All My Children Update Thursday 11/9/00

All My Children Update Thursday 11/9/00

By Shauna  

Erica's house: Jack shows up at Erica's door with the New Enchantment contract. Bianca comes down stairs with a big hangover, Jack then asks why his underage niece has a hangover. Erica tells Bianca to go get dressed for school. Leo confronts Erica on the fact that her daughter is sick and she should not be seen at school looking like that. Bianca jumps in and asks her mom to picture her puking in class ( yuk!!!). Erica gives in despite her thoughts on punishment for Bianca. 

GreenLee and Grandfather ( Hospital) GreenLee's Grandfather asks why GreenLee is so sad. GreenLee explains that Leo is acting like Bianca's big Brother. GreenLee's Grandfather wants to know what is so wrong with that. GreenLee explains that since he has moved into Erica's he has acted strangely and doesn't want to get close to her. 

David's Office: David rethinks his conversation with Tad. He thinks of how tad said the whole office full of lawyers and that David's career will be ruined. He then goes to look for Leslie. 

Tad and Dixie's house: Dixie ask Tad to Leave the house because she can't hack it...... she can't hack him not talking to her. Tad wants Dixie to tell her where the first kiss was at.... " Was it at David's office?" ......"Was it at our house?".......??? Tad keeps badgering Dixie, Then.... Dixie gives in...... They ( David and Dixie) were waiting for Dimitri's tests to come back, they got into and argument and then it went to David did not know anything about love. Then they kissed in argument...... Dixie reassures Tad that she loves him and not David. Tad turns the conversation around and asks Dixie if David turns her on and if that is why she was turned on the night that they danced. 

Hospital: Leslie argues with David, a nurse stops their argument and tells him that a patient needs him. After David leaves the nurse explains to Leslie to not go into David's office. The nurse explains that every woman that goes into his office becomes new property to him that he has to try out. Leslie asks if she is talking by experience. The nurse explains yes. Leslie leaves to David's office and tells him that he will not win the sexual harassment charges that Tad is Charging him with if he is going to continue making notches in his belt. 

Erica's: Bianca promises she will never drink again... ( we will see how long that lasts J/k) Erica send Bianca and Leo out to look at the new Enchantment contracts. Jack tells Erica by forcing her into the new enchantment contracts that is what led her to drink. Erica explains that it had nothing to do with the enchantment contracts and how Bianca got her heart broken. Meanwhile Bianca and Leo outside discuss how Bianca will explain to Erica that she is gay. 

Hospital: Alexis and Edmund talk to each other about jakes new program for pregnant teens. Edmund asks Alex if anyone knows of his problem. Alex reassures him not to worry. 

Erica's house: Bianca finds a morality clause in the Enchantment contracts. Bianca worries about the contracts and if the tabloids find out that she is gay and how that will effect her and it will embarrass her moms company. A delivery..... Its an invitation to a party. Erica decides she will go with jack but one exception..... if he will escort Bianca to the party too. Green Lee stills Leo for a while... 

Dixie and Tad's house: Dixie talks about Tad and Liza's affair. Dixie explains they are the same two people that fell in love with each other and that they still love each other. Dixie tells tad that she told about the kiss cause she did not want to hide anything. Tad took it the wrong way..... it sounds like he is not willing to forgive, but he needs to take a strong look back on his affair with Liza. 

David's office: David tries to explain to Leslie that Tad is the one scoping woman out And that he has even scoped out Leslie. David explains to Leslie how Dixie and himself went on a business trip and that Dixie found Liza and Tad in close encounters . He explains that she was upset and that will help him on the harassment suit. 

Tad and Dixie's house: " And the kiss came out of know where, ... Right?" Tad continues to make it tough for Dixie but Dixie keeps her head up high and tries to explain how much devotion and love that she has towards him. Hospital: Leslie argues with David about representing David... David argues back that they will win and that he has a plan cooked up. He wants Leslie to call Tad and have him meet tad at a hotel. .... As David walks out the door, He says have a nice sleep Tad....... ( oh no!!!!, sounds like bad news) 

Another update, by Merilee  

Erica's house Leo lets Jackson into the house. Bianca comes down the stairs with some kind of concoction in a glass. Erica is also there. Jackson wants to know what his niece was doing drinking. Erica, Bianca, and Leo try to explain the situation.   

hospital Greenlee is in the waiting room when her grandfather shows up. (I wish I knew what happened between the two of them but I will explain at the bottom f the page.) Alex and Dimitri are the next ones alone in the waiting room. My guess is that they are talking about what they witnessed in David's office. Amy and Leslie are out there at Dixie's desk. Leslie has an appointment with the doctor and Amy is trying to tell her some things about him. David sticks his head out of his door and tells Leslie to come in.   

David's office David is sitting at his desk thinking of the discussion that he had with Tad. (I suspect some devious plans) Leslie is ushered in. David has found out about the history between her and Tad. Some kind of plot is hatched between the two of them involving Tad. She assures him that she can handle Tad and leaves. Gordon comes in. He wants to know about things but David tells him that it is none of his business.   

Tad's and Dixie's house Tad and Dixie are still going at it about David. It doesn't look good. Tad looks livid and Dixie looks sullen.   

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