All My Children Update Tuesday 11/14/00

All My Children Update Tuesday 11/14/00  

By Merilee

Martin house As far as I know; Jake and Joe are having a discussion when Tad comes in. He wants to bring up charges against David for what he has been doing to women. Jake and Joe are already aware of this. Tad admits that he is not talking about women at the hospital but Dixie. Just then, Dixie comes in through the front door about the same time as Gillian comes in from the kitchen. Dixie tells the men about the two kisses and she reluctantly admits that she kissed back. She tells Tad that she does not want to go to court and expose her personal life and that all she wants to do is be with him. She walks out the front door with Gillian following her. The two girls are talking about their mutual experiences with David. Dixie is still trying to defend him but Gillian reminds her that he is a monster and that he destroys people. Back inside, Jake is telling Joe and Tad that he is on Dixie's side. Tad wants to know about the hero from (I can't spell it).Jake silently walks out the front door leaving Joe and Tad. The two men have a heart to heart. Joe reminds Tad that Dixie has forgiven him time and time again. Later, Tad is alone in the room when Dixie comes back in. She wants to go home and reaches for him. Slowly, he takes her hand and they leave.

David's room Erica and David are in his bed making love. There is continuous knocking at the door and Erica gets up and heads for the door. David stops her and reminds her that she can't answer the door. "I'm wearing your shirt." They start hugging and kissing and the knocking starts again. Erica is making loud noises. Leo, Bianca, and Laura hear this and decide that everything is okay and they leave. Later on in the room, Erica wakes up and seems to come to her senses. "What have I done?" David tries to downplay the whole thing and tells her that they seem to be attracted to each other. Erica repels at the thought and leaves.

Mausoleum Edmund and Alex are in there and Dimitri has confronted them. He starts accusing his wife of still loving his brother and sleeping with him. She tells Edmund that the truth has to be told and tells Dimitri about the emotional problems that his brother is having. Edmund slowly tells him that it's true but that he's seeing the doctor at the hospital. Dimitri tries to talk some sense into him but Edmund isn't listening. Things get ugly and Edmund leaves. Dimitri follows him but decides to go back to Alex. He wants her to stay away from Edmund and that he has seen the look in his eyes. Alex tells him that she loves him and will not give up.

Erica's home Leo, Bianca, and Laura come in. He is making jokes but gets serious when they start talking about what they heard. Bianca says that it was a mistake to go over there in the first place. Both Leo and Bianca tell Laura that they will get Erica to see her pictures. The talk turns to sexuality and Bianca gets embarrassed and storms out of the room. Leo makes excuses for her but Laura soon leaves. Erica comes in and starts making apologies to Leo. She wants him not to tell Bianca. Bianca comes in and tells her mother that she was there and heard everything. She tells her mother that it's her own business.

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