All My Children Update Tuesday 12/19/00

All My Children Update Tuesday 12/19/00

By Merilee

David's Office Dixie is on the phone with Tad. She's full of questions. "How is everything going? When will you be home?" He explains that he's having trouble with the investors and that he should be home within the next day or two. Before they hang up, he asks her to have Ryan call him. She puts down the phone and David comes in. He apologizes for the intrusion and says that he didn't know anybody would be in there. She tells him that she doesn't think they should be alone anymore and walks out. She is outside at the desk when she turns around and sees David. "Are you following me?" He explains that he thought she had left. (What a sick little puppy.)

Wildwinde Dimitri asks Alex where she is but the connection has been broken. Brooke comes in at the tail end and he explains to her that he was talking to Alex. He says that she is okay but does not know where she is. Brooke tells him that that is good news and now he has to do something about his brother. She reminds him that since Edmund is in Oak Haven; he did not have anything to do with Alex's disappearance. It takes some convincing but Dimitri finally calms down (and sees the light.)

Oak Haven Mateo has come to see Edmund. (I'm sorry I do not know what was said because of the telephone's constant ringing.) He throws a chair at the door after Mateo leaves. Later, Dimitri comes in. He explains to his brother that Alex called and that she seems to be okay but he does not know where she is. The two brothers make amends and Dimitri tells Edmund that he has to get him out of there. The doctor comes in and Dimitri tells him that he is leaving with his brother. The doctor says that there is a court order that says otherwise. Dimitri says that he will take full responsibility of Edmund.

Hospital Ryan and Gillian are in one room and Leo and Greenlee are down the hall. Greenlee is making plans for their Christmas but Leo reminds her that they don't have a place to live yet. Palmer is walking down the hall when Vanessa catches up to him. She tells him that she has the costume but that it looks too small. He takes the costume from her and agrees that it is too small but that it is the right size for her as Mrs. Claus. He explains that he promised the board that a representative of the North Pole would entertain the children. Vanessa gets mad and walks off. Leo (who has overheard everything) catches up with his mother. He reminds her of the fact that the necklace is gone and says she is up to her old tricks again. "You've been doing it since before I was born." He says that she hooks her claws into a rich man so he'll give her something really expensive and then report it stolen and then sell it. He asks for money to keep his mouth shut. Myrtle comes in with bags full of presents. She tells Palmer that she has invested in and has spent her earnings on presents for the kids. She leaves and Vanessa approaches Palmer. She tells him that she has changed her mind and takes the costume. Palmer tells Leo that he had better come watch his mother. Later Vanessa (dressed in her costume) asks Palmer how she did and he looks really happy. Leo has again cornered his mother and she tells him that he will get what he wants. Meanwhile, Ryan is on the phone to Tad. Tad tells him that it really doesn't look good because all the investors are pulling out. He tells him that his neck is also on the line because Liza will kill him for giving him all that money. Ryan hangs up and tells Gillian that everything is going downhill fast. Myrtle, who has overheard this, wants to know if that means everything is going bad. Ryan tells her that he will do everything in his power to get her money back. She tells them that she better go back to the mall and exchange the presents. Ryan sees Greenlee and goes after her. He wants to know if she is still interested in the apartment. Yes. He says he will accept the offer but that he needs the cash by tonight. She tells him that she has to go talk to her grandfather. Ryan goes back to Gillian and tells her that he will sell the apartment to Greenlee. But now, he must go see Dimitri and tell him the news before he reads it in the papers. "Do you want me to go with you?" He declines, telling her that he has to do it himself.

Tad's Motel Room Tad comes back and finds Dixie in his room. He is stunned to see her in nothing but a towel. He tells her that he thought it was the pesky maid who always came in. She reminds him of the "Do Not Disturb" sign and he tells her that he did put it on the door but that someone kept ripping it off. Dixie suggests some food and then the bed, but all he is thinking of is bed. There is a knock at the door and he tells her to be quiet. She opens the door and Jr. and Jamie come rushing in. Tad gives them money and tells them to go to the video machines but not to leave the building. The boys leave and go to the elevator. Leslie approaches them and asks them if they are ready to leave. The boys ask her what she is talking about. She says that Tad wanted her to take them to a surprise.

Wildwinde It looks like Dimitri has gotten his brother out of Oak Haven. Ryan comes in and he says he has bad news about Dimitri's investments. Dimitri tells him that he has had other things on his mind about Alex. He explains about her phone call but he doesn't know where she is. Ryan apologizes for his thoughtlessness and tells Dimitri that it looks like the company is going under. He says he understood the risks when he signed on. He wants to know who he thinks is behind this. Ryan replies, "David Hayward." Dimitri recalls that the night of the party that Alex was talking about something that David wasn't involved in and it didn't sound right. Edmund tells them that the best thing to do is to go after David but not to let him know that they are on to him.

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