All My Children Update Tuesday 1/2/01

All My Children Update Tuesday 1/2/01

By Glynis

Mateo, Liza and Adam are at the Crystal Ball looking for Hayley. They decide to split up and try to find her.

Laura, Rain and some friends are finished touring the house and Brooke tells them to have fun and eat. Brooke takes the girls away to introduce them to some people. Leo runs up to Laura and tells her that he had no idea that Greenlee was the one that pushed her off the boat at the last function. Laura looks skeptical.

Jake sees Gillian and Ryan together and it is too much for him. He tries to leave, but Tad stops him. He understands. Jake gives Tad a piece of paper to give to Ryan. Tad takes the paper and puts it in his jacket.

Erica walks in and finds Dimitri. She is glad to see him and they talk about the way they look and how nice it is to see each other. Erica has decided to come by herself. She tells him that Bianca doesnít like functions like this so she wonít be coming. She turns around and sees her daughter entering the room on Jackís arm.

Gillian and Ryan start the ballroom dancing while everyone watches. It is clear that they love each other and some hired dancers jump in behind them and start dancing much to everyoneís enjoyment.

Erica talks to Jack about Bianca and how she is surprised to see her being there. She explains about Greenlee trying to blackmail Bianca. Jack is shocked and finds out that Greenlee may show up if someone manages to bail her out of jail.

Bianca talks privately to Rain about her situation. Rain thinks that Bianca should be happy about her mom finding out.

Laura tells Leo that she believes that he didnít have anything to do with her accident. She thinks that Greenlee stole a lot from Leo. He tells her that Greenlee is in jail and that the year is starting off right. Just then, Greenlee sees Leo and he sees her with her grandfather. Leo quickly grabs Laura and starts dancing furiously with her.

David has Dixie in a corner. He tells her that she is running away from the inevitable. She tries to stop his declarations and is successful when Mateo interrupts to talk to them. Dixie leaves and David tells Mateo that his timing stinks.

Mateo, Liza and Adam canít find Hayley. Mateo decides to leave and check other places that Hayley might be, but will keep in contact with his cell phoneÖ

Hayley is on the boat where the accident happened. She is looking into the water, feeling very despondent.

Brooke is glad to see that Edmund and Dimitri have buried the hatchet and are enjoying an evening together.

Gillian and Jake make an announcement about the generous donations that they have received for the event. They light a candle as a symbol of things to come. They encourage all to light their candles. The torch is passed from person to person. After Erica lights her candle, she walks straight over to Greenlee and warns her again to keep whatever she thinks that she knows about Bianca to herself. Erica walks away. Greenlee walks directly over to Bianca and tells her that this is all her fault. Bianca isnít intimidated at all by Greenlee and leaves so that she can light her own candle. Greenlee glares after her.

Vanessa and Palmer bump into Ryan. Palmer and Vanessa remark that they are surprised that Ryan has anything to do with this little do after the events of the last party on the boat. He tries to assure them that he had nothing to do with the incidents that occurred at the last event. They walk off vowing to watch their present drink. Ryan then gets a short warning from Liza and Adam regarding the present party and it going smooth. He does work for Adam now.

Greenlee goes after Bianca yet again to harass her. Bianca retorts that Leo doesnít love her, even though Greenlee professes to still love Leo.

Everyone has lit their candles and there is a moment of quiet. The lights are dimmed and everyone thinks for a moment about the real meaning of the Crystal Ball.

Hayley talks to Arlene in her own way. She says, "How can you rest in peace, when you died this way?" She throws her flowers into the water. "You said that I would mess up in life, no matter how I tried. I am much worse than you because I killed my mother." She looks up and sees Mateo walking slowly towards her. She tells him hat she is saying goodbye to her mother. He wants her to finish up, but she feels so helpless. She canít even go to AA and talk about her troubles, but she canít even do that. Mateo tries to convince her that would be a huge mistake. He doesnít mind taking her home if she wants to do that instead. She insists on going to the dance instead. He kisses her and walks her off the boat.

Dixie has gone off by herself. She turns and finds David looking at her. He approaches her and she is frightened at what might happen next. He holds her face and kisses her. She lets him and she kisses him back. The kissing is getting passionate. She begs him to stop. He tells her that he doesnít want to hear her denials. She canít do it. He tries his best to convince her that they are drawn to each other. This is real. It is like the moon pulling the tides, as their hearts are beating. He wants her to say that she surrenders.

Back at the ball there is dancing. Erica is dancing with Dimitri and looking lovingly into his eyes. She is very happy to be with him. She thanks him.

Bianca meets up with the young boy that she tried to date before. He doesnít care that she got sick with him once before. She takes his hand and Erica happens to see that. She looks very pleased with Bianca almost dancing with the young man. Bianca doesnít want to mislead her mother about things so she refuses to dance with the young man.

Laura and Leo are dancing together and Greenlee cannot stand it. She turns her back to them.

Edmund sees a reporter that he knows. He reminds the reporter that these people are friends and he should behave himself at this party. Edmund walks off and Greenlee immediately walks over to the reporter and tells him that she has the scoop of the year. The reporter eagerly asks her what it is. Greenlee takes him outside to fill him in.

Gillian is with Ryan. She is tells him how happy she is. They kiss.

Greenlee comes back into the party and walks over to Leo. She tells him that she is saying goodbye. She wonít be a burden to him anymore. He is trying his best to ignore her, but he still looks after her as she promptly walks away.

Haley and Mateo arrive at the party and are greeted by Adam and Liza. She hopes that they are doing the right thing keeping this secret. Adam introduces them to the Honorable Judge, a friend of his that he had invited to the party. They still have their marriage license, so if Liza is willing, he would like to marry her at the party. Liza canít believe it. He wants to walk into the new millennium with her by his side. Liza thinks that she is certifiable because she canít wait to be his wife. They hug and Mateo and Hayley watch. Liza, Adam and the judge leave the room to have a look at the marriage license.

Vanessa comes up to Hayley and tells her that she knows that there is a secret about Arlene and that she knows what the secret it.

Dixie tries to tell David off in another area that just because she feels a little something for him doesnít mean that she is going to act on it. She is sure that this is wrong. She is not going to do it again. He tells her that while she is getting ready for bed, she is going to think about him all night. The next day, she is going to do it all over again. They are going to find a way to be together. She tells him that she loves her husband and she is not going to be faithful to him. He tells her that it is really out of her control. He has waited for this all his life. He has never wanted another woman like he needs her. She tells him that he canít have what it is that he wants. He doesnít believe her and he doesnít believe that Dixie believes it either.

Greenlee arrives on the boat and phones Leo to tell him to take care of some things that she canít anymore. She is acting very sad and depressed. He doesnít know what she is talking about, and tells Laura that. He puts his phone and and returns to partying with Laura.

Greenlee is on the boat figuring that it is going to take Leo half an hour to get to where she is. She is acting really smug about her little plan.

Vanessa is strong-arming Hayley. She is sure that Hayley knows where she Arlene and she says that she is going to find Arlene. Hayley tells her that she will not find Arlene because Arlene is dead.

The countdown arrives. Right at that moment the reporter walks up to Erica and Bianca who are talking together and he shouts out to Erica, "Erica, how do you feel about your darling daughter being GAY!!!!!" Erica looks at him stupefied and then at Bianca.

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