All My Children Update Tuesday 1/9/01


All My Children Update Tuesday 1/9/01

By Glynis

Greenlee is at home making herself look when Leo comes over to see her. She tells him that now is not a good time to visit. He walks in and she tells him that she has a meeting. He goes to pick up things around the apartment. She doesnít want to tell him why it is she wants him to leave so badly. He suddenly becomes very interested in what is going on and asks her. He figures that she has a date. As he is walking out, someone comes to the door. Greenlee tries to stop him leaving through the front door. Leo peeps through the peephole and sees a man that looks very rich. Leo wants to know who it is, but Greenlee doesnít tell him anything. She pushes him out the backdoor. Greenlee lets the man in and he tells her that they donít have much time. Greenlee rushes into his arms, happily. Without Greenlee knowing, Leo hasnít left. He peeks at the two hugging in the living room over some plants, mystified as to who the gentleman is. The man is her father. He is telling her that he canít trust her and she canít have another chance. Leo jumps out from behind the plants and introduces himself to Greenleeís father. He tells him hat he is everything that Greenlee said he was. Greenlee is horrified. Her father has come to take her away. He tells her to go and get her passport. He wants her to leave immediately. They want her to take over their place in Geneva. She will have a companion in Geneva and she can think over her life there. Greenlee refuses to leave. Her father tells her that she will risk losing her money. He tells her that they leave in 2 hours. He will meet her in an hour at the airport. Leo slams the door before he leaves and tells him that he should sit down for a minute before he leaves.

Stewart has just told everyone at Liza and Adamís wedding that he knows that Arlene is still alive. He thought that she was just there in spirit, but now he knows that she was there all the time. Someone named Naomi has seen Arlene. She is the part-time employee that works for him at the gallery. Some lady came in and sounded like Arlene. He describes the lady that came in and Stewart is sure that it was Arlene. The woman said enough to make him think that it was Arlene. When asked if she needed help, the woman told Naomi, "Sweetie, Iím fine." Liza feels that the wedding that the wedding should be cancelled. Hayley believes that Stewart is correct. She remembers smelling Arleneís perfume as if she was recently in the room. Now Hayley thinks that she really has to find her mother. Mateo tells Hayley that what she is thinking is not true. Hayley thinks that it might be very well true. Junior questions what is going on and Hayley tells him that everyone was talking about Arlene possibly being back in town. He is sorry, but he thinks that everyone was happy that Arlene went to Europe. Hayley thinks that if her mother is alive. Things will be different. They will all start with a new beginning. Liza comes in and tells everyone that even though there is no wedding, they can all have cake. Junior is sad that the wedding is not going to happen, he goes to check on the baby. Liza and Adam decide to send the judge away. Liza canít help but think that every time that they are ready to do something good, Arlene comes in and ruins it. She is sure that Arlene is going to want to cause everyone trouble once she comes back. How are they ever going to rid themselves of Arlene?

Tad is home looking for Dixie. He wants to know where his wedding ring is. He calls for her throughout the house, but gets no answer.

Leslie is in her room humming the Wedding March to herself. She is putting on Tadís wedding ring and smiling to herself. Outside the door, David catches up with Dixie right as she is going to knock ion the door. She tells David that Tad told her what has been happening. Leslie has been harassing them and now Dixie wants to deal with her personally. David tries to talk her out of it. He tells her that she should think about what she is doing first. Leslie hears the talking outside her door and listens up close to the door. David tells her that he is worried about her. There are things that she is not facing. Leslie walks over and gets her phone. She calls Tad and he picks up the phone in his bedroom. Leslie tells him hat Dixie is outside her hotel door with someone and it sounds like she is looking for trouble.

Stewart is telling Marion that Arlene must be alive. Marion is tactfully trying to make him understand that Arlene would be a fool to return to Pine Valley. Stewart thinks that Arlene doesnít want to come back because she is afraid of being caught with the necklace. Liza asks Stewart to take Junior home. They are trying to get Stewart out of the room so that they can talk. He tells them that they are all acting a little weird. He goes for Junior and they leave the house. Adam tells Marion to leave as well. Stewart leaves messages for Hayley to give to Arlene when she comes back. Hayley tells him that she will do that. The three leave the house. Mateo goes straight for Adam. He is sure that Adam did something to make Arlene appear to be alive. Mateo canít put his mind around it. Hayley canít take the arguing and shouts for the men to stop talking while she holds her head with her hands. Liza is not sure now that Arlene is dead. Adam is sure that she is dead. He tells her that she is just feeling guilty. She is feeling bad because she is going to get married and she is feeling guilty. Adam thinks about Arlene all the time, but there is nothing that can be done about it now. There is no way that Arlene can get between them anymore. She agrees with him that Stewart may have misunderstood something. The maid walks is frantic. Something has happened in the kitchen. Some helpers bring in the wedding cake behind her. It has been smashed, just like at Haley's wedding. Liza says, "ÖArleneÖ" They try to figure out who came in to the room. The maid is sure that someone came in from outside to damage the cakes. Adam thinks that someone is lying about the cake. Hayley is sure that Arlene is the one that smashed the cake. Adam has the staff remove the cake from the room. Hayley canít understand why no one can admit that Arlene is the one that smashed the cake. Mateo tries to take her home, but she wants to talk about it some more. Adam assures her that there is a simple explanation and they are going to get to the bottom of it. On the way out, Hayley and Mateo run into Marion who has returned to talk about Arlene some more. Liza tells her that their wedding cake has been smashed. She immediately understands the significance of that. She wonders if Adam was the one that did it. Adam is offended for a minute. They think that maybe there is someone pretending to be Arlene. Marion thinks that there is someone else that they can suspect. She thinks that it is Vanessa Courtland. They all seem to understand how that could have happened. Marion tells her that the only friend that Vanessa had was Arlene. Marion tells her of the last conversation that she had with Vanessa. Apparently, Marion let out some information about Arlene, and they donít know exactly wants to do harm to them.

Tad arrives at Leslieís hotel room. Before she opens the door, she takes off the wedding ring and then she opens the door. Tad demands to know where Dixie is. He grabs her frantically as if he is going to shake her and he demands to know what she has done. She tells Tad that she has someone in her room that she has to take care of. She refuses to let him into her room. He will not take no for an answer and he demands that she let him into the room. He thinks that Dixie is in her room and she is trying to hide her. She tells him that she is leaving soon and has lots of things going for her. She tells him that if he wants to find his wife, he needs to go somewhere else, because Dixie isnít there. Tad leaves.

David has Dixie in Davidís room in the hotel up the hall from Leslie. She doesnít know what she is going to do. He thinks that he is the only person that can help her. She is distraught. She tells him that Tad says that Leslie has a fixation on him. It is one-sided. She didnít believe him, but now her fears are coming to the surface. She knows that he cheated before and maybe he will do it again. David suggested that maybe he hasnít cheated. She thinks that she knows what her problem is. She thinks that her problem has to do with the real threat to her marriage, and that is her feelings for David. She tells him of her evidence of an affair between them. The phone calls, the lipstick on his collar. She recalls being with David at the Ball and kissing him. She is feeling guilty. She is causing trouble where there isnít any. Leslie is leaving town and there is nothing going on. Dixie needs to take a step back and take a breath before she does anything. She knows that Tad is not perfect, she isnít either. David thinks that there is nothing standing between her and her marriage. Dixie thinks that she should go now. He stops her long enough to tell her goodbye. She leaves the room.

Tad has returned to Leslieís room. He canít find Dixie anywhere. As he is talking to Leslie, Dixie walks up the hallway and hides when she hears them talking. She hears Leslie saying, "If Dixie finds out about us, it wonít be from me."

Hayley and Mateo arrive home to find their house destroyed. Everything has been turned over in the house. The furniture, lamps, and the couch have all been disturbed. Hayley just turns towards Mateo who just hugs her tightly. They start to look around the room and Hayley finds a flask. She picks it up and inspects it. She tells Mateo, "This flaskÖThis is Arleneís flask."

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