All My Children Update Friday 12/15/00

All My Children Update Friday 12/15/00

By Shauna

Dixie's House Dixie dreams about David making love to Erica Kane. Tad calls and Dixie tells him that she had a nightmare.

Erica's House David stays with Erica and helps her sort out her problems with Bianca. Erica says she does not understand the Brookeís allegations about Bianca pushing Laura off the boat. It is 4 am, and David is still at Erica's house helping her work it out.

Yacht Gillian is sleeping and Ryan puts a blanket on her. Gillian asks Ryan if he had stayed up all night. Gillian says that she is going to make Ryan breakfast. Ryan tells Gillian that he missed her.

Hayley and Mateo's House Mateo is going through the Christmas stuff and finds a stocking that Stuart gave Hayley one year for Christmas. Hayley says her motherís last memory of her is of her daughter trying to strangle her to death. Mateo says that this Christmas will be different. Hayley says that she can't enjoy Christmas this year cause the only memory of her mother this year will be her hands around her motherís neck.

Hayley and Mateo's House Liza comes to visit. Hayley tells Liza to continue her Hayley surprise visit. Liza tells Mateo that they will do everything they can to protect Hayley and that Hayley will not be able to handle her strangling her mother to death. A man delivers a present from Arlene.

Yacht Ryan tells Gillian that Derek didn't believe Ryan. They think that Ryan drugged everyone at his party. Ryan tells Gillian that the investors are leaving messages saying that they want explanation. Gillian tells Ryan he should be proud and they are going to fix it. She says they are not going to give up $900 for a punch bowl. Now Ryan figures that it was David Hayward.

Erica's House David says that they cannot be together. Bianca comes home and asks if they stayed down stairs all night. Erica says that Brooke English is bringing up charges on Bianca. Erica says that Bianca is acting weird and Bianca ran away to New York City to see this girl that she roomed with at this eating disorder place. Erica says that Bianca ripped the pages out of her diary so her mom would not find out what happened in rehab. Erica then says why would Bianca go to someone and forgive them for hurting her, and then just hurt them again. David says that maybe Bianca had a sexual relationship with the girl. Erica asks David how he could think of such a horrible thing. David says that Erica is taking it so much out of context. David says that Bianca had such an intense relationship and blocks everyone out of it. Erica says that it is her daughter and she is trying to protect Bianca. Erica tells David to get out.

Tad and Dixie's House Dixie asks Tad how he is and then tells him he has to straighten out the incredible dreams. Dixie tells Tad that everyone at the hospital is being so nice to her that she is going to help decorate the Christmas tree at the hospital. Dixie tells him that David will not be there.

Yacht Ryan says that Hayward and one of the waiters had their heads together and when the waiter went to take the punch bowl away and David paid the waiter. Gillian says that maybe David is after Jake or Tad.

Hayley and Mateo's House Hayley reads the package and it is from Amsterdam and she is to open it immediately and not wait until Christmas. Hayley says that there is no way that her mother sent it. Hayley then asks what the heck is going on. Hayley says that not once through out the years has she sent her a gift, and now she is sending wonderful expensive antiques. Mateo tells Liza to tell him to stop sending stuff. Liza tells Mateo that he needs to keep it a secret for the rest of his life.

Hospital Gillian goes to Jake to tell him to stop trying to blame Ryan and that Ryan was set up. Gillian says that his company is in jeopardy and he has no motive. Jake tells him say that he was set up and who would do it and why. Gillian tells Jake that she thinks that it is David and she goes on to tell Jake the punch bowl is gone and Ryan is getting charged for the punch bowl. Jake asks why David Hayward and Gillian says because David wants Dixie. Dixie comes to the hospital to decorate the tree. Jakeís father asks if Gillian is gone and then he asks if Gillian had a good reason that it might not have been Ryan that drugged the party. Jake says that Gillian was just here and that she was looking at his face and now he knows how much she loves Ryan. Dixie asks David if he is there to help and David said that no one invited him to help. David says that he will go to the cafeteria and get a cup of coffee, but Dixie tells David that the coffee is bad in the cafeteria so he needs to stay. Dixie tells David that she needs to pay David for helping Junior out the other day.

Erica's House Erica asks Bianca how she is doing and why she is home. Bianca tells Erica that it is parent-teacher conference day. Erica tells Bianca her new plan, that she will get Bianca a tutor. Erica asks Bianca what is wrong and to please tell her how she is feeling.

By Laura

Dixie's House Dixie is dreaming about David and Erica kissing hot and heavy, and making love. In the dream, Dixie says,  "David! What do you see in Erica?" He replies, "It's Erica Cane." Dixie wakes up to the phone ringing. Tad is on the other line. She tells him she just had a horrible nightmare.

Erica's House David stayed with her all night. Erica thanks him for staying and helping her with what was going on with Bianca. Erica is very upset about the allegations Brooke is making about Bianca pushing Laura off the yacht .

Yacht Gillian is asleep on the couch. Ryan comes up and wraps a blanket on her. Gillian wakes up and asks Ryan if he stayed up all night. She tells him she is going to make him breakfast. Ryan tells her how much he missed her.

Hayley and Mateo's House Hayley and Mateo are going through their Christmas decorations and Hayley finds a stocking that Stuart gave her on one Christmas. Hayley is still very upset by the memory of her trying to strangle her mother. Liza shows up to visit and Hayley assumes it is to talk to Mateo about her Christmas surprise. Hayley leaves the room. Liza says, "We need to do everything we can to protect her, because she will not be able to handle the truth."  The truth that she strangled her mother to death. Just then the door bell rings. It is a delivery to Hayley from Arlene.

Yacht Ryan is telling Gillian that Derek Fry does not believe him. Everyone thinks that he drugged everyone at the party. Gillian tells Ryan she is proud of him, and that they will get out of this mess because they both know he didn't do it. Ryan then gets a bill that says he owes $900.00 for a missing punch bowl. Now Ryan starts to figure it out. He says, "David Hayward." Ryan saw David talking to a waiter and then the waiter took the punch bowl away. He saw David paying the waiter. Now everything is beginning to make sense. David is after Jake or Tad, and trying to frame him.

Erica's House David said he is glad he could help her, but they could never be together again. Erica is really worried about Brooke bringing up charges against Bianca. She also can't understand why it isn't bothering Bianca. She goes on to tell David about Bianca running off to New York City to visit with the girl she was roommates with at the clinic. She tells him about the missing pages out of Bianca's diary, and asks why would Bianca would run out to see her just to get hurt again. David says, "Maybe Bianca and this girl had a sexual relationship." Erica replies "How dare you say such a horrible thing about her?" Then she tells David to get out.

Dixie and Tad's House Dixie asks Tad how it is going. Tad tells her he is trying to straighten out Incredible Dixie then tells Tad that she is going to help decorate the Christmas tree at the hospital and that David will not be there.

Hayley and Mateo's House Hayley looks at the package and sees that it is from Amsterdam, and that she needs to open it right away and not to wait until Christmas. Hayley says, "There is no way would my mother send me something, she never has." She opens it and it is a very expensive antique jewelry box. Hayley says, "Never once has she ever sent me a thing and now this. No way, she is too selfish", and leaves the room. Mateo tells Liza to tell Adam to quit sending these gifts. Liza begs Mateo to listen. She says, "We have to keep this a secret the rest of our lives."

Pine Valley Hospital Gillian finds Jake and tells him to stop trying to blame Ryan. She says that Ryan was set up. Jake asks, "Well then who would have done it?"  Gillian says she thinks it is David, and tells him about the missing punch bowl and how Ryan was charged for it. Jake asks, "Why would David do it?" Gillian replies, "Because he wants your sister in-law Dixie." Dixie shows up at the hospital to help decorate the tree. David also shows up. Dixie asks him if he was invited and he says no. He says that he will go to the cafeteria to get some coffee. Dixie asks David to stay, she needs to thank him for helping Junior the other day.

Erica's House Erica and Bianca are talking and Erica asks her why she is home already. Bianca says it is parent-teacher conference day. Erica suggests that she can get Bianca a tutor to help her. Than Erica asks again what Bianca is feeling and to please tell her what is wrong.


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