All My Children Update Friday 12/29/00

All My Children Update Thursday 12/29/00

By Glynis

Derek takes Greenlee into her jail cell after having been arrested. She starts to cry. She doesnít belong there, or so she says. Derek isnít falling for it. He will give her a phone call eventually, but wants to call her grandfather first. She panics when she hears that, but Derek leaves her there to think about it.

Dixie and David are out eating together talking about how they kept Dimitriís secret and now David is being accused of being responsible for Alexís disappearance. Dixie thinks that they should be thoughtful of what Edmund and Dimitri are feeling. He likes her sensitivity, and misses her working for him. He has to deal with temps now. He asks her to reconsider working for him and she refuses. She tells him that her Christmas was very good and the boys enjoyed it. She had a though over Christmas about being a mom. It would be nice to have things easy again. David hated his childhood. He just walked around being angry all the time. She wonders if there was something that he did when he was a boy, something that made him so happy that he couldnít stand it. David turns and looks at the cash register. He remembers an incident, but it involves a little petty larceny.

Leslie walks into the hotel with a key for Tadís room. Apparently, there is a payment outstanding. Leslie gladly pays it. She turns around and finds Tad standing in front of her. He tells her that he knows what she is doing and she is going to stop it right now. She tries to pretend like she doesnít know what Tad is talking about, but he doesnít fall for it. She explains that she went to see his father because he is supposed to be the best. Tad is sure that Leslie is trying to get more involved in his life. She starts crying and he warns her not to do that. She apologizes and says that she always does this. He reaches for a handkerchief and gives it to her. She takes it and he tries to understand that she is upset. He tries to point out to her that this is exactly why this has to stop. She explains once again that she has had feelings for him for so long. Unknown to Tad, Jake has come up behind him and sees them talking. Leslie thinking fast pulls him to her and hugs him, making it appear as if he was hugging her too. Tad moves away from her and turns to find his brother standing behind them. Leslie leaves immediately and Jake demands to know what it was that he just witnessed. Tad tells him brother that Leslie just was told that she was taken off retainer and that was why she was so upset. Leslie returns and Jake leaves. Leslie asks Tad if he will save a slow dance for her at the Ball. He tells her that he canít do this anymore. He stomps off angry. Leslie digs out her cell phone and makes a phone call to order a necklace. She tells the clerk that she would like to charge the necklace to her husbandís card. She takes the card out of her purse and reads off the numbers.

Bianca is talking to Leo, explaining that Greenlee knew that she didnít want her mother to find out that she was gay. She tells Leo that she told her mother that she was gay. It was the day of the Mother-Daughter Enchantment Shoot. Bianca never made it to the shoot. Sarah came over to her house and Bianca watched her throw away something that was important to her. That was when Bianca realized that she couldnít live a lie like Sarah did. Her mother came home and threw Sarah out. Leo is stupefied at what he is hearing. The holidays didnít happen. Her mother came home the following day after taking off. Bianca thinks that things are bad and they may not get better

The guard watching Greenlee lets her out of her cell so that she can make a phone call. She is still under supervision as she makes her call to Leo, who answers immediately. He is not happy to hear from her. She explains that she has been arrested and that she is in jail. She begs him to come and bail her out. He tells her that he will be there and promptly hangs up. Leo tells Bianca that Greenlee is in jail and that he has to bail her out. He kisses her goodbye and leaves. Erica has come down the stairs and tells her daughter that she heard what was discussed earlier with Leo. She throws her arms around her daughter and comforts her. Erica is concerned that Bianca has been telling people that she is gay. Bianca confirms that she hasnít told anyone else. Erica seems pleased at that, however she does find out that Myrtle knows the secret, but she is not concerned about that. Erica wants to know how Greenlee found out about the Ďtheoryí of Bianca being gay. She tells her mother that she is going to have a cow when she finds out. She was taking by Rain to a gay bar and that is how Greenlee found out that Bianca was gay. Erica first blames Rain, then blames Sarah for her daughter being. She canít even say the word. Erica is sure that Bianca is just having a feeling. She has decided to have Bianca see a doctor to talk about her problems. Bianca is shocked to find out that her mother thinks that she is going to get cured. She tells Erica to drop it. Inside, what she is, is not up for debate. She is not confused. Erica thinks that she needs to be sure of what Bianca is telling her. Erica just wants to help her with her problems. Bianca points out that she didnít choose to be the way that she is. Erica is sure that the doctor is going to help her find out what she really is. Erica is sure that Bianca is mistaken as to her feelings and can get back on track to her real feelings. A dress is delivered to the house for the Crystal Ball. Bianca hadnít even thought about what she is going to wear. Erica looks up shocked at Bianca considering going to the Ball. She says to her, "Well, you are not going." Bianca is always saying that she hates the parties and she is not a full adult yet. Erica suggests that they call Myrtle to stay with her. Well, Myrtle is not available. Bianca realizes that Erica is embarrassed about her daughter.

Dixie and David run together with their trays from the restaurant. They are planning to steal restaurant utensils. They are having fun together and he wants to show her what he used to do as a child.

Leo arrives at the jail to see Greenlee. She is laughing and telling the story how Derek arrested her. Leo doesnít think the matter is funny at all. She talks about this being their first New Year's Eve together and how they will get a limo so they can drink all night. She wants to know how long it is going to take for her to get out of jail. She is leaning between the bars towards Leo, and he roughly walks up to her bars and reaches through to grab her roughly and says, "You pushed Laura off the boat." She looks up at him in horror. He canít wrap his head around her abusing an innocent kid like Bianca. She has enough to worry about besides Greenlee messing with her head. He questions her motives. Maybe it was her parents. Greenlee knew how terrified Bianca was that someone would find out her secret. Greenlee thinks that she did it because she loves him. She did it because she would do anything to keep him with her forever. He compares her to his mother. She hates that. She tells him that she never loved Ryan. She gave herself to Leo completely. She canít lose him. She will make it up to him. She will die without him. He tells her that he will die if he stays. He throws the key into her cell and tells her that he will never set foot inside that apartment ever again. He hopes that she can take care of Happy better than she can of herself. She breaks down crying. Her grandfather calls to her and she looks up. She tells him that she was drugged on the yacht and he says that she will use that as her defense. Her parents were notified, but they were in Switzerland and apparently, they donít care enough to come and help her.

Dixie and David are finished with their little prank and they sit outside freezing to death. They take off their gloves and he tries to warm her hands by rubbing them with his. They both feel the heat and look deeply into each otherís eyes. He starts to blow on her hands and she lets him. They hear her son coming with his friend and they hide in an area where they canít be seen but where they have to stand very closely to avoid being seen. David is thoroughly enjoying this, while Dixie seems terrified. The children leave and Dixie panics and tells David that she has to go. She runs off and David is upset with himself because he wasnít able to convince her to stay.

Jack has come over to spend time with Bianca. He would be very proud to spend time with Bianca at the Ball. She agrees to be his date. They hug each other, but Bianca is still disturbed.

Leo is at the hotel checking to see if his old suite is available. He canít pay for it, so he leaves scratching his head.

Erica walks into Greenleeís area to talk to her. Greenlee laughs in her face. Erica tells her that if she mentions anything about Bianca, she will ruin her life forever. She is able to do it and she will. She tells her that Leo is well rid of her. Erica walks out. Greenlee says to herself, "You donít scare me!"

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