All My Children Update Thursday 11/16/00

All My Children Update Thursday 11/16/00

By Merilee

Tempo Edmund and Alex are discussing Dimitri.  She tells Edmund that his brother is worried and wants her to stay away from him.  He is afraid that Edmund will hurt her.  Edmund states that he would never hurt another person and starts to say more but Brooke and Laura come in.   Things start to look interesting when Eliot shows up.  He explains to Brooke that Reverend Taylor is sick and has asked him to go to the party, instead.  He wants to know if that will be a problem for her.  "No."  Eliot leaves and Brooke looks at her daughter.  "Did I do the right thing?"  Laura gives her mother a hug and says that she will never be as strong as her.  She excuses herself telling Edmund and Brooke that she has to get ready for the party.  Brooke is thinking about her younger daughter.  She tells Edmund about looking at blank pages in scrapbook and tells him about her first dance and graduation.

David's office David is doing some work when Tad and Joe come in.  Tad tells him that he has changed his mind about taking David to court for harassment.  Joe steps up to David and tells him that if he hears of anything involving David that is unethical he will lose his position in the hospital.  He leaves to answer a phone call.  Tad tells David to stay away from his wife.  David starts taunting him with the fact that they kissed (twice) and that she accepted them.  If she were in a court of law, she would perjure herself.   Tad angrily pushes his feet off the desk and walks out.  David is sitting there all smug when Gordon walks in.  Erica follows closely behind.  She wants an explanation of the way she feels.  She says that her legs are shaking and that this is the way she felt when she was going through detox.   David tries to tell her that it was all because of him.  A nurse comes in and tells Erica that she was very impressed with her singing.  She leaves and Erica looks at David and questions him about her singing.   "You were very good."  Erica leaves and Gordon quietly walks to the desk.  He is feeling guilty about his part because of what happened to Erica.  David tells him to get out and mind his own business.  They do not know that Alex has been watching them from the door.

Martin house Gillian and Dixie are in their party outfits and looking good.  They start talking about David and Dixie starts to look guilty.  Gillian is trying to get her to think about other things.  Tad comes in and compliments his wife on how she looks.  Jake comes down the stairs and compliments his wife.  Gillian looks at them and tells Dixie that they have to go upstairs and fix their makeup.  The two men are left to themselves and Tad immediately apologizes for the remark he made to his brother the other day.  Jake says that is okay.  Tad says that everything in his marriage used to be spontaneous and that everything was different when he was Tad the Cad.  Jake reminds him that he wouldn't be married to Dixie if that were the case.  The two girls come back downstairs and the four of them leave.

Yacht Fidelity Ryan is practicing a speech when Haley comes in at the tail end of the speech.  She looks beautiful and he lets her know it.  They go out on the deck and she asks him about his dream.  Ryan says that he had $600 dollars this time last year and now look at him.  They go back in the party room.  He asks about her dream.  She says that she has the club, a good job, and that she's in good health.  The party is starting and Mateo assures her that a launch is bringing over the partygoers and that their invitations will be checked.  Arlene will not be able to get through.  Bianca and Laura come in.  The cameras immediately catch Bianca.  Laura successfully gets her away and the two girls start talking.  Laura has a camera and wants to take Bianca's picture but the girl is unsure.  Laura tries to tell her that she is very photographic.  Bianca reminds Laura that she and Leo are still trying to get Erica to use her as the photographer for the campaign.  The two girls end up buddy-buddy and Laura takes a picture of the two of them.  Gillian and Jake come in and Haley asks them if Jake will say a few words.   "Maybe, later."  The two move on when some stuff is spilled on Gillian.  Haley tells her to go to the stateroom to clean up.  She goes in there and is confronted by Jake coming out of the bathroom clad only in a towel.  Back in the other room, Erica and Jackson come in. (for once Erica is not looking for attention for herself but for Bianca) Tad and Dixie come in and immediately he looks around for David.  David has come on board and he shows his invitation.  Outside, Arlene is lurking around the ship attired in one of the worker's uniforms.

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