All My Children Update Tuesday 11/7/00

All My Children Update Tuesday 11/7/00  

By Merilee 

Tad's and Dixie's The aftermath of David. Dixie is confessing to Tad that David was there and that he kissed her. Tad is pressing Dixie to find out if David forced himself on her. She says no and that it was a mistake. She tells her husband that she kissed him back but that she realized her mistake. She goes on by saying that Tad is the only man for her and that she would not betray him. He looks like he's trying to let this sink in but with her standing there in her nightie is not a good thing. Things reach a boiling point and Tad leaves slamming the door behind him.   

Chandler mansion Ryan tells Adam that he has set up a dream for Adam and Liza with He wants to know how Adam would feel about him and Liza aboard a yacht. Adam's phone rings and he excuses himself to answer it. Ryan moves to watch the tv. Adam wants Barry to protect Hayley from Arlene. He hangs up and joins Ryan at the tv. Jake is being interviewed about the baby he delivered for a homeless teenager. As soon as he turns the tv off; Adam senses the tension. He tells Ryan to get even by going after Jake. Jake thinks about it and then announces to Adam that he will somehow get Jake and Gillian on board the yacht for the party. Adam wants to know how but Ryan is not telling. Ryan opens the door to see Stuart there. (finally) Stuart wants to know what he has done to Ryan. "Nothing."   

hospital Alex and Dimitri have an appointment with David for a checkup for Dimitri. They see Gillian and Jake out in the hall and Dimitri gives his cousin a hug. Seems like they are very happy to see each other. Joe joins the group and it appears that he has also been invited to this meeting in David's office.   

David's office David is giving Dimitri the green light to resume his normal life and Dimitri and Alex are very thankful. Alex says that if it wasn't for him; things would be very different. There's a knock at the door and David lets Gillian, Jake, and Joe in. Alex and Dimitri start to leave but David asks them to stay. He wants to apologize to Jake and to tell him that he has dropped all charges. Jake isn't buying any of this however and Gillian agrees. Joe steps in and tries to make peace. David announces that he plans to go on vacation. Gillian and Jake leave. The two of them are standing in the hall when Ryan comes up. He as an invitation for them.   

Erica's house Leo is still worried about Bianca and Greenlee is trying to downplay the whole thing. While she pours herself a drink and sits down; he is trying to figure out where she could be. He tries her cell phone but there's no answer. Greenlee tries to tell him of the obvious and reminds him that she took off with Marcus. He gets upset with her and tries the phone again. She gives up and leaves.   

boathouse Marcus and Bianca look like they are enjoying themselves. (looks can be deceiving) She reminds him of the flask and he gives it to her. She takes drinks off and on. Things start getting rather strange when they reach for each other and kiss. (yuck) She has doubts about him because she tells him that she is Erica Kane's daughter but he tells her that he liked her even before he found out who she was. She starts laughing and can't stop. Next thing we know Leo has joined them and he escorts a drunken Bianca home.   

Erica's house Bianca looks awful but Leo says that all he will give is some water. He starts to escort her upstairs when Erica is coming down. "Stop, right there." (is Leo in trouble?) 


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