All My Children Update Thursday 12/07/00

All My Children Update Thursday 12/07/00

By Merilee

Tad's and Dixie's House Tad is reading the newspaper out loud when Dixie comes in with a box of Christmas decorations. He admonishes her for doing the lifting but she reminds him that it's only Christmas decorations. She reminds him that they have a date to get a tree tonight. "Did you forget? No."  He asks her about the article in the paper and she is having a hard time believing it. He makes to leave for work and she holds up a glove. "Were you going to tell me that Leslie was here?" He tells her a story and reminds her that he has to go to work. He opens the door to find Leslie standing there. Leslie looks surprised to see Dixie there. Tad tells them that he has to get to work and Leslie reminds him that her firm is now a part of Chandler Enterprises. A little bit later there is a knock at the door. Dixie opens the door to David and he tells her that the results of her blood test were positive and that there were traces of the drug in her blood. He reminds her that she is supposed to take it easy for a couple of days but she tells him that it's Christmas and that she is only decorating. She shows him a candlestick and explains that it belonged to her great grandmother and that she had brought it from Ireland. She came over here with this and the clothes on her back. She also shows him a snowball that was got at the world's fair. Her grandparents got it when they were young.

Felicity Ryan is reading the paper and he can't believe what he sees. Gillian enters the room and he welcomes her wholeheartedly. Adam comes bursting in from the outside waving a paper and demands to know what happened. Ryan swears that he was not responsible and promises Adam that he will do damage control by making calls and sending emails. Hayley and Mateo come in and Hayley immediately goes to Ryan and tells him what she thinks of what is going on. Mateo whispers to Adam about the trouble that may be about to happen. He explains that Dimitri and Edmund are on board with some divers. Alex has disappeared and they are diving to see if they can find her body. He had better do something and quick. Adam tells the diver that he thinks they are making a mistake and they should be looking for somebody who is alive. Later, Mateo, Haley, Dimitri, Edmund, and Adam are in the room when the diver comes in. He tells Dimitri that they have found something. Adam has told Mateo that Arlene saw him throw Arlene's body overboard and that she has guessed the rest. When the diver divulges his information to Dimitri, Marion has joined them and hears it.

Ryan's Apartment Greenlee is reading the paper and Leo is trying to wake up. He wants to know where Happy is. "The super took him on a walk." She tells him how happy she is that Ryan is finally getting his and Leo gets upset and reaches for his things. "Where are you going?" He tells her that he is tired of listening to her talk about him all the time. She tells him that she does not want Ryan and that she loves only him. She placates him with sweet talk and he finally gives in. (sickening) They end up making love. Ryan and Gillian walk in and Ryan demands to know what they are doing there and how did they get in since he changed the locks a week ago. Greenlee tells him that Marion gave them the keys. The two girls are left on their own and Gillian starts in on Greenlee. A catfight starts and Ryan grabs Gillian as Leo grabs Greenlee. Ryan demands that Leo and Greenlee leave. Gillian takes great delight in throwing Greenlee's shoes at her.

OB/GYN Tad asks Leslie why they are here and she tells him that she knows the doctor and that she will be discreet. They begin talking about the drug and the party and what happened between them. Tad tells her that it was a one-time thing only and that if it hadn't been for that drug he would have never slept with Leslie. She reminds him that the drug brought out certain feelings in people. The doctor calls her back. Tad gets up and starts walking around. He bends over the water fountain when he hears a familiar voice. Liza wants to know what he is doing there.

Erica's House Greenlee and Leo are talking about the events on the boat. She reminds him that everybody was acting strange that night. She lets it slip about Laura being pushed overboard and Leo catches her in it. "Yesterday, she fell overboard and today you say she was pushed.

By Shauna

Apartment Leo asks Greenlee where Happy is and Greenlee responds with that he is outside being walked. Greenlee reads the newspaper and it says that Ryan Lavery slipped Labetazone to his guest.

Yacht Ryan reads the newspaper and how it blames him for the drugging of the party. Gillian comes in and rubs Ryan’s shoulder. Adam comes in and asks Ryan if he is incompetent and shows him the newspaper article. Ryan said to Adam that it is not the best time to talk about it. Gillian wants to sue the Newspaper for slander; Adam says that you have to sue it for liable. Gillian says that it is ridiculous. Adam says that he needs to get a hold of his firm. Adam says that it is about image and that he wants the company to look good and to contact his investors and tell them that this was not true. 

Apartment Leo tells Greenlee that he doesn't want to hear Ryan's name anymore and that Greenlee obsesses over Ryan more than she loves him. Greenlee tries to get Leo to stay and not leave. Greenlee says that she can't help seeing Ryan's face plastered on a newspaper and feeling joy for him going down. Greenlee tells Leo that she is completely in Love with him.

Tad and Dixie's House Tad and Dixie agree to go pick up a Christmas tree at 6 o’clock tonight. Tad says that he will call Dixie before he leaves for home. Leslie shows up at the front door. Leslie asks Dixie when she got home from the hospital. Leslie says that he forgot their appointment. Leslie and Tad leave and tad kisses Leslie behind. David shows up at the house and says that he got the blood test back and that that it showed traces of Labetazone.

Apartment Leo and Greenlee talk about the drug Labetazone after they make love. Ryan asked if they know what they spiked that night because he had a lot of the puffs. Greenlee asked if Leo had to be drugged to say I love you to her. Leo tells Greenlee that he loves her.

Yacht Edmund and Dimitri asked if Ryan had moved the Yacht since that night. Ryan tells Dimitri and Edmund that he hopes that they find Alex. Adam says that they are working against strong currents and any one who would have fallen over would have died by now. Ryan and Gillian go to the loft. Mateo asks Adam what will they do if they find the body. Adam tells Mateo that he will not let Hayley find out about it.

Hospital Leslie says that she is paying cash for the procedure and that her partner is parking the car. Tad asks why Leslie picked an ob-gyn office and Leslie says that he doesn't need to worry because a lot of wives bring their husbands in the office. Leslie says that when she was in junior high school she had a crush on Tad. Leslie says that she has better things to do this morning and she is trying to make something good about it.

Tad and Dixie's House David takes Dixie's blood pressure and he tells her that it did not do permanent damage. Dixie asks how Ryan can drug a whole boat full of people. David goes through their Christmas decorations. Dixie goes on talks about the Christmas stuff and what it means to her. Dixie asks David what he is doing for Christmas.

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