All My Children Update Thursday 12/21/00

All My Children Update Thursday 12/21/00

By Merilee

Tower Ryan is on the phone to another investor (I think.) It doesn't sound too good from his point of view. Gillian is on the other side of the door and she hears his conversation. She comes in and Ryan pretends to be waking up. She apologizes for waking him up. He tells her that he had a great dream and that he is still having a good dream because he is there with her. Later, Gillian is by herself when she places a call to Mr. Denning. She introduces herself as the princess (whatever the last name is) and arranges a meeting. He comes over and she shows him a locket. (I believe it's the same one that Eugenia showed and gave to her the other day.)

Greenlee and Leo's Apartment Greenlee is hanging up Christmas decorations. She puts a huge wreath on the outside of the front door. There is a knock at the door and she lets Vanessa in. There are the usual pleasantries exchanged between the two and Vanessa thinks that she and Leo are a perfect couple. Then, the barbs start. There is another knock at the door and Greenlee lets Marion in. Marion tells Greenlee that she hasn't turned in the papers and the girl goes to get them. Mrs. Chandler and Mrs. Palmer are left alone and they put (literally) on their gloves. Vanessa reminds her of the simpleton that she is married to. Marion reminds her of the non-friends that she has in Pine Valley. She did have one friend and that was Arlene and that she disappeared on the night of the party. Vanessa wants to know if she was on the boat and Marion reminds her that they were altogether and that she didn't see her. Vanessa thinks she might have been in disguise. Just then, Greenlee comes in with the papers and gives them to Marion and the lady leaves. Greenlee turns to Vanessa and says yes that they should be friends. Vanessa agrees and leaves. Out in the hall, she reaches for her cell phone and calls Derrick. She tells him that she may have some news on her necklace.

Chandler Mansion Adam and Liza are acting like lovebirds. He tells her that when the winter is over that he has instructed his people to call and tell him that their was an accident on the autobon and that the driver died. Adam then tells her that he wanted to be married by Thanksgiving. That fell through and so he wants to do it right now. They are interrupted by the ringing of the doorbell. Adam lets Hayley and Mateo in. He says that they are just in time for some good news. He and Liza are getting married as soon as possible. The doorbell rings again and Adam lets Ryan in. (I'm sorry that I did not get most of their conversation. The phone rang.) Adam reads over a paper and (I'm guessing) Ryan has to sign it and he will turn over the reins of the company. Adam tells him that he is rather disappointed in him and that he thought he had some backbone. Ryan points out that he is just looking out for his small investors. This money will give him the money he needs to pay off his small time investors and have some left over to last him awhile. He tells Adam that he will turn over the keys to the yacht. Adam tells him that he can stay on there for awhile. The others come back and Ryan leaves. The doorbell rings (yet) again. It's a deliveryman bringing Adam his marriage license. He tells Hayley and Mateo and Liza that they have a wedding to get to. Hayley asks if Stuart and Marion should be there. Liza says her mother is doing real estate business and Adam says his brother is at the lake doing a special painting. Liza is writing a note to her mother when the woman just shows up. They announce that they are going to get married and the group starts to leave. Adam opens the door only to find Derrick standing there. He has some questions about the missing Mrs. Chandler.

Tower Ryan has come back only to find Gillian looking at a page of something.

PV Hotel Dining Room Erica is talking to a man named Matthew when Jackson shows up. She asks him what he is doing there and he said that he had a breakfast meeting when he heard that this was going on. He explains that he was going to stop by the other night but he saw David's car in the driveway. Erica explains that he was not there that long because he said something unkind about Bianca. She is about to tell him what he said when she is interrupted by a man (I didn't catch his name.) He says that he is calling her house but that nobody will pick up the phone and that the limo driver is waiting in the driveway but Bianca won't come out. Erica says that she will go get her.

Erica's House Bianca is just sitting there. The phone continues to ring but she won't answer it. Leo comes in and sees her standing there. He has come to collect his things. He's sorry about the way things turned out and he will really miss not being able to see her everyday. He tells her that all she has to do is call. He asks her how things are going. She tells him that things are pretty good and that she and her Mom are starting to get along. He tells her that he is worried about her secret and that she had better tell her mother before it's too late. She says that she will be 18 in two years and then it won't matter how she lives her life. Just then, Erica comes in and demands to know what Leo is doing there. He says he has come to get his things. Erica tells him that she will have his stuff packed up and sent to him and Leo leaves. Erica turns to her daughter and tells her that she is very excited about this new campaign. The talk turns to Travis and Erica says that she wishes he could be there. She tells Bianca that she has a present for her and was waiting for the right time to give it to her. Bianca opens the box and takes out a locket. Erica explains that Travis gave it to her on the day that Bianca was born. Erica says they better go but Bianca asks for a little time to herself and then she'll be there. Left alone, the girl starts talking to her father. She then gathers her coat and leaves. She opens the door to find Sarah standing there.

PV Hotel Dining Room Erica is back and talking to the press. She tells them that Bianca will be here soon and that they will be able to start then.

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