All My Children Update Thursday 1/4/01


All My Children Update Thursday 1/4/01

By Merilee

Dixie's & Tad's House Dixie is busy trying to get a stain out of Tad shirt collar and all the while she is thinking of David. Tad finally comes out of the bathroom and the two of them have a nice heart to heart. He begins by explaining that when he was seventeen, he used to date Leslie's sister. He tells her that at the time Leslie had a speech impediment, and instead of teasing her like the rest of the kids, he would be nice to her. He figures that the girl has never forgotten him and that is why she keeps bugging him. Dixie asks him how often he has seen Leslie. He says that he has seen her through the years but not on a relationship basis. He tells his wife that he is afraid that Leslie is doing her best to come between them and causing trouble. Dixie asks him if she wants herself to talk to Leslie. "No!" He asks his wife what she wants to do with him and she says that all she wants him to do is hold her. Later, they are both asleep when his cell phone rings. He answers it and finally goes out in the hall. He says that if this is Leslie and tells her not to call again. He goes back in the room and lays down and Dixie wakes up.

Hunting Lodge Erica is having a serious talk with Dimitri. He tells her that he is proud of what Bianca did at the party. Erica is not so sure because now she will have to live with this for the rest of her life. She then tells him that she is not sure of what this will do to her own life. Dimitri tells her that she is a smart woman and that Bianca needs her right now. There is a knock at the door and he lets Edmund in. He sees Erica and asks if she is okay. She assures him that he is. Edmund and Dimitri walk to the door. The talk about Alex and what they will do to find her. Edmund finally leaves and Dimitri once again turns his attention to Erica. She talks to him and tells him that all she has to do is close her eyes and things are back like they were when they were together. Close talks and a fire in the fireplace. They eventually leave and we can see Edmund in the background.

Erica's House Bianca and Jackson have come in and Bianca immediately calls out for her mother. (Of course, she isn't there.) Jackson tells his niece that he is extremely proud of her. Bianca is not so sure. She is worried about what this has done to her mother. There is a knock at the door and Leo and Laura come in. Leo hugs Bianca and tells her that he is proud of her. Laura says that she had no idea that Greenlee was blackmailing Bianca and wants to know why. Jackson asks them if they want some sodas and leaves to go in the kitchen. Later, Leo gets a call from Ryan stating that Greenlee is in the hospital. He tells the girls and Jackson that he has to leave because it looks like Greenlee tried to kill herself. He leaves and Jackson tells Laura that he will take her home. She tell him that she wants to spend some time with Bianca and that she will get a taxi. He leaves and Laura turns her attention to Bianca. Laura reminds her of the fact that she knows a little bit about what she is going through because she is a city girl. She starts talking about the people in China but Bianca stops her. "I don't want to talk about the g word anymore." Bianca asks Laura if she has feelings for Leo and Laura finally admits that she does. Later, Erica and Dimitri come in. He hugs Bianca and reminds her that anytime she needs him to call. He leaves and Laura soon follows. Bianca wants to talk to her mother but Erica says that it will have to wait and goes upstairs.

Hospital Ryan and Gillian have brought in Greenlee. They each take turns telling Jake what Greenlee did to be in the state she's in. She dumped water on herself and they found her hanging to the side of the yacht. Jake reaches for the phone and tells Greenlee that he's looking for a bed for her. She says that that is a good idea and then he tells her that it's in the psych ward. She balks at that and demands to be examined. He tells her that a cubicle is open and off she goes. Jake thanks them for sending her to him and he tells her that every shift has a patient like her. Greenlee bellows from the other room and Jake goes to her while Ryan and Gillian laugh. Ryan suggests that this is payback time and calls Leo. In the examining room, Jake tells Greenlee that she is fine and can go home. Leo comes in and Greenlee is glad to see him. He tells her that Ryan and Gillian told him everything about what happened and that he wants nothing to do with her. He tells her that he is through with her and leaves. In the waiting room, Gillian has an idea. She and Jake will stay in the turret and Leo can have the yacht. Ryan reluctantly gives him the key and tells him to be gone by the morning. He then tells Leo that the yacht had better not move.

Turret The room looks like a winter wonderland. They are both laying in bed when Gillian has an idea. She asks for a piece of cloth. She then binds Ryan's hand and her hands. She tells him that her grandmother told her the story behind this ritual (but I can't remember it.) The scene ends with them kissing.

By Glynis

Dixie is trying to remove the lipstick from Tadís collar. She is thinking about her meeting with David earlier. Tad walks in and sees her scrubbing the collar. He sits with her and she tells him what she is doing and explaining why she is doing it. Tad isnít worried about it because he was going to buy some new shirts anyway. She noticed that Opal wasnít wearing the shade of lipstick that is on Tadís shirt, but Leslie was. He admits that is true. She wants to know if Leslie kissed him. He hasnít been completely honest with Dixie. He wants to tell her that he didnít kiss Leslie. It wasnít anything like that. Leslie kissed him to wish him Happy New Year. Dixie tries to understand that. It is New Year's Eve. She doesnít understand why he would lie about that. She knows him better than that. She asks what it was that he did. He tries to play down how much he knows Leslie. He has known her for years. He dated her sister for years. Dixie is shocked at that. He was doing everything that moved when he was 16. This is about the both of them. She wants to know what is going on. They both have to make sure that nothing happens to them. In high school, Leslie had a speech impediment. He was nice to her and that meant something to her. She never forgot it. Dixie thinks that Leslie has never forgotten Tad. Tad told her that he loves Dixie and that is not clear to her. She is used to getting her own way. She is throwing herself at him. Dixie is suspicious as to why. He thinks that she is trying to make trouble for him and Dixie. He tells her about the scheme with the glove. He tells her about Leslie being in his shower. He told her some other things to cover up because he didnít know what else to say. He didnít want her to worry. He wanted to take care of it himself. He told her in no uncertain terms to stay away from his family. Dixie worries that she may be dangerous. He feels that he just has to be firm with her. Dixie questions that maybe Leslie feels that she has a reason for wanting to be with him so desperately. Dixie hugs him and tells him that he has nothing to apologize for. She just wants to lay with him and have him hold her. He does.

Ryan and Gillian arrive at the hospital with Greenlee. Ryan is carrying her. They can all see through her little act. She was tried to get Leoís attention, but it didnít work. She is to be admitted to the hospital and insists on having a single room.

Bianca and Jack arrive at Ericaís house. They discuss Bianca getting up in front of the whole world and announcing that she is gay. Laura and Leo arrive and Laura tells her that she now understands why Bianca couldnít tell the truth about Greenlee pushing her overboard. Leo goes to get something to drink and Laura tells Bianca that she feels like a jerk. She shouldnít have believed Greenlee. They decide to be friends. Leo gets a call from Ryan. He tells Leo that he just brought Greenlee into the hospital. Leo is frantic. He rushes to go over there. He tells how he got a call earlier about her and then he leaves. Jack offers to make sure that Laura gets home okay. Laura acts like she doesnít care that Leo couldnít drive her home. She admits that she likes Leo. Jack is leaving the house and Bianca tells him that he helped her like her dad would have. He says goodnight to the girls and leaves. Laura wants to know why Bianca didnít tell her that she was gay. She thinks that she is pretty open-minded. Laura has some gay friends and would have understood. Bianca doesnít know how people are going to react to her. Laura tells her that in China people are really oppressed. Lauraís reaction proves Biancaís point. First she was Ericaís daughter, then she was the Ericaís anorexic daughter and her sexuality is a small part of her whole self. It shouldnít be the first thing that people have to go through to get to a point. She wants to stop talking about being gay. The night has been weird, but all she feels is sadness. From now on she will only be Bianca, Lauraís friend.

Erica and Dimitri are together at his lodge discussing the nightís events. She thinks that people that are not like everyone else donít get looked at the same way. Bianca can never take back what she said at the dance. She thinks that no understands how Erica feels. She doesnít think that she can forgive Bianca for destroying her life. Dimitri tells Erica that her life is not ruined. Erica didnít want to bring Bianca to the ball so that her sex life wouldnít have been the focal point of the Ball. Dimitri thinks that it is a tribute to Erica that Bianca didnít lie about her life. Erica canít see what it is that she has done. Dimitri canít believe that she is blaming herself for what has happened. Erica feels that Bianca feels rejected and is trying to get revenge on Erica. She is hurting. She wonders how many mothers would like to be like her now. Erica and Bianca are very different people. She wonders how they ever fell apart. Edmund shows up at the door, and finds that Erica is still there. He is really surprised at that. He brings Dimitri a cigar and tells her that they will meet the following day to talk about finding Alex. He tells Erica that she has guts and leaves. She feels foolish because before Edmund came in, she forgot that they were not together anymore. He reminds her that they are not together anymore. Being in the lodge has given her some many memories. The fire is burning and they are speaking their hearts and minds. It is like nothing has changed at all. He gave Erica the lodge as a gift. The time that they had together was very special. He always made her feel special. Since then everything pales in comparison to him. No one else could have done what he has for her. He thinks that he should be getting her home. She gets up with him to leave. He wants her to work her way through this with Bianca. She is feeling much better. They walk away from the lodge and unknown to them, Edmund is watching from outside, as they walk away.

Greenlee is under examination by Jake in a room at the hospital. He is suspicious that she is faking being ill. She tries to get him to be concerned about her. He tells her that she is free to go. She wants to stay overnight, but Jake doesnít think that is necessary. Jake opens the door to leave and Leo walks in at the same time. Greenlee is exhilarated to see him, but he doesnít even smile. She tells him that she was traumatized. He cuts her off. He has already spoken to Ryan and Gillian and he knows about her scam. He cares a little bit, but he thinks that this is ridiculous. She said that she did it for him. He shouts at her to stop. She repeats that she would do anything for him. He doesn't want that kind of devotion. That is not love; this is Vanessa. She tells him not to leave. She reminds him of the things that he wanted for the both of them. He is able to throw it all away. He storms out and Ryan and Gillian point out to him that he has changed. Leo tells them that he and Greenlee are officially over. They try to tell Leo to think of this as a fresh start without Greenlee. Gillian thinks that Leo can stay with them. Ryan isnít so sure, but Gillian thinks that it is a great way for them all to start things off fresh. Leo is going to stay on the boat for the night. Ryan gives him the keys. Gillian has talked him into a fine gesture. Leo leaves.

Later on that night, Gillian and Ryan are alone in bed when she comes up with an idea. She puts his hands about his head and ties them with a scarf. She then ties them to her hands and tightens the knot with her teeth. Her grandmother told her about it. It binds a man and woman together. There is a fancy little saying that goes along with it to seal the two together. She says the words and kisses him.

Greenlee is still in the cubicle at the hospital wondering why nothing ever works for her. Jake comes in and tells her that they need the room. He tells her to cut her losses. She tells him in his case that may be true, but not for her. She will get Leo back.

Erica and Dimitri come to the house and greet Bianca. He hugs Bianca and makes sure that she is alright. He tells her that he is delivering her mother. He tells Erica that she should call whenever she needs to. He then leaves. Erica thinks that it is very late. Laura takes her cue and leaves right away. Erica doesnít want to talk just then. She will speak in the morning about the issue. Bianca tells her that nothing will have changed in the morning. She will still be gay. Erica canít stand when she repeatedly keeps saying that.

Dixie and Tad are in bed and the phone rings. No one is answering. Tad leaves the room and goes back to the phone to see who is calling. He says into the phone. "Leslie if this is you, you had better stop calling or you are going to regret it." He walks back into the bedroom and gets back in bed with Dixie who he thinks is still sleeping. Once he lays down, she opens her eyes, being fully awake, unknown to him.


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