All My Children Update Friday 11/17/00

All My Children Update Friday 11/17/00

By Merilee

Darn these stupid ABC news interruptions

Cabin (I missed the first few minutes of what happened between those two.)  Gillian is telling him that it is getting harder and harder to hide her feelings.  He literally reminds her that she made her choice and that he is getting on with his life.  He leaves and a few minutes later; Jake comes bursting through the door.  He's been wondering where she was and what happened.

Another Cabin Liza and Adam are together.  He is promising all kinds of good things to her but she is showing reservations.  She tells him that she is tired of him making promises and not keeping any of them.  She brings out a little book and starts reading off dates of what he said.  Adam takes the book and chuckles.  It's full of dates like pediatrician appointments.  He pulls out a ring and asks her to marry him. 

Felicity Ryan enters the room and Haley asks him for a few words but he brushes her off and tells her not yet.  He walks into the room and thanks people for coming.  Tad and Dixie are together with Jake and Gillian.  David is with Leslie but he is thinking of his conversation with Gordon.  He tells her to give him a few minutes and then go to Tad and tell him that she has to speak to him alone.  He makes his move towards the bar.  Alex, Dimitri, and Edmund are right outside arguing.  The two men want to continue their conversation on the deck.  Alex starts to follow them but Erica stops her.  "You just can't stop, can you?"  She reminds her of the fact that the two brothers were doing fine until she came along.  Back inside, David is at the bar and getting ready to pour the potent drug into Tad's drink when Alex stops him.  Laura, Leo, and Bianca are standing together.  Leo spies Greenlee with Bill and asks Laura to dance.  Greenlee asks Bill about his dancing technique.  "I'm the best."  Both couples start dancing with Greenlee watching Leo and Leo watching Greenlee.  Palmer and Vanessa look like they are enjoying themselves.  (little do they know that Arlene is slithering around them) Becca asks Greenlee if she is having a good time.  She looks over at Leo and Laura and rubs it in.  Greenlee stalks off.

Deck Dimitri and Edmund are still arguing.  Edmund swears that he will never do anything to hurt Dimitri and Alex.   He'd rather die, first.  Brooke overhears this and the look on her face says it all.  

The Second Cabin A steward knocks on the door and lets Adam and Liza know that Mr. Lavery is about to make his speech and would like them to be there.

Another Cabin Alex tells David that she knows everything about the drug.   David tries to cover for himself by reminding her that not too long ago that she was having problems and asks if she is seeing a psychiatrist.  Alex wants to report him to Joe.  He says that if she does that he will bring up all of her problems.

Felicity Everybody is now in the party room.  David sees his opportunity and tries to pour the drug into Tad's drink but accidentally spills it into the punch bowl.  Leo makes his speech and then starts handing out the punch.  He gives the first cup to Erica for being the biggest celebrity there and he gives the second cup to Tad.  David is eyeing everybody and denies taking any of the punch for himself.

Deck David is out there when Dixie approaches him and says that she didn't know that he would be there.  Tad is suddenly there and tells David to leave his wife alone.


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