All My Children Update Monday 1/22/01


All My Children Update Monday 1/22/01

By Shauna

Yacht Ryan picks Gillian up and carries her to the bed room because it was her first day of work and now it is over. Gillian and Ryan talk about her first day.

Adam's House Lieutenant Derrick questions Adam about Arlene and why they are not letting Hayley talk. Derrick wants to talk to Hayley and ask questions to Arlene about the stolen necklace.

Bar Arlene is playing around with a guy and hears her necklace chime she jumps up and says she needs to finish it between her and her daughter.

Yacht Gillian Counts her tips on the bed and Ryan tells Gillian that she wont have to do that much longer because he has a good business deal going on.

Dixie's House Dixie comes home and Junior asks what is going on between her and tad. Dixie tells junior that she will tell him after Tad and her work it out. Junior asks if they are going to move because he has a band now and he doesn't want to go to some small school. Dixie tells him no. Junior asks them if they still love each other and Tad tells him yes and Dixie agrees. Dixie tells Junior that they love him and junior says that he is not worried about that that he is worried about them. Junior leaves to his friends and tad starts to pack. Dixie asks him what he is doing. Tad tells her that she told him to leave before she got back. Dixie says that she takes it back and she doesn't want him to leave. Tad tells her that they will have to be tip toeing to around each other. Dixie says she cant get past what happened in the past. Tad tells Dixie what is going to happen when she thinks that he has infidelity she will go out and commit it herself.

Yacht Ryan and Gillian talk about where they are going to get married and about their wedding plans. Gillian talks how they met and snuck around each other.

Bar The PI Goes around with a picture of Arlene asking if anyone has seen her and shows a picture of Arlene. Adam stops him and starts to talk to him.

Yacht Ryan asks Gillian what is wrong and Gillian says that she is really tired and half asleep.

Tad and Dixie's House Tad continues to pack and Dixie watches. Tad tells Dixie that he will call as soon as he finds a place. Dixie picks up their wedding picture.

Restaurant Junior goes to see Dr. Hayward and tells him to leave hi mother alone.

Bar Adam tells the PI to find Arlene before the police do.

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