All My Children Update Tuesday 11/21/00

All My Children Update Tuesday 11/21/00  

By Merilee

Cabin Tad slowly wakes up and he looks like he is in a great deal of pain. He looks around the room in a daze and slowly gets up.

Another Cabin Poor Mateo.  The guy is totally out of it and Arlene is trying to have her way with him.  She tries to wake him up and when that doesn't work; she climbs on top of him.  A moaning Mateo thinking that it's Haley is very receptive.  Haley is witnessing this from the door and something makes her mother turn around.  She throws her mother off and while Arlene is trying to get dressed; Haley is trying to wake her husband.  "What did you do to him?"  Arlene runs out the door with Haley following shortly thereafter.  A catfight ensues on the deck and Haley grabs for Arlene's throat.  Arlene goes down and Haley is stunned.  She tries to wake her up but Arlene doesn't stir.  Haley panics and runs back to her cabin.  There is a close-up of Arlene.  (What's that?   It looks like Vanessa's necklace around her neck.)  Haley grabs her husband and tells him that she just killed Arlene.  Both of them go tearing out of the cabin and back to the deck but the body is gone.

Felicity Marion arrives and looks around the room.  David tells her to enjoy herself and Marion trots off happily.   Palmer and Becca are dancing and Vanessa tries to take back her husband.  Erica is telling Jackson that she knows he loves her but just as friends.  He gets upset when he hears this and walks off in a huff.  Ryan is running around trying to make sure that everyone is having a good time.  (From the looks of things, I don't think he has to worry) He moves towards Gillian.  He asks her to meet him in his cabin and she agrees.  Opal comes running in.  Somebody has gone overboard.  Ryan, Leo, David, and Eliot take off for the deck.  Brooke finds out that it's Laura in the water and takes off after the men.  Eliot dives in and Ryan follows.  Together, the two men bring Laura back to the yacht.  On deck, Erica and Jackson have found a passed out Bianca.  David reassures Erica that her daughter will be okay and then he goes back over to Laura.  Ryan is carrying Laura and everybody follows him into the party room.  Jackson and Erica are trying to cope with Bianca but she is still pretty much out of it.  She's asking for Sarah.  Erica explains that that was Bianca's best friend at rehab and that Sarah had stolen Bianca's girlfriend.   (I don't think Jackson believes it) Back where Laura is; the girl has been revived but David wants her to go to the hospital.  Brooke tells her the part that Eliot played in saving her.  Laura thanks him and apologizes for her earlier remarks.  Greenlee is hovering by both scenes so that she can hear what is being said.  Dixie comes back into the room.  Leslie also comes in but from the other direction.

Outside (I don't know who is more tipsy, Adam or Liza).  She has accepted his ring but wants to get married tonight.  There's a drawback though; Arlene hasn't signed the divorce papers. He tells her that Arlene is on bard and that she is working as a waitress.  He leaves to go find his wife.  Marion is trying to talk some sense into her daughter but Liza is not listening.  Marion tells her that her eyes look funny.  Later, Adam rejoins Liza.  She wants to know about Arlene but Adam is not saying anything.

Felicity Tad has rejoined the party and Dixie spots him and goes to him.  She immediately starts apologizing about David but Tad says it's okay.  They start dancing and they are hugging and kissing each other.  He looks up and Leslie blows him a kiss.  Tad and Dixie leave. David tells Leslie that she had a good time tonight.  Poor Opal.  She can't get enough to eat and she is dropping food all over the place. 

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