All My Children Update Tuesday 12/26/00

All My Children Update Tuesday 12/26/00

By Merilee

Chandler Mansion Hayley, Mateo, Marion, Liza, and Adam are all gathered in the big room. Hayley is on very shaky ground but Mateo tells his father-in-law to tell her the truth. Adam slowly starts telling his daughter how he had found an unconscious Arlene on the deck. He tells her that he checked for a pulse but didn't find any. He continues by telling her that he looked around and finding nobody in sight; he picked up Arlene's body and threw it overboard. Hayley begins moaning and faints and Mateo puts her on the couch. She comes to and starts to ask questions. "Who sent the letter? Who sent the present? Who signed the divorce papers?" Marion admits to the letter, Liza admits to the present, and Adam admits to the divorce papers. Hayley wants to go confess to Derrick but Mateo tells her no. Liza tells her that since they were all in on the cover-up, they would all go to jail.

Erica's House Bianca is still standing in her slip begging her mother to take a real look at her. Erica is still of the mind that if she hadn't gone to that awful rehab place and met Sarah that she wouldn't be like this. Bianca tells her mother that meeting Sarah (whom she loves) was the first time in her life that she felt completely at ease with someone. Erica reminds her that there are people waiting for her at the hotel and she gets her coat and opens the door. Bianca puts on her coat and follows her mother. Erica stops after opening the door because there are carolers outside singing. She politely thanks them for the song and Bianca wishes Laura a merry Christmas. Adam Jr. asks Bianca if she wants to go with them but she declines. Opal turns to Jackson and tells him that she is worried about Erica. He assures her that he will talk to her and they hug. Back in the house, Erica does not mince words and leaves. Jackson turns to Bianca and takes her in his arms. Bianca asks her uncle if he still loves her. He tells her that he will always love her.

Tower Gillian is calling out for Ryan but there is no answer. She looks around and Ryan comes out. He asks her if she is surprised and she tells him yes. He has a present for her. She opens it and slowly takes out the cameo (that she had sold.) He explains that he had seen it in a window and knew it would be perfect for her. She tells him that her grandmother had given it to her but that she had sold it. She asks him about the company and he tells her that he sold it. "But, what about your dreams? Princess, I've got my dream."

PVI Inn Dixie and Tad look like they've had a full day of shopping. They are standing at the desk when Leslie appears. Dixie has disappeared when a clerk offers Tad a key. Tad gets kind of tongue tied and Leslie steps in. The couple leaves and Leslie blasts the clerk. Later, Erica is back. She tells them that plans have changed and that Bianca will be working behind the cameras and that she will be the model. The press cheers her and Bruce mutters (out of Erica's ear shot) that that's the way it should be. Erica makes her excuses and tells the people that she has to go to the restroom but will be back. In the bathroom, she looks at her reflection and thinks back to the time of Bianca's birth. She breaks down and starts sobbing uncontrollably.

Martin house Myrtle is trying to make the best of the situation considering the mess that her life seems to be in. Dixie, Tad, Adam Jr., Jake, and Jamie are there. (I'm sorry that I don't remember what was said because my son got sick and I'm busy with him.) Joe says that it is time for a toast, and it's a good one with flashbacks of Kate and earlier stuff. Tad and Dixie go outside where they are met by a deliveryman. He gives Tad the box and wishes him a Merry Christmas. Tad opens the box and takes out a glass. Dixie wants to know what it's for and he comes up with a story. Something like it's from one of his company's holders. Somewhere, the talk turns to Leslie and she wants to pair him up with Jake. He tells her no, that Jake can take care of himself.

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