All My Children Update Wednesday 11/8/00

All My Children Update Wednesday 11/8/00

By Shauna 

Hospital Ryan, Gillian and Jake meet together about Ryan sponsoring Jake's program for teen mothers. 

Erica's house Erica runs into Leo and Bianca going upstairs and stops them. Erica realizes Bianca is wasted. Leo steps in and in return Erica tells him to pack his bags and get out. Bianca explains to Erica that it wasn't Leo who gave her the alcohol. She then tries to explain to Erica that she only drank to drown away her pain. 

Dixie's house Dixie remembers the conversation she had with Tad earlier. Dixie realizes that Tad went to see David to kill him. 

David's office David tells Tad that he just missed the apology that he made to everyone and that he dropped the assault charges. Tad explains that is not why he came to see him. 

Dixie's house Liza asks Dixie if David came on to Dixie. Dixie explains that it wasn't just him. Liza explains that David is just after any woman that he can get. Liza and Dixie argue. Dixie tells Liza that they kissed each other (ooh) 

Erica's house: Erica tells Bianca that she wants her to tell her why she wants to feel numb. Erica tells Bianca that she wants her to explain why she is causing such problems between her and her mom. Erica tells Leo to keep Bianca awake. Erica goes to get Bianca a cup of coffee. 

Hospital: Jake tells Ryan that he does not believe that he is doing this for a charity effort and that he is doing this to win Gillian. Gillian tells Jake that she needs to talk alone with Ryan. Gillian asks Ryan why he has gotten such a hard heart. Ryan tells Gillian that his dream did not turn out like a fairy tale. Gillian says it could and Ryan says no, it can't, because he did not get the woman in the end. Gillian tells Ryan that she still thinks about him. Ryan tells Gillian that it is Jake that she thinks about. 

Dixie's house: Liza tells Dixie that she has known Tad longer and that he loves Dixie without a doubt. Tad would crawl down a river for her. Dixie explains to Liza to keep her opinions to her self. Liza tells Dixie to reassure Tad that she loves him and to do every thing she can to gain his trust back and to show her devotion to him because a man like that only comes once in a life time. 

Erica's house: Bianca explains that Sarah and she got really close. Bianca tells her mom something happened between her and sarah. Erica explains that she knows what happened: Sarah stole Bianca's man away from her. Erica explains that it happened to her. Bianca tells Leo that she better not explain to her mom that she is gay yet.  

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