All My Children Update Wednesday 12/06/00

All My Children Update Wednesday 12/06/00

By Shauna

Erica's House Bianca takes off upstairs like a dash. Erica apologizes to Bianca for not telling her that Sarah called. Erica tells Bianca that they are going to forget what happened and never mention it again. Jack tells Erica that he needs to tell her something.

Apartment Leo and Greenlee come to this apartment and find Greenlee's pooch (happy) at the front door. Leo notices the dog is clean and Leo tells Greenlee that she sabotaged him from going to New York.

Ryan's House Jake accuses Ryan of drugging his guest of Labetazone to steal his wife away. Ryan thinks that it is absurd.

Hospital Dixie comes out of her room dressed, she tells Hayward that she is going home to her husband.

Tad and Dixie’s House Leslie shows up and says she has made the medical appointments and barges in the house. She tells Tad that she is scarred and needs some reassurance. She asks tad what it is like to be tested. Tad tells her there is nothing to worry about and Dixie and him have been faithful. Leslie says that she wants Tad to tell her about his sexual history for the last ten yrs.

Hospital Hayward calls the newspaper and tells he has a story about Ryan Lavery's party. Dixie tells Hayward that they know what caused her episode and that she is leaving home and she is strong to go home.

Ryan's House Jake continues blaming Ryan and tells the police officer that Ryan drugged everyone on his yacht. Jake tells the officer to arrest Ryan and he will get the medical proof.

Erica's House Erica says the only thing they can give Bianca is to reserve her feelings. Erica says she told Bianca about the day that her best friend that stole her boyfriend and that Bianca did not open up. Erica tells jack that she thinks she had a part in Bianca's problem.

Apartment Leo wants to know how she pulled her scheme off and he says it shows a funny creativity to her. Greenlee says that she will not confess until he tells her that he is not mad at her.

Ryan’s House The officer says that if Jake gets the proof he will arrest Ryan. Jake tells the officer that the lab guy will help him with the lab questions. The officer asks Ryan if he can ask some questions.

Tad and Dixie's House Dixie comes home and she is so happy to see tad. Tad says that he has a lot of work for tomorrow. Dixie talks about sneaking in a couple of times during the day. Tad says that he will never get any work done.

Erica's House Erica talks to Bianca about Bianca's doll and how she had to have the same clothes as her doll. They talk about old times and then Bianca tells that she is tired.

Ryan's House Gillian tells Ryan that she doesn't think that it was him that drugged everyone. Ryan tells Gillian that he is glad someone believes him but if the newspapers get it, it will do damage to his newspaper.

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