All My Children Update Monday 1/8/01


All My Children Update Monday 1/8/01

By Glynis

Mateo and Hayley are discussing her getting ready for her fatherís marriage. She realizes that her feelings have changed. She shows him the necklace that she had given her mother years ago, and she tells him the story of how she came to give it to her and how Arlene kept it all this time. She tells him that the best part of Arlene is inside her. She is not sure of forgiveness, but she has hope that she can move on and be the best person that she can be.

Marian has the housekeeper burning sage in the house to get house of Arleneís bad vibrations. Liza thinks the whole thing is silly. She doesnít feel any better about the situation as it is. She thought that she had come to terms with everything, she feels that she canít get married under these circumstances. Liza is canceling her wedding because she thinks the whole thing is ghoulish. Marian tries to change her mind. She is happy that Arlene is gone. Arlene was a human being, but Liza canít go through with this. Hayley and Mateo arrive and try to talk Liza into being married. Adam and the judge also arrive and try as well to convince Liza about the wedding. They hear Colby cry, and Adam asks Mateo and Hayley to go and see the child. Marian takes the judge into the other room for some brandy. Liza tells Adam that she canít play the happy bride. He agrees. He tells her that they just have to continue on as if things are all right. Adam is sure that together they can conquer the world. Liza is sure that she canít marry him that day. He wants to know when then. Liza is afraid. He asks her to trust in what they have. He thinks that Colby deserves to have a family. He tries to convince her that nothing will ever defeat them. "Marry me." He says. She acquiesces. They hug.

Laura and Bianca are at school when Dixieís son comes over to tell her that she had a lot of guts doing what she did at the Crystal Ball. Bianca thinks that things are fine right now. The reporter walks in and has his camera with him. He is kidding with the kids as he walks over to Bianca. The kids tell him to get lost. The reporter starts with all his questions. He asks how everyone feels being friends with a famous lesbian. A boy tries to kick him out, but he attacks them all. The kids grab a hold of him and drag him over to a locker and try to push him in. Bianca canít believe that the kids are sticking up for her that way. She looks on slightly amused. A teacher comes and stops the kids pushing him into the locker. The reporter demands that something be done about his trouble. She demands that he remove himself from the premises. He thinks that the public has a right to know and he tells everyone that he will be back. The teacher understands their behavior and decides not to give the kids a detention. Bianca is okay and thanks the teacher for the help. She thanks everyone. The kids are fine with her being the way that she is. The kids are all talking about the incident with the reporter. Shannon happens to insult Bianca. Not all the kids are like her. Shannon walks off with her friend, but the other 2 girls that were with her tell her that there is nothing to worry about. Laura tells her that people are dealing with the issue. Not like Erica. Erica thinks that she would like her to be an air-brushed, boy magnet and she has been trying to fix her every since.

Erica is taking calls about her work when Dimitri comes to visit. She is very happy to see him. Dimitri was in the area with the police trying to figure out where Alex is. Erica wanted to return his coat and gloves. He is glad to see that she is doing fine. She thinks that everything has been terrific. She didnít talk to her daughter the night before, and hasnít seen her that morning. She left before Bianca had to get up. Dimitri is shocked that Erica hasnít take care to speak to her daughter. Dimitri is shocked to think out that she is avoiding her daughter. Erica denies that she has been avoiding her daughter, she has been trying to take care of her company. Bianca threw everything in Ericaís face the night before. Dimitri tries to look at things from Biancaís point of view. She promises that she has tried everything to make Bianca deal with this thing behind closed doors. She likes the idea of discretion. She is only 16 years old. Bianca has refused to see the therapist, but she tells all to the town. Erica doesnít know how to deal with that. She takes a call and finds out that she has a function and she doesn't want to face the public. She canít do it alone. She asks him to escort her to the event. He tells her that he will be glad to help her out. She promises that it will be fun. He asks her to get her coat. He has a surprise for her. They leave the office.

Leslie is in Tadís bedroom. She walks from place to place touching things and picking things up. Smelling his cologne and other items in the room. She goes into his closet and looks at his shirts and jackets. She smells them and rubs them. She is feeling very attached by touching his things. She takes one of his ties and then hears someone coming to the room. It is Dixie. She is mad as hell. She takes her things and throws them to the floor. Leslie has hidden in the closet and is hiding. Dixie almost goes into the closet, but Tad calls for her to tell her that he is home. She doesnít enter the closet, but he does walk in and sees her things on the floor. She is being very strange with him. He tells her that he is home early and wants to tell her why, but she doesnít want top know about it. She confronts him about having lunch with Leslie. He admits it. She wants to know why he didnít tell her the truth. He tells her that he wanted to get rid of her and he did. He promises her that Leslie is out of their lives forever. Leslie is in the closet listening and winding his tie around and around her hands in the manner that one would use to strangle someone. Leslie hears them talk about the favor that Liza has done for them. She arranged for Leslie to be leaving. Dixie is shocked to find out that Liza knows about Leslie and that Tad has been keeping more secrets. Tad thought that they could celebrate. That is the real reason that he came home early. He is feeling lucky and begs for her forgiveness. He promises that there will be no more secrets. He thinks that she is perfection and they kiss heartily. She suggests that they go into the shower together. They start taking their clothes off and talk to each other in cute, funny voices. Leslie listens to the both of them and when it is safe, she leaves the closet and on the way out, sprays herself with some "Alluring" cologne. She leaves and Dixie rushes out in a towel thinking that Junior had come into the room. Tad shouts for her and she returns to the shower.

Erica and Dimitri show up at the high school. Erica walks over to Bianca and Laura and calls Biancaís name. Bianca turns surprised to see her mother standing there. Dimitri tells Bianca that she wants her to be gentle with her mother. Laura has left and Dimitri does the same. Erica remarks that she made it to school. She thought that today Bianca would have taken the day off. Erica thinks that they do have to talk about the night before. Bianca agrees. Erica tells her that she is waiting for an apology. Bianca looks at her stunned. She explains why she made her announcement at the Ball. Erica wants to know what Bianca was thinking. Bianca couldnít do what Erica wanted. Just then, Shannon and her boyfriend walk up and tell Erica that she bought a bottle of Ericaís perfume and she loves it. All the boys love it and she thinks that Erica is a genius. Erica tells her that she is exactly what Erica is looking for since Bianca has decided that she isnít interested in doing the campaign. Erica tells Shannon that they have to leave so that they can talk about the job. Bianca calls to her, but Erica tells her that they will talk later. She walks off with Shannon in tow.

Dixie and Tad are in bed together after making love and hug and peck each other lightly. Tad leaves the room and the phone rings. Dixie answers and there is no one there. It is just Leslie listeningÖ Leslie just hangs up. Dixie hangs up and makes a call. She redials the number and finds that it is the hotel. She pretends that she is a sister of Leslieís and gets her room number, #909. Dixie hangs up and says to herself that it is time to deal with her.

Tad returns and finds that Dixie is gone. He puts his watch on and starts thinking. He notices that his wedding ring is gone and wonders about that.

In her room, Leslie is sitting on her bed wearing Tadís wedding ring. She looks at the picture on her table. The picture with Dixieís face cut out and her face pasted over. She takes Tadís credit card again and orders a bottle of Alluring perfume to be delivered to her room. Outside the room, Dixie arrives at door number 909.

At the Chandler residence, all are getting ready for the wedding to take place. Adam kisses Liza gently and she puts a flower in Adamís sonís lapel. She couldnít think of a better best man. He is happy that they are getting married. The baby is upstairs and they will bring her down later. Stewart arrives and tells them all that he has big news. He tells them that Arlene is back in town. All stop in their tracks.

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