All My Children Update Friday 1/5/01


All My Children Update Thursday 1/5/01

By Glynis

Dixie is making the bed and decides to search Tadís things, when Gillian comes upstairs to get Dixie for their brunch. She tells Gillian that she thinks that there is something really wrong involving Tad. She tells her about the lipstick. Gillian thinks that Dixie can trust Tad, but not Leslie. Leslie would go after anyone that she thinks is worthy. Gillian thinks that she should have a talk with Leslie. Gillian wants to help. David asked Dixie if she thought that Tad was being faithful. Gillian canít believe that Dixie would let David convince her that something is wrong with her marriage. Gillian is going to set out to prove that nothing is wrong with her marriage. She leaves right away.

Tad is meeting with Liza at a restaurant. He tells her that his life is a disaster because of Leslie. She ambushes him everywhere he turns. Liza is stunned to hear the news. She has been trying to get involved with his family and friends. He is afraid that Dixie is going to find out about Leslie. Liza tells him that he has to get rid of Leslie immediately. Tad is shocked at what he is hearing. She just suggested a few things to see how frantic he really is. She tells him that she is ambitious, so Tad needs to come up with a great idea that will take her to another planet. Liza thinks that she should be the one to take care of it. Behind her, unknown to Liza and Tad, Leslie has walked in and sees them talking together.

Leo is having breakfast on the boat. He is eating caviar and getting service from the staff on the boat. The servant is glad to have something to do for a change. Leo has made a list of things that he wants, and the servant has already gotten everything on the list. Leo wants to take the boat out for a cruise and Ryan walks in very sarcastic about Leo taking liberties on the boat. Leo is wearing Ryanís jacket and eating caviar, and Ryan canít believe that. He reminds him that someone is paying for this. Adam actually pays for things, but not Ryanís personal expenses. Leo excuses the Stavros the servant. Ryan tells him that Leo will not be there long. Ryan doesnít understand what the matter is with Leo. Leo just wanted something to eat. Ryan tells him to wake up. He came close to bankruptcy recently and he doesnít appreciate the way that Leo is treating him. Adam walks in and looks around. He asks Ryan if this is his idea of being frugal? He tells Ryan that he was leasing office space to someone else. He is getting Ryan another space without an unlimited budget. He wants Ryan to earn his perks. He tells Ryan that he is going to work for him until he pays off his sizeable investment. Adam wants him to work from the boat. Ryan doesnít want to do that. Adam is sending the computer equipment over for him to start working from the boat. Adam will be getting married to Liza that day, and he will be busy. Ryan thinks that is ironic that he is getting married, while he is getting shafted. He leaves. Leo tells him that Ryan is perfectly justified in what he just did. He thinks that he can help. He thinks that he can help Ryan get the money that he needs. He tells him that this is not the time to buckle. He wants him to be bold and think big. Ryan doesnít believe anything that he is saying. Ryan needs to get control of his company. Leo tries to get him understand that bankers are not going to come to his rescue. Leo thinks that he is good at charming rich people, but Ryan thinks that Leo is tricking him. He doesnít want to hire Leo. Leo tells him that he is oozing charm and he is an excellent yes man. Ryan tells him that he can stay for now. He better not regret this and no more room service. Leo agrees to the terms and they shake hands. Ryan orders him to take off the robe. It belongs to him not Leo.

Stewart arrives at Arleneís home. There is loud music playing. He lets himself in and finds Hayley there. They both scare each other. Stewart turns the music down. She tells him that she is there because she hasnít been sleeping, and she thought that if she went to her motherís place, she would feel better. It helped a little bit. She canít believe that her mother left so much behind. Hayley starts to cry. She thinks that her mother was a twisted person, but she deserved better. Stewart agrees. Hayley wants to give her another chance. Stewart knows that she wants to give her mother another chance. Stewart has been paying for the room for Arlene until she comes back. Hayley tells him that he doesnít understandÖ He canít save the room for her. She cries on his shoulder. Stewart tries to make Hayley feel better about things. He thinks that he will get Arlene on the phone and that will make Hayley feel better. He grabs the phone and starts to dial. Hayley slams the phone down and tells him that no one is ever going to talk to Arlene again. She tries to cover her tracks by saying that she wasnít thinking. She says that no matter how she tries, she will never be able to get through to her. Stewart doesnít buy the Amsterdam stuff. He thinks that Arlene is closer than they think. He thinks that Arlene is with them in spirit. She is also alive in Hayley. He doesnít think that Arlene will be staying away for long. He doesnít know if Arlene took Vanessaís necklace or not, but he is sure that she will be back. The best of Arlene is alive in Hayley and when she comes back, she will come back to make amends and show that she can do the right thing. Hayley thanks him for what he has said to help her. He hopes that she feels better. She does. He thinks that they should leave her things until she comes back. Stewart is the kindest person that she has ever met. He will keep paying the rent, because if it weren't for Arlene, he wouldnít have Hayley in his life. Hayley finds a Christmas present that she gave to her mother when she was very young. Her mother still kept it even thought she stopped wearing it. This makes Hayley very happy. He tells her that they have to go because Adam is getting married. She tells him that she drove her car, and she will be along soon. He leaves her there. She puts the necklace on and sits on the bed.

Jake is at the hospital when David walks in and demands that Jake tell him what is going on. Apparently, he is being audited. There is an investigation as to whether or not David was the one that caused the drugging of the party on the boat. David thinks that this is a waste of money and he is going to let the board know that the money is being misused. Jake walks away from him. Once alone, David listens again to the tape that could cause him to have grief. He decides that the tape cannot be left hanging around as it will hang him. He immediately pulls the tape out of the machine and begins destroying it. Just then, Dixie walks in and asks him what he is doing. She wants answers from him about Leslie she asks if David saw Tad kiss Leslie. She tells him that she isnít free to come to him because she is married. If they get together, it is not going to be because he shattered her marriage. He refuses to say anymore about it. Dixie leaves right away. He smiles to himself at how clever he has been.

Gillian walks into the lobby of the hotel and finds Leslie. The have a talk about feelings and hiding things. Leslie tells Gillian that she knows how she feels because she too is involved with a married man. Just then, her phone rings and she finds out that it is Tad telling her that he needs to meet her right away. She agrees to meet him. She hangs up and tells Gillian that she has to meet her man. She walks off leaving Gillian to think that Dixie might not be imagining things at all.

Leslie arrives at the restaurant for her meeting with Tad. She is glad that he called her. She tells him that she doesnít want to be treated badly. When she grabbed him, he panicked and that brought out the nasty part of him. He apologizes, and tells her that she is right. He shouldnít have raised his hand to her in anger. She tells him that he better not. She asks him if she was the one that called him in the middle of the night. She tells him that she wasnít the one that called the night before. He treated her badly and didnít want to speak to him anymore. Just then, Liza walks in with some business people. Liza tells him that she is interested in a joint venture. Liza introduces the gentleman. He asks her if she would be interested in discussing some important work. Leslie looks interested, but would still like to stay with Tad. She eventually decides to speak with the gentleman though. He tells her that he is situated in Singapore. They move to another table alone to discuss the business venture in more detail.

Jake walks in and sees that David is still there. He orders David to leave the room and clear out. David takes the remnants of the tape and puts them in a surgical glove and then puts them in the trash. He goes running out. Dixie is out there and sees him leave. Gillian walks up to Dixie and tells her that she shouldnít jump to conclusions. Tad had told Dixie earlier that he would be having lunch by himself. Dixie makes a quick call and finds out that Tad isnít where he is supposed to be. Gillian tries to squelch the idea that Tad is with Leslie.

The meeting with Leslie worked. She is flying off to Singapore in a matter of days. The gentleman used to make the offer tells them that she went for the deal and will be leaving town in a matter of days.

Leslie has left the restaurant, and goes to the desk clerk to put something else on Tadís credit card. The clerk is suspicious as to how long Leslie will be staying with them. She tells him that they will be getting a house soon. She then returns to the restaurant and sees Liza and Tad speaking together.

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