All My Children Update Thursday 11/30/00

All My Children Update Thursday 11/30/00

By Shauna

Erica's House Greenlee visits Leo with a whole bunch of apartments. Leo tells Greenlee first of all that he has to go to New York for a photo shoot. "Bianca, how could you without me?" asks Erica. Bianca tells Erica that Laura's pictures turned out better because Erica intimidates Bianca. Erica goes outside and asks Leo to look over Bianca and Laura in New York.

Hospital Jake tells Gillian he wants no contact with her for a while. Gillian tells Jake that she is resigning her position and going to volunteer and a different hospital. Gillian tells Jake's mother she is sorry about Thanksgiving. Jake's mother told Gillian that Jake will always love Gillian. Jake's test results come in. Dixie's heart goes into another arrhythmia and David gets it under control.

Boat "How can you possibly understand. You didn't try to kill you mother!" says Hayley. Ryan tells Hayley to be happy that Arlene is gone and out of her life. Ryan tells Hayley to let the rage disappear with Arlene and Mateo will always be there for her.

Erica's House Greenlee tells Bianca that Leo is going apartment hunting, not to New York. Greenlee is being a witch like usual. Erica walks out with Leo and tells Greenlee that they have to discuss business tonight so they go inside and Greenlee gets shut outside.

School Laura tells Marcus that Bianca and him never had a fling. Laura tells Marcus that he took pictures of him in the shower and locker room. Laura got the girls to leave. Bianca tells Laura that her mom wants her to take the pictures and she gets to go to New York City to do a photo shoot. All expenses paid.

Boat Hayley gives Gillian advice on following her heart.

Hospital The blood test came back on Jake and it contained traces of Labitizone. Jake called his father over and they canít figure out why it didn't show up on all the other lab reports.

School Bianca tells Leo and Laura that she is going to ride on the train to New York. Greenlee calls and asks Leo for help.

Hospital Jake's father talks to Hayworth. He tells Jake's father that Tad was interrupting his procedure.

School Erica asks Laura where Bianca is. Laura tells Erica that Bianca and her do not have the same classes but she will give the outfit to her. After Laura leaves a girl tattle tales on Laura and says that Laura lied to Erica. She tells Erica that Bianca left for New York on the train.

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