All My Children Update Friday 1/12/01


All My Children Update Thursday 1/12/01

By Shauna

Yacht Leo and Laura practice their screaming abilities.

Dimitri's House Erica and Dimitri talk about Erica and Bianca's relationship. Dimitri tells Erica that they can't hide in the past. Erica asks Dimitri if it has occurred to him that Alex may not want to come back or be found.

Leslie's Apartment Tad comes barging through the door and finds his clothes in Leslie's closet and his and Dixie's picture altered, with Leslie's picture in Dixie's place.

David's Apartment Dixie tells David that if Tad admits to sleeping with Leslie and that her marriage was over.

Yacht Leo and Laura talk about the future, meaning more than just the weekend. Leo tells her that he thought his destiny was to marry a wealthy woman and that would be it, but he doesn't want to fallow in his mother's footsteps. Laura says that the walls around her are higher than the ones in China.

David's Apartment Dixie tells David that she looks like a fool after telling David that her marriage was solid as a rock and that they loved each other unconditionally. David tells Dixie that no one could have known that this would happen. David tells Dixie that a man who does that to his wife is a fool.

Dimitri's House Dimitri tells Erica that it is not Erica's business to know about their marriage problems. Erica tells him that Alex may not come back because Edmund and Dimitri were always at each others throats, fighting over Alex. Erica tells Dimitri that the night of the yacht party she told Alex to leave Edmund and Dimitri alone and to let them be good brothers instead of breaking them apart.

Leslie's Apartment Tad grabs a hold of Leslie's neck and says that he told Leslie to leave him alone, and that he loved Dixie. Leslie asks Tad why he is doing this. Tad tells Leslie that she wants him too. Tad says as far as Leslie and Tad are going to get is in the picture and that Leslie is going to help him get his life back.

David's apartment Dixie says that she saw all the signs in New York and instead turned to David. David tells Dixie that what they did is not the same thing as having an affair. Dixie wonders how many after noons that he left during the afternoon and then came home and lied to her and make love to her. Dixie says that she wonders if he told Leslie the same stories and made love the same way. David tells Dixie that he is going to take away the pain and show her what she needs.

Dimitri's House Dimitri asks Erica why she did what she did and what gave her the right to leave town. Erica says that she only gave Alex a suggestion to leave town.

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