All My Children Update Tuesday 11/28/00

All My Children Update Tuesday 11/28/00

By Merilee

Erica's House Bianca and Leo are getting ready to go. The doorbell rings and Leo answers it. He lets Greenlee in and Bianca wants to know why she is here. "Leo invited me." Leo goes upstairs and Greenlee shows off the present that she has for Laura. Bianca really doesn't want to talk about it and reminds Greenlee that she knows what she did at the party. An argument between the two follows and Bianca slaps Greenlee. (Good girl) From the doorway, Erica has seen this and lets them know it. She wants to know what is going on. Greenlee jumps in and assures her that they were talking about Laura. Leo comes back and announces that it's time to go. Bianca tells her mother that they are going to the community center. Erica reminds them that it might be dangerous at this hour but Leo says that it will be okay. After, they leave; Erica turns around to find Jackson in her living room. He wants to apologize for his behavior on the yacht. The two of them sit down to talk about this and it is agreed that they love each other but not in that way.

Martin House Dixie and Tad are on the front porch talking about Leslie. Poor Dixie has the wrong idea and says that all of this is her fault. David is also to blame but that it's mostly her fault. Tad tries to tell her otherwise but Dixie won't let him get a word in. He finally tells her that he has some work that he needs to attend to in the office and that he won't be long.

Park Tad stops to make a call on his phone. He wants to meet Leslie and they agree to meet at the boathouse.

Community Center Eliot is talking to some kids. He wishes them good luck and they run off. He sees Laura and inquires her about how she feels. She tells him that she feels fine but again starts apologizing for what she said. Brooke witnesses a grateful Laura thanking him for saving her life. She leaves and he sees Brooke. Eliot wants to know if she feels that he saved Laura to somehow seek her forgiveness for killing her other daughter. He also tells her the good news about the funding for the hot breakfasts has come through. Brooke is happy about this and leaves. Later, Laura has come back when Leo, Bianca, and Greenlee walk in. Greenlee gives Laura the bag she has been carrying. It's a top of the line camera. Laura says that she can't accept it but Greenlee tells her that it will just sit in her closet because she doesn't know how to use it. She asks Leo to take her home. "But, we just got here." The two of them eventually leave and Bianca asks Laura what's wrong. Laura tells Bianca about her bad track record in her life. She somehow thinks she might have wanted to commit suicide.

Outside Erica's House Greenlee tells Leo that it is time they made a commitment in their relationship. (Does this mean that they will move in together?)

Chandler Mansion Winifred is telling Adam, Hayley, and Mateo about the phone call from Arlene. She wants to meet Adam. Hayley wants to go with him but her father insists that he go alone. Hayley turns to her husband and Adam sneaks out.

Boathouse Adam is waiting for Arlene when a hooded woman comes in. "Arlene?" Marion takes off the hood and he wants to know what she is doing there. She tells him that she saw him throw Arlene's body overboard. She also tells him that she will forge Arlene's signature on the divorce papers. He says that it wouldn't work because Liza is too smart and she'll figure it out. Marion finally figures out that he is covering for Hayley. They agree to go on with the plan but he offers one stipulation. "Do not tell Stuart." Marion reluctantly agrees and they shake hands on it. Later, the boathouse is deserted when Tad comes in. Leslie joins him minutes later. He tells her that whatever happened on the yacht will never happen again because he is committed to Dixie. Leslie starts crying and tells him that all the men in her life have done the same stuff over and over.

Tad's and Dixie's House Dixie is coming down the stairs when she suddenly stops. "Maybe, I did get food poisoning at the party." She continues downstairs but falls into a heap at the front door.


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