All My Children Update Tuesday 12/12/00

All My Children Update Tuesday 12/12/00

By Merilee

School Greenlee, Bianca, Laura, and Leo are discussing the night on the Felicity. Laura is explaining to them that she know she did not fall overboard; she was pushed. The other three look at each other. Bianca tells her that she can't possibly be sure. Bianca heads for the door and Leo follows her. He gently admonishes her for leaving for New York without him. "How is Sarah?" Bianca replies that she's fine. Leo tells her that Erica wants him to take her out and show her a good time. Bianca stammers a reply. Greenlee is trying to convince Laura that it's probably best that she forget the whole incident. Laura reminds her that she can't swim and nearly drowned. "But, you had Leo, Ryan, and the preacher jumping to your rescue." The four are back together when Laura announces that she is going to find out who pushed her and there will probably be trouble.

Shelter Tina and Becca are discussing holiday plans. Becca tells her that she is going home for Christmas and invites the other girl to come along. Tina declines and explains that she has been invited to Adrian's for the holidays. She also says that Adrian wants her to move there permanently. Later, Brooke and Eliot are in her office. They are there to tell Ricky some good news. His father is still in jail but his aunt wants him to come to Hawaii to live with her. Ricky wholeheartedly agrees but says that he will miss the two of them. Ricky leaves and Brooke is on the phone when an angry Laura comes in. She calls Eliot a liar and slaps him.

Hospital Dixie comes running in and David jumps into his doctor mode. He's taking her pulse when Adam Jr. tells him to leave his mother alone. Dixie explains that she heard that Jr. was brought here because he hurt his hand. Venom comes spilling out of Junior's mouth and Dixie asks to speak to him alone. She reminds him that she no longer works for David and that the charges were dropped. Jr. reminds her that Tad hasn't forgiven him. Dixie finally calms him down but he wants his Uncle Jake to look at his hand. Jake comes over and after a brief examination; tells Dixie that no bones appear to be broken but he wants some ex rays just to be sure. Dixie apologizes for her son and David tells her that it is all right because he is just looking out for her. Moments later, Palmer comes in waving a newspaper demanding to see Joe. Jake calmly tells him that all the guests of the party were brought in and their test results were negative but that his own and Dixie's had traces of the drug in their blood. Palmer asks if that is why she was so sick. He then tears into David and warns him to stay away from Dixie. "I'm on to you." He tells him that he is on the board and that he will not stand for any of this. Dixie has come back and tells Palmer that she can speak for herself. In the examining room is a deaf girl named Molly, a nurse, and Tina. Tina does sign as Molly describes her symptoms. Jake has come in and tells the nurse that he wants them to go to ex ray. Jake and Tina are alone and he tells her that their deaf interpreter is on maternity leave and most likely will not be back. "Would you like the job?" Tina asks when can she start and when Jake says no; Tina takes the job.

Chandler Mansion Adam bellows for Winifred. If anybody wants him, he's out of the country. She wants to know if she should pack for him and he tells her that he's not really leaving. She wants to know what he wants her to do if anybody should want to know when he would return. Adam is busy doctoring the signatures n the divorce papers when the phone rings. It's Liza and she wants to know where he is. He tells her that he is on a plane and that they are getting ready to take off. He crumples up a piece of paper and tells her that there is static and hangs up. Imagine his surprise when Liza shows up in the doorway with her cell phone. After a long time of trying to put her off, he finally tells her the truth. (But, will it be the whole truth?)

By Shauna

School Leo asks if she was sure she was pushed. Laura tells that someone put two hands on her back and really wanted to push her in the water. Laura says that someone needs to be charged for it.

Hospital Dixie comes to the hospital after her son. David thinks that something is wrong with Dixie and pushes her into a wheel chair. Dixie's son comes out and tells David to get his hands off his mother.

Adam's House Adam signs the divorce papers. Liza calls and tells Adam that she is at the airport. Adam says that he is on the airplane and he has to go. Liza walks into Adam's office and says "Really", because she can hear him just fine. Liza says that she hasn't heard that bad connection trick since she was a teenager. Adam says that he is involved in a very strict business deal. Adam tries to bribe Liza but she grabs the divorce papers and finds that Adam forged Arlene’s signature.

Hospital Dixie explains to David that her son Junior fell of his scooter. Dixie talks Junior into letting David take a look at his wrist. Junior ends up seeing Jake and asks his uncle to look at it and not someone who is harassing his mother.

School Greenlee says that it must have been a joke, but Laura thinks that someone tried to kill her. Laura tells Greenlee that she spent too much of her life being picked on. Leo says that he is going to confront Bianca about giving her self up to Laura. Greenlee talks Leo out. Bianca goes to her locker to get something. Leo says that her mother wants him to take Bianca out. Greenlee tries to tell Laura that everyone was hallucinating that night. Laura says that when she finds out who pushed her that night she is going to make them pay. Leo asks Bianca if she is sure she doesn't know.

Hospital Dixie and her son argue about who is going to take care of his wrist. Dixie tells her son that David was only trying to help and they work it out. Dixie's son still wants his uncle to take a look at it. Dixie apologizes to David. Jake says that he doesn't see anything wrong with it but still wants an x-ray. Jake tells Dixie that he thinks that as long as the x-ray turns out ok, he will be able to do his gig that night.

Adam's House Liza asks if Arlene was there. Adam says that she was not there but tells Liza that Arlene faxed her signature. Liza says that they wouldn't accept it and that it is the real document. Liza says then it is a coincident that Adam signed the papers with the same pen that Arlene did. Liza says that this is insane; he forged Arlene’s signature. Liza says that he should rip the papers up. Adam tells Liza that Arlene will not sign the papers. Liza says as long as Arlene has breath in her body then she fight him. Liza asks "does she still have a breath in her body?"

School Greenlee tells Laura that she is taking it a little to over board. Laura tells Greenlee that she is going to tell her mom. Ricky gets the news that his aunt wants him to come live with him.

Apartment Tia tells her roommate that Adrian wants her to move to Alabama but she doesn't want to because she wants to stay and grown roots in pine valley.

Hospital Dixie's father accuses David off coming onto Dixie and he wants David to stay away from his daughter. Dixie jumps in and says that she can defend herself.


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