All My Children Update Friday 12/01/00

All My Children Update Friday 12/01/00

By Shauna

Adams House Marian wants to tell Stuart about Arlene. Adam tells Marian to keep it quiet because if Hayley finds out she will beat her self up for Arlene's death.

Erica's House Erica is upset because Bianca has gone to New York and she thinks that she has run away.

Sarah's House Bianca shows up at Sarah's house. Sarah says to Bianca that she was surprised that Erica told Bianca that Sarah called.

Erica's House Jack asks Erica why she thinks Bianca ran away. Erica explained that Sarah called and she gave Sarah a piece of her mind. "Did Sarah leave a phone number?" asks Jack. Erica says no. They check the caller ID, but the numbers are all erased. Erica tells Jack that she never erases it.

Sarah's House Sarah tells Bianca that her mom found one of Bianca's letters and her mother knows about them. Sarah told Bianca that she is sorry that she wrote a snotty letter and told her to stay away.

Restaurant Hayley says all that she thinks of now that she knows Arlene is alive is that she tried to kill her. Hayley and Mateo get up to leave and they are going to go to Adam's house.

Hospital Leslie meets with David on their little agreement and plan. David goes to see Dixie and he tells her she is going to stay one more day. A nurse jumps in and asks why. David talks to her outside and tells her not to question his judgment.

Adam's House Hayley shows up and wants Adam to help her find her mother, Arlene. Adam says that he thinks that he can help her and that a package arrived.

Erica's House Erica read Bianca's diary and address book and Erica called a Mrs. Livingston about Bianca leaving to New York. Mrs. Livingston tells Erica that her daughter is not to be around Sarah and she hangs up on her.

Sarah's House Sarah told Bianca what her mother said about Bianca and how she thinks that Bianca brainwashed her. Sarah said she didn't know that it would be that hard to be together. Bianca tells Sarah that she loves her. Sarah's fiancÚ' Ian shows up and Ian tells Bianca that Sarah and Ian are getting married. Sarah sends Ian to go pick up the invitations.

Hospital David asks Dixie about trust between Dixie and Tad. David asks Dixie what if Tad slept again. Dixie says that it can never happen again.

Adam's House Adam shows Hayley with a letter from Arlene and lets Hayley read it. Adam asks Hayley to follow her mother's directions.

Sarah's House Bianca asks Sarah if she loves Ian. Sarah says that she will finally have a life that she can live. Bianca is really upset and crying telling Sarah that her dad left her a lot of money and she can make it possible. Erica and Jack show up and ask what did the horrible girl do to her.


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