza tells Mateo that Arlene is playing invisible great. Haley overhears them talking as she is off to the side of the set. Mateo and Liza discuss Arlene not being as smart as she has been acting. Haley walks up and apologizes for the way that the show went. Haley can't take anymore of this. Mateo brings up the both of them going away on a trip again, but Haley doesn't look all that thrilled at the idea. He smells something funny and realizes that she reeks of Arlene's perfume. Mateo knows now exactly what is going on.

Tad goes to visit Leslie who is sitting around in her negligee. She panics at him being there and tells him that she will call the police. He grabs her neck and kisses her passionately. She likes that and kisses him back.

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