All My Children Update Friday 11/10/00

All My Children Update Friday 11/10/00

by Shauna  

Apartment Above Ryan's

Leo and Greenlee come into this apartment with Leo's eyes blindfolded. Greenlee takes the blindfold off and tells him that the apartment is for them. She rented it so they could be with each other.  

Ryan's conference

Adam tells Liza that Ryan's is sponsoring this conference for Jake's fundraising program for Pregnant teens.  


Leslie and Tad meet to discuss Tad's law suit against David. Tad tells Leslie that if she sleeps with the devil's advocate she better watch out. Tad says that his marriage will with hold anything. Meanwhile David is hiding a few feet away with a bottle in his hand.  


Edmund asks Dimitri if he is going to put a straining order to keep him a way from Alex. Dimitri tells Edmund that he would never do that. Edmund tells Dimitri that he has to move away. Alex interrupts and Tells him no. Alex explains if he uproots his family it will hurt everyone. Edmund argues and starts to walk away. Alex tries to run after him but Dimitri stops him.  

Apartment above Ryan's

Leo tells Greenlee that he has a problem with living above Ryan and that it is only one flight above Ryan's apartment. Greenlee explains that they can work together if they lived as a family; it will be their home and they will be first priority. Leo didn't like the fact that Greenlee paid for the first and last month's rent. Leo explains that it will be months in between that she would pay and he wanted something that he could pay for himself. Greenlee told him that it was an excuse. Leo tries to explain but they keep arguing.  


Erica Kane walks into the conference and argues with a man. Ryan gives Liza an invitation to his fundraiser that is on a yacht that he rented. Adam and Liza continue to argue about the fact that Adam is not divorce from Arlene. Adam wants back into the company and Liza tells that Tad wouldn't even think that it would be a good Idea.  


Leslie tries to play Tad and get him into hitting on her. Tad tells he that she better quit, that it is not working. Liza finds David spying on Tad and Leslie so she asks David what is he doing spying on Tad. David said he wasn't but Liza does not believe. Liza continues into the restaurant and interrupts Leslie and tads conversation. Liza explains to tad that she needs to talk to him in private. Tad and Liza leave to the door. Liza tells that he better forgive Dixie. Liza explains how she found out and Dixie in a night gown with a coat over the top going to chase after tad because she loves tad and it was a mistake. Dixie comes in and David tries to apologize to her. Tad grabs David and Dixie tells tad to not make a scene.  


Dimitri hears crying so he goes to spy, he sees Edmund crying and holding his arm. Edmund continues for a while.

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