All My Children Update Friday 11/03/00

All My Children Update Friday 11/03/00

By Merilee  

Tad's and Dixie's house David is looking around the room. He spies a picture of Tad and Dixie. He starts caressing the picture of Dixie and then covers up the side of Tad. He drops the picture shattering the frame. He hides when he hears Dixie come down the hall. She's calling out for Tad and spies the broken picture on the floor. She thinks Tad is going to scare her again and she starts to play along. She takes off her robe and that leads David out of hiding. She senses a presence and slowly turns around. She tries to get him out of the house by threatening to call the police but just then the phone rings. It's Tad. She hangs up and David asks her why she didn't tell him that he was there. She tells him that Tad is on the way home but David disagrees. Things tense up when Dixie tells David that he looks worse than when she saw him in his office. She tells him to go and he looks like he's going to do it when he collapses. She tells him that he is burning up and that he needs to go to the hospital. "No!"   

SOS Bianca and Leo are there for the shoot. They're early so they sit down at the bar and talk. The poor girl seems so confused. Tina and Laura show up. Tina goes off to see what is holding up the others. Laura gets out her camera and starts taking pictures. Tina comes back and turns on the jukebox. Laura is snapping away and Bianca and Leo look like they're really having   fun. Erica and her camera guy (Bruce) show up. They set up but Bianca looks like she's getting cold feet. Erica talks to her daughter and Bianca is called away. Erica asks Leo if her daughter has told him anything. Bruce announces that he's ready and Leo and Bianca take their places. He starts taking pictures but he's getting frustrated because he thinks the couple is stiff. He starts to make snide remarks about Leo. Erica stops everything and tells Bruce that she wants him to apologize to Leo. The shoot breaks up when Bianca announces that she can't do it anymore. Erica calms her down and Leo joins them. Erica brings Bruce over and he stutters an apology. The two young people are left alone. Bianca begins to question herself. She is only 16 ; could she turn herself around. She wonders about Leo. Leo looks at her funny. "Are you asking me to make love to you?"   

tv studio Hayley and Mateo are wondering about Arlene. Mateo tries to soothe her but she's not listening. He tells her that he has to get to SOS for the photo shoot. Hayley is called in front of the cameras. She starts the show. Arlene is on the sidelines drunk and she sneaks another drink before joining Hayley. Hayley tries to introduce the next guest but Arlene will not shut up. Hayley manages to cut to a commercial and Mateo drags Arlene off the set. He gets her to the back and throws a jug of water on her. She starts taunting him about how she and Hayley are just alike. She even kisses him on the lips. (yuck) They are still arguing when Hayley appears and demands to know what is going on. Arlene dares him to tell her. Mateo tells her about the kiss. Arlene looks smug but it turns to shock when Hayley smacks her.


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