All My Children Update Tuesday 12/05/00

All My Children Update Tuesday 12/05/00

By Merilee

Chandler Mansion Adam, Hayley, and Mateo are still discussing Arlene. Adam reminds his daughter that she better hurry up and keep her date with her little sister. The two of them leave and Adam bellows for Winifred. She comes in and Adam tells her to clear out Arlene's things. She says she'll do it first thing in the morning but he says that she will do it right now. She jumps to his bidding. Later, she comes downstairs with some clothes. "Is that all? No, the closets are full of her stuff." He wants everything out as soon as possible. She goes back upstairs and later comes back with a bunch of stuff. Adam tells her that he wants her to burn everything and Winifred tells him that this would be a bonfire she would like to see.

Wildwinde Dimitri and Eugenia are talking about the missing Alex. He tells her that he has some men overseas looking for her. Gillian and Ryan come in wanting to share their excitement. Gillian shows her engagement ring to Eugenia and Dimitri and both of them are happy for the couple. Eugenia asks if a wedding date has been set and Gillian tells her that she wants to wait until after her divorce from Jake. Gillian wants to show Alex her ring and Dimitri tells her that that is not possible because she has been missing since the night of the party. There is a noise in the hall and Edmund and Derek come in. Derek explains that he found Edmund at the airport. Edmund says that he was on his way to England to some of his and Alex's haunts and maybe visit her mother. Dimitri is not buying any of this and Edmund asks if he is under arrest. Derek tells him no and Edmund leaves. Dimitri wants Derek to put a 24-hour tail on his brother. Derek asks when was the last time that anybody saw Alex and Ryan tells him that she was seen in the return boat with a man. Ryan suggests to Derek that it might be a good idea for him to send some divers down to the bottom and search.

Hospital Jake is asking Gordon about the blood tests of the guests at the party. He says that it is awfully suspicious that his blood tests shoed traces of the drug while everybody else's didn't. David comes to Gordon's rescue. He suggests that the lab technician was doing some rush work for him and was possibly overworked by the time he got around to the other blood tests. Jake reminds them that that is grounds for dismissal. David once again saves the day and suggests that Gordon go to the lab and retest the blood samples. Dixie comes out and wants to know what all the commotion is about.

Gatehouse Marion lets Hayley and Mateo in. Mateo tells his wife that he is needed at SOS and leaves. Stuart and Hayley sit down and Hayley starts talking about Arlene. She is holding the letter and telling her uncle that it is very strange for Arlene to leave and not say good-bye. She tells him that her mother always had to have the last word. Marion comes in bearing hot chocolate.

Chandler Mansion Mateo has come back and tells Adam that he is going to tell Hayley the truth. He is finding it difficult to lie to his wife. Mateo starts playing out scenarios and reminds Adam that police will question Hayley if Arlene's body washes up.

Gatehouse Mateo has come to pick up his wife. They leave and Marion turns to Stuart and he tells her that she is keeping something from him. Marion covers up and makes Stuart promise never to mention Arlene's name again.

Dixie's Room David ushers Dixie back to bed with Jake following them. She asks if there might be a possibility that the drug could have gotten into her system and that is why she is having heart problems. David says that it is a possibility and goes to her phone to arrange for a blood test.

Hospital David sees Gordon at the desk. Gordon says all the blood samples have been destroyed and David gives him some money to leave town. Jake and David leave Dixie's room. David says that it might be a possibility that Ryan used the drug and maybe that is what happened to Gillian.

Wildwinde Jake corners Gillian and asks his wife if she was in the stateroom to meet him or Ryan. Before she can answer, Ryan reminds Jake that he was the one who asked her to the room.


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