All My Children Update Thursday 12/14/00

All My Children Update Thursday 12/14/00

By Merilee

Community Center Laura has confronted Greenlee. She tells her that she overheard her and Leo talking. She wants the truth. "Who pushed me?" Greenlee seems to hesitate before she says "Bianca." Laura says that that's impossible because Bianca is her friend. Greenlee says that they all had the drug that night and she doesn't think Bianca meant to push her but she might have been jealous because of the intention Leo was showing to Laura. Brooke has come in and has overheard the conversation. She asks Laura if this is true. Laura asks her mother to drop the subject and leaves. Greenlee starts to leave but Brooke stops her. She wants to know what is going on but Greenlee stammers out an explanation and beats a hasty retreat.

Felicity Ryan is on the phone to Mr. Barker. He is trying to explain that things with his company are still a go but the man hangs up on him. Gillian tells him that things will be okay. Ryan explains to her that he has spent the morning on the phone with his investors and that they are jumping ship. A porter comes in to clean up but Ryan immediately jumps on him. "Who are you and who hired you?" "I worked for the last owner." Ryan does not buy this and demands further. The porter finally opens up and says that he is a private investigator. "Who hired you? Jake Martin." Time goes by and Jake finally shows up. Ryan tells him that he has gotten Jake's "friend" to confess. He tells Jake to explore the yacht and that he has nothing to hide. Ryan and Gillian leave. Jake tells the PI to explore the boat for anything. Later, Jake calls Gillian and Ryan back in. He tells them that he has found a book and a note was inside. Attached to it were the hospital tests from all the partygoers. The note implicates Ryan and the missing Gordon Feimster.

Erica's House Leo has come in and asks Bianca where she has been. (I'm sorry I can't remember what she said.) Leo tells her that her mother wants him to take her out. Just, then Erica comes in. Bianca accuses her of throwing her and Leo together romantically. (I don't think I've ever heard Erica stammer before) Erica hands Leo some money and tells him that she wants them to go out to dinner. Later, Erica is on the phone to Robert. She tells him about Leo and Bianca's plans and that she wants them to have her table and to bill her for it. The doorbell rings and Erica puts down the phone to answer it. Brooke has come to talk to them about their daughters. She has heard that it was Bianca that pushed Laura overboard. Erica retaliates by saying that she heard that Laura wanted to go overboard. The two women argue and Erica asks Brooke to leave.

School Adam Jr. is very excited about his upcoming performance. Dixie assures him that he will do a fantastic job. He leaves to go find his friends and David approaches her. She tells him that she knows he is the one responsible for the headsets and she wants to thank him. He starts a story about how he never had the things he wanted when he was growing up and that it made him a bitter man. He tells her that thanks to her he is a changed man and that he would like to be her friend. Bianca and Leo come in. She tells him that she is sorry for her mother's interference into throwing them into this date. The last entry for the contest starts. Junior and his band Dreamstreet do a fantastic job. Of course they win. Laura comes in and goes straight to Bianca. She wants to know if it's true. "Did you push me overboard?" Bianca looks at Laura and then spies Greenlee. "I thought we were friends" and Laura hurriedly leaves. Erica rushes in and goes straight to her daughter. She says that there is a rumor that Bianca pushed Laura into the water. Bianca says that it's not true but will not say anything else. Later, Bianca confronts Greenlee and angry words are exchanged between the two of them. Greenlee reminds Bianca of her lifestyle and the fact that she hasn't told her mother yet. Bianca runs out. Erica is over in a corner and a concerned David asks her what is wrong. In between sobs, she tells him that Bianca's life is in danger and she doesn't know what to do. Dixie is talking to her son. He asks her if he can go over to Frankie's. She agrees but then he asks her how she will get home. She tells him not to worry and the boys leave. Dixie spies David comforting Erica and she doesn't look too happy.

Police Department Derrick and Edmund are in a conference room and he is asking Edmund question. The questions end and Edmund asks if he is free to go. Derrick says that he has to go do something and that he will be back. He goes to the other room where Dimitri immediately wants to know if Edmund said anything. Derrick says no and that he is free to go. Dimitri wants to try something first. Derrick goes back in the room and tells Edmund that he is free to go. Edmund is putting on his coat when Dimitri comes in and closing the door. Dimitri starts goading his brother about the old days and how worthless he was. Reminding him of Christmases and even going so far as to strike the belt on the table. Edmund snaps and attacks his brother. Derrick and a cop come in and break it up. Edmund says that he is being framed. Later, a handcuffed Edmund is in the outer room with Dimitri and Derrick. A doctor shows up. Edmund tells them that if they take his handcuffs off he will go to Oak Haven. (Question: who is taking care of Maddie and Sam?

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