All My Children Update Monday 12/04/00

All My Children Update Monday 12/04/00

By Shauna

Restaurant Ryan and Gillian are talking about how it was a dream... just the two of them. Gillian sees Jake and tells Ryan maybe they should leave. Ryan tells Gillian that they all live in the same town and it wasn't a good idea. Ryan tells Gillian that he is going to talk to Jake about a business manner.

Adamís House Mateo knows what happened to Arlene and saw a man drop Arlene's purse off. Adam says that Arlene could have dropped it on the deck.

Hospital Leslie shows up and tells Tad that she has a surprise for him. Dixie overhears and wants to see the surprise. Leslie says that it is actually for Dixie. Leslie brought her crackers and a magazine.

Sarah's House Erica wants to know what Sarah did to Bianca. Erica said she spoke to Sarah's mom. Erica said Sarah's mom said that Bianca was a bad influence on her daughter and some pretty bad things about Bianca. Erica wants to know why Bianca is upset and demands to know now.

Hospital Leslie agrees with Dixie that she would take Tad and make sure that he gets a decent meal. Leslie says she owes it to Tad for helping her with a client.

Restaurant Ryan asks the lab guy if everyone that came from his party is ok. Jake overhears and says that Ryan is covering his tracks. Tad and Leslie start to order and Leslie says that she needs to know if there was something to worry about because they did not have sex. They both agree to have a test done but away from the county general hospital.

Sarah's House Sarah explains to Erica that her mom wasnít going to invite Bianca to her wedding and that she doesn't want to remember that Sarah had an eating disorder. Sarah goes on explaining that her mother is the traditional type and she didn't like Sarah when she had the eating disorder and that she blames Bianca for a lot of it. Erica tells Sarah not to call Bianca or visit her because she needs to protect her daughter from Sarah's mom. Sarah agrees.

Hospital David asks Dixie if she trust Tad with a beautiful woman like Leslie. Dixie says that she doesnít see why not.

Restaurant Jake confronts the lab guy. Jake tells him that he had a test done on himself in a different lab and it showed traces of Labetazone. The lab guy says he doesn't know what the symptoms of Labetazone would be.

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