All My Children Update Friday 12/08/00

All My Children Update Friday 12/08/00

By Shauna

Apartment Leo asks Greenlee if she pushed Laura overboard. Erica comes over and tells Leo that he was very irresponsible and that she had to track Bianca down in New York.

School Laura asks Bianca how it went. Bianca replies that it was ok. Then the girls come over and start harassing Bianca and Laura. The girl that tattled says that they deserve it, and that she heard Laura is a slut.

Tad and Dixie's House Something's wrong with David. He starts breathing heavy. Dixie asks him what is wrong but David won't tell her.

Hospital Liza asks Tad why he is at the Ob/Gyn. Tad says haven't you ever seen a husband there.

Yacht One of the divers brought up something. It happened to be Alex’s broach that she wore that night of the party.

School Laura says that what if she is a lesbian and they tell Shannon that she will fade like any fad. Laura tells Bianca that she is smart and sweet and she thinks for herself. A guy walks up and hands her a picture. He says that it is on the Internet.

Erica's House Leo tries to cover for her. Erica says that she knows why Bianca went to New York and Leo asks if she told her. Erica goes on and says that she walked in on them and Laura is getting married and Bianca is banned from Sarah’s wedding because of Sarah's horrible mother. Erica says that she will give Leo one more chance so Erica asks Leo to take Bianca out and distract her, to basically take her out on a date.

Yacht "That's it, that is all you've found?” asks Edmund. Miriam says that it is going to be hard on Dimitri and Edmund about Alex. Adam tells Miriam that he is going to forge Arlene's signature on the divorce papers.

Hospital Leslie comes out and tells Liza that her car wouldn't start so Tad took her to the Ob/Gyn but Liza does not believe her. She tells Tad that she thinks something is going on between them.

Erica's House Leo says that taking Bianca out on a date is not the job description that he thought of. Erica says that it is taking her out one night since he let her go to New York alone. Leo tells Greenlee and Greenlee says that if Erica finds out the Grey will hit the fan. Greenlee tells Leo just to leave Bianca alone. Leo asks Greenlee to tell what happened on the yacht. Greenlee tries to blame Bianca for pushing Laura off the boat.

Hospital Leslie and Liza argue about Tad taking a test at the Ob/Gyn. Tad says that he is checking for labetazone.

Tad and Dixie's House David asks why Dixie keeps on listening to him. Dixie replies that he is her pal. David plays Dixie and says that he will not be the reason that she would be unhappy because he loves her.

School Bianca says that they can put other heads on those pictures. Bianca says that the Laura in those pictures does not exist anymore. Laura says that those pictures will be on the net. Bianca tells Laura that she gave Bianca the courage to continue.

Erica's House Greenlee says that the drug probably made her see things that Bianca pushed Laura over the boat. Leo says that it is so far fetched and Leo says that it better be true.

Hospital Tad tells Liza what happened and he saw her at Thanksgiving and knew something must have happened. Liza tells him that he could go make sure that there is nothing wrong with the investors, and by the time Tad got back, things would have settled down and he could have his test results by then.


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