All My Children Update Wednesday 11/29/00

All My Children Update Wednesday 11/29/00

By Shauna 

Basketball Game Bianca tells Laura that she didn't jump off the boat. Bianca told Laura had a fun time dancing with Leo and she was showing the pictures she took to them. Bianca tells Laura that Erica would hire Laura in a heartbeat.

Erica's House Erica answers the phone and it is Sarah. Erica tells Sarah not to hang up because she needs to ask her a question.

Basketball Game Bianca tells Laura that she met Sarah at rehab and they helped each other out. Bianca tells that she remembers some of the days were black and when she looks back it wasn’t so black. Sarah lives in Boston. Laura thinks she was an uncoordinated spaz and that is why she fell off the boat.

Erica's House Erica tells Sarah to never call again. Outside, Greenlee tells Leo that she thinks he is afraid that he will be unfaithful. Greenlee says that she thinks it would be better if Laura moved in with Bianca. Leo tells Greenlee that he doesn't want to move in with her yet because money is the problem and he wants to be able to pay half.

Boathouse Leslie tells Tad that she blew off one of her client’s cause she thought Tad wanted to meet with her and maybe she had a chance. Tad apologizes and says that he wants to be friends so he agrees to go with Leslie to see her client as a friend.

Hospital Dixie wakes up and asks for Tad. She says that she felt a surge of energy, and then she passed out. She thinks it was a heart Arrhythmia like she used to have. The Lab guy fudged her blood test. Dixie's body goes up in toxic levels.

Erica's House Bianca finds Leo on the porch and asks what he is thinking about. Leo tells Bianca that he is going to be moving in with Greenlee. Bianca tells him that she doesn't see why he can't see what Greenlee is really about. Bianca goes inside and Erica tells her that Sarah called and that she confronted Sarah about stealing Bianca's boyfriend. Bianca runs out of the house and asks Leo to help her get to Boston without Erica knowing.

Hospital David assists in Dixie's reaction and gives her a shot. Jake doesn't like it and goes outside to talk to his father. Dixie wakes up and thanks David for giving her the shot and saving her once again. Mean while Jake outside tells his dad that he thinks it is the same drug that everyone is reacting to. He tells his dad that he is going to be running a blood test in an outside lab because the levels in the blood are too consistent.

Diner Leslie's client questions Leslie about Tad and says that she thinks that he is more than just a friend. Leslie asks, "How do you know?"  She says that she can tell. Leslie explains that some marriages are boring and they need more to life.

Hospital Tad arrives and finds Dixie there. Dixie tells Tad that she is glad that he is there. Dixie explains that when she fainted the only think that she could think of was Tad. Tad tells her that he loves her.

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