All My Children Update Monday 11/27/00

All My Children Update Monday 11/27/00

By Shauna

Liza's Mother's House Liza and her mother talk about Adam's proposal. Liza's maid tells Liza that she has a beautiful big rock.

Boat Adam looks out the window in the water and tells Ryan that he sees a tree limb. Ryan tells Adam that he got Liza to come and he saw Liza's new big rock. Adam tells Ryan that he didn't finish the job.

Tad's Parents' House Tad stops at the front door and sees the woman he was with last night. Tad says that last night must have been a reflex.

Boat Mateo and Hayley discuss about Arlene being there last night. Mateo recalls seeing Arlene. Hayley tells Mateo that she swears up and down that she strangled Arlene to death. Adam tells Ryan that his party

Yacht Dimitri questions Edmund where is whereabouts were. Edmund tells Dimitri to stop blaming him and think about who really took Alex against her will. Dimitri tells Edmund that Alex would have not left the Yacht and only against her will.

Boat Hayley and Mateo agree that they both saw Arlene. Adam tells Hayley to forget about Arlene and that everything was taken care of. Ryan tells Hayley to explain to him about the party. Both Mateo and Hayley

Jakes Parents' House Gillian tells Jake that she came to talk to him. Tad and Dixie go to Tad's parents for Thanksgiving. They all discuss what is happening between Gillian and Jake. Gillian tells Jake that she did not leave because she loved him. Gillian tells Jake that it was her fault that she thought Jake gave up on her. Gillian explains that she thought it was over between her and Ryan but it wasn't because he loved her more. Gillian tells Jake that Ryan loved her more and when something went wrong with Jake and Gillian Jake would leave and go on a rescue mission.

Boat Hayley and Mateo talk about Mateo going to look on deck again. Ryan asks Hayley what is really going on. Hayley tells Ryan that Mateo went to go look for the head crewman. Then Hayley asks how Ryan thought his party went. He says very well. Ryan tells Gillian that they raise over $500,000.00 and he is going to be cutting a check to the hospital tomorrow. Ryan tells Hayley that him and Gillian are back together.

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