All My Children Update Wednesday 12/13/00

All My Children Update Wednesday 12/13/00

By Shauna

Adam’s House Liza asks Adam why he did what he did. Liza tells Adam what will happen when Hayley finds out what she did to her mother

School Leo asks Greenlee who really pushed Laura off the boat. Leo says, “Right, Bianca pushed Laura” and starts to walk off. Greenlee runs after him and kisses him. Greenlee asks if he has ever done it under the bleachers. Leo tells Greenlee that he loves her. Laura tells her mom that she remembers someone pushing her and that she thinks that it was Elliot.

Hospital Dixie asks Jake if it is serious and Junior tells his mom that it is just sprung. Jake jumps in and says that it is swollen. Junior asks Dixie if Tad is going to be there.

Adam’s House Liza tells Adam that he would lie and say that he killed Arlene to protect his children. Adam asks her if she understands now. Liza tells that she does but he needs to give her the benefit of the doubt and not be showered with gifts. She wants to be his partner. Adam asks if they are partners and Liza says yes. Adam says that he was worried for a moment. Liza says that she didn't care for Arlene and would not wish for something like this to happen to her but does not blame Arlene. Adam tells Liza that Miriam knows about what happened to Arlene.

School Laura's mom says that it wasn't Elliot that did it because he was in the yacht when it happened. Then she tells Laura that they both want Elliot to be wrong. Leo goes to ask Laura about being pushed.

Hospital Junior asks his mom what is taking her so long and she tells Junior that the car is locked but she will call a cab. Dixie gets off the phone and tells Junior that it will take 20 minutes. Dixie tells Junior if he wants to get to the hospital on time then she suggest that he take David up on her offer.

Adam's House Liza asks Adam how long her mother has known. Then Miriam jumps in and asks Adam if Liza knows, and then she asks Liza if she is in on it. They ask Adam who else knows and he tells them Mateo but he says Mateo still wants to tell Hayley. Arlene told Stuart that she was broke. Adam tells Miriam and Liza that he saw the $500,000.00 necklace on Arlene. Liza says that if they are going to stick together then they must lie together. Miriam says they are all in it together but she wants to tell Stuart. Adam and Liza tells Miriam that she better not tell Stuart. Miriam says that she told Stuart that she does not want to hear Arlene’s name again.

School Dixie tells David that she needs to apologize for Junior. Junior’s partner said that the headset got ran over so they have to pull out of the group. Dixie says that maybe they can borrow from another group, but his partner says that they are the only ones that sang harmony. Laura tells Leo that she got pushed off the boat and then he wants her to forget about it. Leo says for what it is worth she is handling it with grace. Leo says that there was no real harm done right? Laura continues saying that this will haunt her. Laura says that this was deliberate and that it was not an accident and she was the victim and somebody was after her. Leo says that he wishes he could help her but he cant. Leo says that all the people on the boat were drugged. Laura asks Leo whom he is covering for.

Adam's House Liza tells Adam that he needs to go to Europe and leave a paper trail so everyone will think that Arlene is living the high life at luxury spas.

Elliot’s Place Brooke apologizes to Elliot for her and Laura, and tells Elliot that she thinks that someone did push Laura off the boat.

School Leo says that he is so busted and that he pushed Laura over board. Laura says, “Oh, please your confession is so overboard.” Laura tells Leo that she has been away for a long time and she doesn't know who hates her so much. Greenlee comes in and interrupts Leo and Laura. Greenlee says that Leo has a big mouth.

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