All My Children Update Wednesday 1/10/01


All My Children Update Wednesday 1/10/01

By Shauna

Hotel Dixie waits outside the hotel while listening to Tad and Leslie talk about their relationship. Dixie takes it wrong when she hears Tad tell Leslie to stay away from Dixie and that he does not want Dixie knowing anything about the two of them.

Greenlee's Place Leo tells Greenlee's father to quit bossing his daughter around. Greenlee tells Leo to back off. Leo tells Roger to shut up and that Leo knows Greenlee better than he does.

Adams House Liza tells Adam that they might not be able to rule out the fact that Arlene was still alive. Adam said she had no pulse when he threw her overboard. Adam tells Liza that there is no chance that she is alive.

Arlene's Place Hayley and Mateo go to Arlene's place and see that it is been gone through. Hayley tells Mateo that Arlene is still alive.

David's Place David tells Dixie that it is a possibility that she mistaken. Dixie tells David that Tad told Leslie that he does not want Dixie finding out what happened between Tad and Leslie. David tells Dixie that he does not want to know. Dixie tells David that she needs him. David tells Dixie that he can't sit and hold her hand while her marriage falls apart.

Greenlee's Place Roger tells Greenlee that they are going to the airport. Leo tells Roger to open his eyes and see that his daughter only wants attention and love. Roger tells Leo to stay out of their family business. Leo figures out that Roger was taking money from Greenlee's trust fund.

Adams House Liza tells Adam to be patient and understand that if someone saw that he threw Arlene off they would have called the police. Tad stopped and asked Liza to help him and his wife before he loses her for good.

David's House Dixie calls the hotel. The hotel tells Dixie that they do not know a Leslie and that it is registered to Tad Martin. Dixie goes running out of David's hotel room to Leslie's, and sees a guy drop off some perfume for her. Leslie tells the delivery man that it was so thoughtful of her man to give that to her.

Adams House Liza tells Tad to tell Dixie the truth and that it was hard for Dixie to tell Tad that she kissed David. Tad tells Liza that it hurt Dixie so bad when Liza and him had an affair.

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